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The so-called Democrats still have plenty of time to blow it again

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was the best part of the 2020 Democratic National Convention — and one of the only few actual Democrats who was featured. Indeed, the convention bosses gave Repugnicans more airtime than they gave to actual Democrats.*

Admittedly, I couldn’t watch the vast majority of the virtual Democratic National Convention this past week. Watching a bunch of center-right party hacks masturbate each other isn’t my thing. Marianne Williamson nailed it when she compared the convention to “binge-watching a Marriott commercial.”

I tried to watch all of Hidin’ Joe Biden’s acceptance speech, but thus far have been able to watch only the first few minutes of it. His empty, substance-free, feel-good rhetoric about a battle between light and dark sounds like he cribbed it from Yoda (or from Marianne Williamson…).

I did watch the whole three seconds that the Democratic Party hacks could enable themselves to give to actual Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and it was the only video from the entire convention that I watched that struck me as both sincere and inspirational.

Speaking of having given Repugnicans a lot more airtime than AOC, the Democratic Party is making some huge mistakes — again.

The only group that the party wants to cater to — well, pander to — is black Americans. Black Americans inarguably historically have been shit and pissed upon, and they continue to be, and of course they deserve their due.

But it’s a mistake to focus like a laser on a group of Americans who comprise only 13.4 percent of the population when your goal is to win a nationwide election. (And no, having had Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren join in on a discussion of Native Americans’ interests was not the way to include another racial group.)

The largest group of non-white Americans is Latinos — 18.5 percent of the American population, and growing rapidly (along with Asian Americans) — yet Latinos (and Asian Americans and Native Americans) don’t get much attention from the Democratic Party establishment.

And while it’s en vogue within the Democratic Party to bash or to at least wholly ignore white Americans, white Americans still comprise just more than 60 percent of the American population. Might not want to alienate too many of them if you want to win a nationwide election.

So good luck, Dems, sewing up the American vote indefinitely when you vaunt only 13.4 percent of the population, and good luck sewing up the American vote indefinitely when the last thing that you want to talk about is socioeconomic justice, because that pisses off your corporate sugar daddies.

No, instead, you’d much rather continue to talk only about identity politics and practice your smug and empty virtue signaling — because your corporate funders don’t view that as a threat to their obscene profiteering.

Seriously tackling the grotesque income inequality that plagues far more Americans than does racism or sexism or homophobia is what most American voters want, but the Democratic Party establishment won’t — can’t — give us that, because the Democratic Party establishment is comprised of almost nothing but corporate fucking whores. That’s why the vast majority of the rhetoric spewed during the Democratic convention this past week has been substance-free, feel-good drivel.

And this bodes ill for the future: A recent poll has shown us what we’ve already known: that 58 percent of those who plan to vote for Hidin’ Joe Biden (I am not among them) say that they are voting against “President” Pussygrabber, not for Biden.

The Democrats might be able to eke out a win in November — based upon the appropriate widespread hatred for the unelected, fascist Pussygrabber (and the fact that Biden is not nearly as despised as was and is Billary Clinton) — but it’s far from assured, and as the corporate-whore Dems won’t have Pussygrabber to run against in future presidential elections, it’s a political “strategy” with a very short shelf life.

If you’re not a black American, then the Democrats haven’t shown you much love (and even then, again, for the most part they’re just pandering to you; socioeconomically, as a black American you never get ahead, even as you didn’t during the reign of Barack Obama, which was much more symbolic than it ever was substantive). If you are a poor or working-class or otherwise socioeconomically marginalized American, the Democrats haven’t shown you much love. If you are a progressive — an actual Democrat — the Democrats haven’t shown you much love.

The Democratic Party establishment’s “plan” now is that you hate the Repugnicans more than you love the Democrats, and that this hate-voting will keep you voting for Democrats in perpetuity.

We shall see.

*I saw a great meme on Facebook. It read something like, “If you missed the Republican convention, don’t worry, they’ll have it again next week.”

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