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New York state must be punished for its latest assault on democracy

In June 2016, even though it was looking like Billary Clinton essentially already had “won” the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential nomination, we voters here in California still got to vote in our state’s presidential primary election. (Millions of us, myself included, voted for Bernie Sanders, who won 46 percent of the vote, which was not bad against the likes of political dominatrix Queen Billary.) California’s presidential primary election wasn’t just shut down on us just because it looked like Billary was going to “win.”

Almost four years later, the state of New York has canceled its Democratic Party presidential primary election, which was scheduled to be held on June 23. New York is the only state (thus far…) that has canceled its 2020 presidential primary election altogether.

New York state Democratic Party hacks have cited the coronavirus pandemic as their excuse, of course, but the obvious reason is that the Democratic Party hacks of the state stand with Joe Biden against Bernie Sanders — just as they stood with Billary Clinton against Bernie Sanders in 2016.

In 2016, if you weren’t already registered as a Democrat in New York state at least six full months before the presidential primary, you could not vote for a Democratic candidate for president in the state’s primary. This meant that untold numbers of residents of New York state wanted to but could not vote for Bernie Sanders. No other state required voters to have been registered as a Democrat for that long in advance. This was wholly meant to benefit Billary, who had been a U.S. senator for the state and was (and probably still is) part and parcel of the New York Democratic Party machine (which now supports Hidin’ Joe Biden).

New York state sorely needs to get its fucking act together. It is unconstitutional as well as anti-democratic to allow the voters of only some of the states to participate in a presidential primary election.

Bernie Sanders’ team today sent out an e-mail to his supporters calling for New York state to be stripped of its delegates to the 2020 Democratic Party National Convention if it does not hold its 2020 presidential primary election.* I wholeheartedly agree that this should happen if New York does not reverse its blatantly anti-democratic stance.

It’s funny, because the center-right, Repugnican-Lite Democratic Party hacks routinely pull blatant, anti-democratic bullshit like this, turning off millions of left-of-center voters, but then blame others when they lose elections.

I already wasn’t going to vote for Joe Biden in November. New York state’s latest action to fuck over Bernie Sanders has only helped to seal the deal (or should I call it a “no-deal”?).

And hey, of course the Democratic Party sellout-hacks only ever were going to blame Bernie Sanders for Hidin’ Joe Biden’s loss to “President” Pussygrabber in November 2020 anyway.

P.S. As some (such as one of my favorite commentators, David Pakman) have pointed out, even if you have no problem whatsoever with the Democratic Party of New York state just canceling the presidential primary election, you do need to be concerned that the Democratic Party now has given “President” Pussygrabber license to also try to use the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to cancel and election or elections.

Yup: The Democrats, very stable geniuses all, went — and got — there first. (Yet we’re still told that there is a shitload of difference between the two corporately owned and controlled political parties.)

*Here the text of the e-mail:

On Monday, the New York State Board of Elections made the disgraceful and undemocratic decision to cancel their state’s presidential primary later this year.

This means that our campaign will receive no delegates from New York, weakening our ability to fight for a progressive platform and progressive rules at the Democratic Convention. It also means our voters are less likely to turn out, which will hurt progressive New York candidates who are still facing primaries.

This is an outrage, an assault on democracy and must not be allowed to stand.

While we did not have the votes to win the Democratic nomination, our campaign was suspended, not ended, because we believe that people in every state should have the right to express their preference.

Let’s be clear. New York will still be holding a primary election on June 23. Voters will cast ballots for congressional candidates and other down-ballot offices but, because of the heavy-handed decision of two members of the State Board of Elections, they will not have the opportunity to vote in the presidential primary.

No one asked New York to cancel the election.

The DNC did not request it. The Biden campaign did not request it. And our campaign communicated, very strongly, that we wanted to remain on the ballot.

Given that the primary is months away, the proper response should be to make the election safe — such as moving entirely to vote by mail — rather than eliminating people’s right to vote completely.

The truth is that the New York State Democratic Party has never taken a particularly progressive approach toward democratic participation. In fact, quite the opposite. They have a very checkered pattern of voter disenfranchisement. For many years, New York has had one of the lowest rates of voter turnout in the country.

In addition to being a blow to American democracy, New York state’s action is also a clear violation of the approved delegate selection plan of the Democratic National Committee.

At a time when all of us, including Joe Biden, are deeply concerned about Donald Trump’s attacks on our democracy, we must fight back against this action in New York state.

If states violate the DNC party rules regarding delegate selection, they can lose their ability to send delegates to the convention. And this is exactly what must be done.

If this outrage is not remedied, the Democratic National Committee must strip New York of all its delegates at the 2020 Democratic National Convention. New York, and every other state in this country, must understand they cannot violate the rules of the DNC with impunity.

While the New York State Democratic Party is trying to take away progressive voices in this election, we are asking you to make yours heard:

Sign our petition: tell DNC Chairman Tom Perez to strip New York state of its convention delegates unless they reinstate the Democratic presidential primary slated to take place later this year.

Thank you for standing up for democracy and thank you for making your voice heard on this important issue.

All our best,

Team Bernie

I ask you to sign the online petition, as I did in a heartbeat.

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