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Bernie’s not my boss

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Bernie Sanders makes his choices. I make mine. Please make your own, too.

Today Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Biden, and I’m sure that some Berners are crying “Judas,” which is their right to do.

I personally am not all that mad at Bernie. He is a sitting U.S. senator who caucuses with the so-called Democrats in the Senate and thus he has certain political constraints that a total political outsider would not. That’s not to make an excuse for him, but is to describe his reality as it appears to be to me.

That said, I could do entirely without The New York Times’ interpretation of rather than the reportage of the news. This is the second paragraph of the Times’ “news” story on Bernie’s endorsement of Biden today:

In throwing his weight behind his former rival, Sanders is sending an unmistakable signal that his supporters — who are known for their intense loyalty — should do so as well, at a moment when Biden still faces deep skepticism from many younger progressives.

Yeah, I’m sure that I’m not alone in not being wild about being told what I “should do.” (And are the two authors of that “news” story on Hidin’ Biden’s payroll or what?)

So if I “should” vote for Joe Biden, what does that mean if I choose not to? Am I then a “bad” person?

Seriously, Democratic Party hacks: trying to shame people for voting their conscience is not a winning strategy. (Just ask Billary Clinton and the Billarybots how well that worked out for them!) On many people, such as people like me, it backfires: the more that you try to vote-shame me, the more I’m going to dig in, because the more you try to vote-shame me, the more I see you as corrupt and bullying, trying to get me to act against my own best interests in order to please (and perhaps even to materially benefit) you.

True, you could argue that I have the luxury of not having to vote for Hidin’ Joe Biden in November and knowing that by doing so I won’t be helping “President” Pussygrabber get a second term.

Why? Because I live in deep-blue California, which is going to go to the Democratic presidential candidate, whoever that is. That’s a foregone conclusion. Under the Electoral College system, all of my state’s whopping 55 electoral votes already have been won by the 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidate (presumably, Hidin’ Biden).

Therefore, I could vote for Pussygrabber in November and it wouldn’t change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. My vote for Pussygrabber essentially would be eliminated, vaporized, when the Democratic presidential candidate (again, presumably Biden) won California’s popular vote and thus every single one of its electoral votes.

That said, if you live in a true purple or swing state and want to vote for Hidin’ Biden in order to prevent Pussygrabber from getting a second term, knock yourself out; that would be your choice — and I wouldn’t vote-shame you for it. I might disagree with your choice, but I recognize it as your choice to make.

Myself, I am way beyond sick and fucking tired of being taken advantage of and being taken for granted by Democratic Party establishment hacks, who, just like Lucy, make pretty promises but always snatch the football away.

The reason that we have shit “Democratic” candidates like Billary Clinton and Hidin’ Biden is that enough voters who vote Democratic keep on voting Democratic, no matter what.

It’s like returning, over and over and over again, to the domestic partner who keeps beating the shit out of you: The only thing that is going to break the cycle is for you to leave, for you to stop participating in your own abuse.

(Funny — speaking of abuse, I have to note that we’re not supposed to believe the woman who says that when she was one of his staffers, then-Sen. Joe Biden shoved his fingers inside of her vagina against her will. We’re not supposed to believe it primarily because if enough people believed it, it might sink Biden — who is supposed to be our national savior, even though he is in stark cognitive decline.)

So: Bernie isn’t my boss. I respect him, and he gave me someone worth voting for in 2016 and this year, but in the end, I’m not a sheeple. I do what makes sense to me. Voting for Joe Biden does not make sense to me.

Just as no, Bernie could not force me to be “nice” online first to the Billarybots and then to the Bidenbots — even though the Billarybots and the Bidenbots are not “nice” themselves but at best are a bunch of passive-aggressive assholes — Bernie Sanders cannot tell me how to fill out my ballot, or whether even to cast a ballot at all.

That’s my fucking decision. I have free will and I represent my own best interests as I see them.

I don’t fall in line like a lemming.

That way too many people do is why we’re now very apparently stuck with Joe Biden, just as we were stuck with Billary Clinton — and why “President” Pussygrabber is on track to get a second term.

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