Veepstakes, big test of Biden’s judgment, down to the wire

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Susan Rice, pictured with Joe Biden in the Oval Office in April 2015, remains my pick for Biden’s running mate, but he’ll probably stupidly cave in to the inexplicable-except-for-toxic-identity-politics pressure to pick the wholly unremarkable Kamala Harris, who has zero record of accomplishment and whose “presidential” “campaign” was laughable and rejected by the voters to the point that she dropped out even before the Iowa caucuses.

Hidin’ Joe Biden is set to announce his running mate in the coming week; the Democratic National Convention runs from August 17 through August 20.

My preference remains Susan Rice, even though since I endorsed her I found out that she’s a multimillionaire with at least past, if not current, ties to the corporation trying to bring us the Keystone Pipeline XL. (I sure had done my homework, eh?)

Thing is, Joe Biden is a centrist, corporate “Democrat”; he is a Repugnican Lite, as evidenced by the fact that the actual Repugnican Lites who comprise The Lincoln Project have endorsed him.

It’s not at all like Biden ever was going to choose a true progressive as his running mate; Rice is my top pick among what is politically possible with the likes of Biden.

(Elizabeth Warren is not a true progressive; she folds like a lawn chair at the drop of a hat if she perceives personal and political advantage in doing so, and I don’t rule out that Biden announced in March that his running mate would be a woman at least in part to exclude Bernie Sanders as his running mate, even though the progressive populist Bernie, for the second Democratic Party presidential primary election season in a row, came in at No. 2.)

So of those apparently still in the running for veep, let me quickly say who I’d find acceptable and not acceptable — and part of my calculus is who apparently could work well with Biden, given his flaws and whatever strengths he might have left (if you can think of any, let me know*). Also, of course, another part of my calculus is who could serve as president immediately should something happen to Biden, who is now 77 years old.

Acceptable (at least minimally): Susan Rice; Gretchen Whitmer (she’d take shit from the totally-non-racist-themselves, toxic identity politicians for having been born into the “wrong” race, however); Michelle Lujan Grisham (the only Latina still making the possible veep list); Karen Bass (she’s been blasted as a supposed Commie, but of course almost every Democrat is blasted by the fascist, treasonous Repugnicans as a “Commie”); and the two Tammys, Tammy Baldwin and Tammy Duckworth.

Not acceptable: Kamala Harris (for reasons that I’ve enumerated many times, but all that you have to do is look at her own awful, failed campaign for the presidency for reason enough); Elizabeth Warren (a pseudo-progressive snake in the grass whose failed bid for the presidential nomination also is a testament against her being veep); Stacey Abrams (unknown and untested on the national stage); Keisha Lance Bottoms (ditto); and Val Demings (ditto).

The toxic identity politics of the so-called Democratic Party continues to turn me off from the party — I’ve been registered as an independent since the Democratic Party first fucked over Bernie Sanders in 2016 — and it is evidenced by such ongoing bullshit as Maxine Waters’ recent, totally-non-self-serving, totally-non-black-supremacist declaration that “We know that we’re going to have a black woman who is going to be the vice president.”

Again: There aren’t only two races in the United States, black and white (and no, I don’t capitalize either of those words, because I’m sane and because I prefer not to cave into pressure from the identity-politics terrorists); Latinos — not blacks — are the largest non-white racial/ethnic group within the United States; and we have yet to have a Latinx, an Asian, a Native American or another non-white and non-black individual as president or vice president, so it’s beyond appalling and offensive that so many black Americans (like Maxine Waters and Jim Clyburn) would cravenly selfishly and tribalistically deny a member of any other non-white race the opportunity to serve at the highest levels of the federal government. And it reeks of black supremacism, which I reject along with white supremacism; racism is racism.

All of this said, to tell the truth, I don’t think that there is enough lipstick on the planet to put on the pig that is Joe Biden, and in light of that, his veep pick only really matters in that she might end up being president.

As Biden is going to win all of my state’s (California’s) electoral votes anyway, it doesn’t matter whether I vote for him or not, so I most likely will not, regardless of who his running mate is. (If it is Harris or Warren, I definitely won’t vote for Biden.)

My vote should mean something, and I can’t complain about never having actually progressive Democratic Party presidential candidates to vote for if I nonetheless support the centrist sellouts like Hidin’ Joe Biden (and, to include the past, Billary Clinton and Barack Obama), like I’m “supposed” to shut the fuck up and do.

All of this said, of course I want “President” Pussygrabber out; I’ve even given some money to The Lincoln Project, not because I loves me some moderate Repugnicans, but because, sadly, The Lincoln Project has done a much, much better job of taking shots at Pussygrabber than has the beyond-pathetic, scared-of-its-own-fucking-shadow, sellout Democratic Party.

So while I safely can choose not to vote for Joe Biden without affecting the outcome of the Electoral College, if you live in one of the true swing states — minimally, if you live in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin (to that list I could add Maine, Minnesota and Nevada and any of the other swing states) — I encourage you to vote for Biden if it wouldn’t totally violate your personal principles, because these are the states most likely to result in Pussygrabber’s ouster in January should he lose them.**

*About the only “compliment” that I could pay to Biden is that it looks like he’s on track to win at least a few centrist or even center-right states that Bernie Sanders probably could not win had Sanders been the nominee. And, of course, because Biden always has been a corporate whore (like his probable running mate Harris), the “Commie” label is much harder to pin to Biden than to Bernie.

**It’s sad how many Americans still believe that the U.S. president is determined by the popular vote instead of by the awful Electoral College, which they know nothing about. I don’t know what good it is to have a so-called democracy of whose basic functions its own citizens are so largely if not even mostly wholly ignorant.

If most Americans understood the Electoral College at all, they wouldn’t ignorantly, self-embarrassingly claim that not voting for Biden is a vote for Pussygrabber if you live in one of the majority of the states whose outcome in the Electoral College already is a foregone fucking conclusion.

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