Shocker: In pandemic, fascism-pushing Repugnicans put $$$ over human life

I long have believed that worse than any crisis itself that could befall the United States of America would be how fear-driven fucktards react to that crisis. The reactions to the events of September 11, 2001, illustrate that case perfectly, and the reactions to the current novel coronavirus pandemic also have demonstrated this to be the case.

“President” Pussygrabber now is even calling upon his MAGA-cap-wearing flying brain-damaged monkeys to “LIBERATE!” states with Democratic governors who have shut down those states in order to lower the death toll from the novel coronavirus.

The New York Times reported yesterday:

President Trump [yesterday] openly encouraged right-wing protests of social distancing restrictions in states with stay-at-home orders, a day after announcing guidelines for how the nation’s governors should carry out an orderly reopening of their communities on their own timetables.

In a series of all-caps tweets that started two minutes after a Fox News report on the protesters, the president declared, “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!” and “LIBERATE MINNESOTA!” — two states whose Democratic governors have imposed strict social distancing restrictions.

He also lashed out at Virginia, where the state’s Democratic governor and legislature have pushed for strict gun control measures, saying: “LIBERATE VIRGINIA, and save your great 2nd Amendment. It is under siege!”

His stark departure from the more bipartisan tone of his announcement on Thursday night suggested Trump was ceding any semblance of national leadership on the pandemic, and choosing instead to divide the country by playing to his political base. …

Indeed, this is what happens when a treasonous criminal who should have been removed from office instead is let off scot-free by his treasonous political party that puts party above all else.

“President” Pussygrabber doesn’t know most things, but he does know how to rile up his mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging base, mostly white trash who perpetually are paranoid about the gubmint.

And, of course, the novel coronavirus pandemic gives would-be fascist dictators like Pussygrabber — and his fascist followers — an excuse, in their “minds,” to try to take advantage of abnormal national times in order to try to ram through their treasonous, right-wing agenda that they couldn’t achieve in normal times.

Therefore, you see lovely images such as this one, the now-famous photo taken by an employee of The Columbus Dispatch of aforementioned white trash bellowing like herd animals at the doors of the Ohio Statehouse on Monday, protesting the state’s coronavirus-pandemic-related stay-at-home policies:

A crowd of people screaming at the windowed doors of the Ohio Statehouse.

(Ohio’s governor, by the way, is a Repugnican, Mike DeWine.)

So if anyone is seriously injured or killed by a redneck who opposes his or her state’s coronavirus-pandemic lockdown policy, it will be the fault of Pussygrabber; he has called for the violence, let the historical record record.

That said, a debate about a lockdown policy is fair, and probably necessary, to have.

For instance, in my own case, in my county, Sacramento County, California — which, of course, is locked downthe county’s health department right now reports that 33 people have died from the novel coronavirus in the county thus far.

However, my county’s health department also reports that in the 2019-2020 influenza season thus far, 162 people in the county have died.

Apparently Americans have been dying of influenza at an overall rate that is greater than the novel coronavirus’ death rate (at least thus far), yet we haven’t practiced social distancing (including working from home), the shutting down of certain businesses and gathering places, wearing face masks or face coverings, etc. in order to prevent deaths from the flu.

Yes, we have flu vaccines, which are mostly effective (I get the flu vaccine every year, religiously, even though I know that it’s not always effective), and we don’t (yet) have a vaccine against the coronavirus, but thus far, anyway, the influenza virus appears to be a bigger killer than is the novel coronavirus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as I type this sentence, reports that 35,443 people in the United States have died from the novel coronavirus in the current pandemic thus far.

But the CDC also estimates that 61,000 Americans died of influenza in the 2017-2018 season, and that 34,157 died of the flu in the 2018-2019 season.

But this doesn’t mean that those Democratic governors (and Mike DeWine) who decided to shut down their states overreacted and made the wrong call. In fact, it’s still early; right now the novel coronavirus looks to me to be no more deadly than even the common flu, but time will tell as to whether or not this remains the case.

I think it’s better to be safe than sorry, and those who blatantly violate local, state and federal laws, including laws mandating lockdowns and social distancing, should be treated as the law-breakers that they are. If someone deems a law to violate his or her constitutional rights, then there is a remedy for that — the court system. You don’t get to grab your tiki torches and terrorize others because you perceive that the middle of a nationwide crisis is an opportune time for you to fucking do that.

I don’t think that there are nearly enough MAGA-cap-wearing would-be insurrectionists to achieve their life-long goal of seizing the gubmint — and critically (and thankfully), they sorely lack the intelligence with which to orchestrate a successful coup — but never should the rest of us take the threat of fascism lightly.

Coronavirus or no coronavirus, the fascists will not take over this nation. We, the people, must make sure of that.

The last thing that we, the people, need right now is for a bunch of fascists to tell us that we must follow them in order for them to “liberate” us. Our “liberation” is not their goal; their goal is to turn the United States into a “Mad Max”-like wasteland “governed” by white, right-wing warlords (that is, by them).

This is not to say that those Democratic governors (and Mike DeWine…) who have shut down their states are perfect. And sure, some of them might care more about the optics of people in their states dying — and what that might mean for their political futures — than they care about anything else.

But do I think that they are locking down their states in bad faith? That they’re trying to be constitution-defiling tyrants? No — that’s Pussygrabber’s gig.

My state’s governor, for instance, Gavin Newsom (a Democrat, of course) — he’s not perfect, but from all that I can tell, he truly is trying to do the best that he can for the welfare of the highest number of Californians.

And the proof is in the pudding: Right now, especially given its status as the most populous state in the nation, California’s rate of deaths from the novel coronavirus is comparatively low.

Now is not the time for a bunch of right-wing fucktards to try to make things even worse by claiming that they are “victims” who must overthrow the “tyrannical” gubmint. They are not victims, except perhaps of themselves.

Besides, in November 2018, Gavin Newsom won 61.9 percent of the state’s voters — a super-majority. A super-majority of the state’s voters selected Newsom to lead the state in case of a crisis. We didn’t fucking chose some MAGA-cap-wearing asshole named Bubba or Jeb or Cooter to “lead” us, and for someone to think that he or she may casually overthrow the will of the majority of the voters means that he or she is committing treason.

Finally, let’s talk about values. I saw this interesting graphic today:

That graphic is from Morning Consult, which, as the graphic states, is from a Morning Consult poll of 1,990 registered U.S. voters taken April 10 through April 12.

Look at those results: Only 51 percent of Repugnicans put public health above all else; 43 percent of them would put the economy above all else (and 6 percent claim that they are unsure or have no opinion).

Seventy-eight percent of Democrats put public health above all else, and even 60 percent of independents do, too. And of all voters, 64 percent put public health at No. 1.

So, wingnuts, as usual, you are outnumbered considerably, and you are outnumbered in what we at least nominally still call a democracy.

You lose.

Still, watch for the wingnuts to try to dip their toes in the fascist waters. They are testing the rest of us, the majority, right now, and we must make it crystal clear to them that they, the batshit-crazy minority, will not have tyranny over the rest of us, the majority — that the United States of America will remain a democracy, even if it’s over the wingnuts’ dead bodies.

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