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Biden’s veep pick should be Latina

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If it were up to me, probably U.S. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada, the first Latina ever elected to the U.S. Senate, would be Joe Biden’s running mate.

Hidin’ Joe Biden already has said that he’ll pick a woman as his running mate. He can’t go back on that.

The race for the second spot on the 2020 Democratic presidential ticket now, apparently, is over which race should be represented.

If we’re going to go there with race — and I make my electoral decisions based upon such things as the candidates’ policy proposals and voting records (their race and other demographics are further down on my list) — then Biden’s running mate should be Latina.

It rankles me that while we have had a black president — and not that long ago — we have yet to have a Latinx president or vice president, but many if not even most black Americans pretty much incredibly selfishly are acting like if Biden doesn’t pick a black running mate, they’ll just scoop up their marbles and go home.

After all, we’ve been told innumerable times, black women are “the backbone of the Democratic Party.” (Not that that assertion entirely ignores and/or degrades the work of all of the others who have helped the party. Not that it even at least edges on being racist, ironically.)

Yet Latinos are, and for years have been, the largest non-white racial group in the United States of America. Blacks for years now have been the second largest non-white racial group in the U.S.

Yes, I believe in representation in a (supposedly) representative democracy — and Latinos haven’t yet been represented at all in the White House or in the vice presidency. If we’re going to make it about race, then it’s their turn.

It is beyond tiresome that so many discuss race in the United States of America in purely binary terms: black and/or white. Latinos, Asians, Native Americans and others who are not black or white routinely are left out of the conversation entirely. This is bullshit.

Black Americans are entitled to representative democracy and they are entitled to have their voices heard within the party and within the nation in proportion to their numbers.

But so are all of the other racial groups, and so what is it going to be? Whites and blacks oppressing and suppressing all of the other racial groups in the name of the false racial binary of black and/or white?

Regardless of whom he chooses as his running mate, I still don’t see myself being able to vote for corporate whore Joe Biden in November. I’d be glad if he chose a Latina as his running mate, however, because that would be fair and representative (and an historic first), but the Democratic Party elites never will change their game if we pee-ons keep selling ourselves out and rolling over for them, presidential election after presidential election, and that’s why I can’t see myself voting for Biden. We’re way past the time for some tough love.

I, for one, continue to Just say no to selling my soul to the so-called Democratic Party, even if that means that “President” Pussygrabber gets a second term — which we need to make into the Democratic Party’s problem, not the people’s problem.*

It’s called tough love for a fucking reason.

P.S. Catherine Cortez Masto and the inexplicably apparent favorite for Biden’s veep pick, U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris of California, have at least two things in common: both were elected to the U.S. Senate in 2016, and each had been the attorney general of her state before ascending to the U.S. Senate.

Cortez Masto is the first Latina to have been elected to the U.S. Senate, while Harris is the second black woman to have been elected to the Senate, after Carol Moseley Braun.

*OK, that might sound a little cryptic, so let me clarify: The Democratic Party long has acted as though we, the people, owe the party. It’s been one-way like this for decades now. (I’ll never forget the awful propaganda campaign asking us if we had Barack Obama’s back. Um, wasn’t he supposed to have had our backs?)

The Democratic Party instead should actually fucking earn the support of the people — not take it for granted, and not believe in perpetuity that of course we progressives (we actual Democrats) will vote for the Democrats, no matter fucking what, because we have nowhere else to go.

We always have another option. You just might not like it, and that’s too fucking bad.

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