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American limbo

We Americans — who are, as a cultural group, extroverted, eschewing introspection — are in a state that we don’t like to be in: in limbo. We always want to know what’s next, and so we don’t do well with not knowing.

Dictionary.com has four definitions of “limbo,” but here I mean this one: “an intermediate, transitional, or midway state or place.” (That said, after the reign of the unelected “President” Pussygrabber, this definition of “limbo” might seem more appropriate: “a region on the border of hell….”)

We’re in limbo on at least two different fronts: We’re waiting to see how the COVID-19 pandemic pans out, and we’re waiting until January 20, when, after four long years, we’ll finally have a minimally competent, actually elected president sitting in the Oval Office.

I know of approximately no one who finds President-elect Joe Biden to be exciting, and since I didn’t have to vote for Biden for him to win my state of California and all of its 55 electoral votes, I didn’t vote for him, because I’m still a “Bernie bro” at heart — and because if you keep on voting for DINOs, you’ll keep seeing DINOs in office, and you’ll keep seeing that your personal conditions never improve, but that you continue to fight just to keep your head above water.

Even though the usual DINO suspects pulled a dirty move by consolidating their support for Biden right before Super Tuesday in order to tank Bernie, while that was a dick move, it wasn’t an illegal move — it just served to further alienate me and millions of other progressives (that is, ironically, actual Democrats) from the DINO establishment — and so while I’m not a fan of Biden, I don’t feel that his presidency will be illegitimate. Just incredibly dispiriting and disappointing (that is, Obamaesque), most likely.

Until the unexciting but non-pathologically-tweeting Biden is seated in the Oval Office, we’ll still have to suffer Pussygrabber for another 46 days (but who’s counting?).

Yes, with Pussygrabber even a day can feel like an eternity, but the clock is ticking, and once his time is up, he’ll have to leave, or we, the people, gladly will remove him.

In this interim, however, Pussygrabber pathetically is demonstrating even further what a sad, sick piece of shit he is. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to break daily body-count records, Team Pussygrabber is only fronting as “expert witnesses” people who appear to be like a drunken Victoria Jackson in a way-way-beyond-pathetic attempt to try to overthrow the 2020 presidential elections results, which is nothing short of treason.

(Actually, both are treason: simply allowing a pandemic to continue to kill almost as many Americans who were killed on September 11, 2001, every single day, and at the same time trying to subvert the clear will of the clear majority of the American voters.)

Indeed, the entirely un-self-aware Pussygrabber amply is demonstrating, daily, why, with 99 percent of the votes counted, more than 7 million more American voters voted for Biden than for him (right now the popular vote stands at 51.3 percent for Biden to 46.9 percent for Pussygrabber).

Thing is, the Pussygrabber “presidency” will pass. Soon enough he’ll be in the dustbin of American history, which will note of him only that he lost the popular vote twice, that he was impeached, and that he allowed a pandemic to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans. (Hopefully, history also will note that he went to prison for his innumerable crimes after he lost a second term as “president.”)

So let Team Pussygrabber — yes, including the 74 million dumbfucks who voted for him — have their fucking tantrums. They lost the election, and elections have consequences that they are going to have to accept, or the rest of us gladly will show them their place. (Civil war? Bring it on, I say. Long past due anyway!)

And just like the virus that is Pussygrabber will go away eventually, so will COVID-19 (very apparently through mass vaccination, despite the efforts of the anti-vax, flat-earther fucktards). Perhaps it won’t go away until the American people finally learn the lesson that is to be learned from COVID-19: that sometimes you have to make some personal sacrifices for the common good.

Of course, the Repugnicans and their ilk don’t give a flying fuck about the common good (which they call “socialism” or “Communism”). Even though Jesus Christ taught about promoting the common good and these fucking fascists call themselves “Christians,” those on the right have a sick and twisted worldview of the survival of the richest and the meanest and the most fucking selfish. They’re much worse than any enemy from without; they’re the enemies within.

So most likely we’ll survive Pussygrabber and we’ll survive COVID-19, which one could posit is just the metaphorical (or hell, literal) manifestation of the sickness of selfishness that Pussygrabber and his supporters have wrought upon all of us.

But more likely than not, we will be tested again; more likely than not, at some point in the future will rise another right-wing demagogue, but this one, unlike Pussygrabber, might have an attention span of more than three fucking seconds, and this one just might be more like another Hitler than like another Pussygrabber.

And COVID-19 very well might be just a test run for a much more lethal pandemic.

While COVID-19 deaths in the United States are approaching 300,000, as of 2018 about 700,000 had died of AIDS in the United States, and COVID-19 absolutely pales in comparison to the pandemics in world history that killed millions upon millions of people, such as the 1918 influenza pandemic, which killed almost 700,000 Americans alone (and at least 50 million people worldwide). And at any time, a virus that’s much more lethal than COVID-19 could make its way into the worldwide population.

We can use this period of limbo right now to do the introspection that we Americans haven’t been good at (to put it mildly) and perhaps avert even worse in the future. We can work to prevent the spread of lethal viruses and to combat the lethal virus that is right-wing authoritarianism/fascism, here at home as well as abroad.

We’ll see if having been nationally ill with both Pussygrabber and COVID-19 will have taught us anything.

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