Bernie’s (mostly) out; Biden will lose

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Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Holds Rally In Detroit Ahead Of State's Primary

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Bernie Sanders dropped out of the presidential race today, paving the way for “President” Pussygrabber’s “re”-election in November.

Bernie Sanders suspended his presidential campaign today, which, of course, is the same as ending it.

I’m not mad at Bernie. I had asserted that it was his choice of when — and even if — to drop out. (Pundits had posited that perhaps he’d stay in to the bitter end in order to have more influence over the Democratic Party’s platform that it will adopt at the convention, but when does the corporate-whoring party ever follow its own platform anyway?)

That said, after the Democratic Party establishment hacks and the corporately owned and controlled “news” media that would do much better under a President Biden than a President Sanders closed ranks in order to sink Bernie, he was fighting a losing battle.

Bernie was a threat to the socioeconomic status quo, and therefore the elites, facing possible extinction, had to take him out. It was Bernie or them, you see, and it’s never them.

Now, because of the wisdom of the Bidenbots, we’re looking at four more years of “President” Pussygrabber.

These are extraordinary times in the United States of America, and the cognitively impaired Hidin’ Joe Biden literally can barely finish a fucking sentence. He’s hardly the rock that Americans want right now.

Not long ago I wrote that the coronavirus pandemic, with its attendant nationwide lockdown and economic destruction (not to mention its deaths), would help Hidin’ Biden to beat Pussygrabber, but since I wrote that, I no longer have any confidence in that.

I tend to agree with Politico’s take on the matter (“How a Pandemic Could Actually Boost Trump’s Reelection Chances”) from today:

One of the burning questions on many Americans’ minds during the global pandemic we’re all living through is: What effect will these events have on the reelection of President Donald Trump?

While Trump’s approval rating has inched up during the Covid-19 outbreak, a majority of Americans disapprove of his handling of the crisis. Given his initial reluctance to acknowledge the severity of the problem, the administration’s testing debacle, and his daily errors and misstatements at his news briefings, many voters might assume that Trump’s chances of winning this fall are dwindling.

But a widely studied psychological phenomenon suggests the opposite: that, with the grimness of death hanging in the air, anxious Americans might actually be more likely to support Trump in November because of his dominant leadership style and his claims of offering protection. …

Later the Politico article notes that psychosociological research has found that

… when humans are reminded of their own mortality — such as during a pandemic — they are much more inclined to cling tightly to their cultural worldviews, to derogate and even harm those who are seen as threatening these views, and to support brash, charismatic leaders who claim to protect them.

This means that as Americans begin to fixate more on their own mortality, they are likely to become more nationalisticsocially conformingprejudiced against outgroups and aggressive. They also are more likely to favor dominant leaders who model these inclinations. …

No, logically, of course Pussygrabber should not be “re”-elected, but so many voters — perhaps especially the “swing voters,” people who apparently have no idea what the political parties historically have stood for but who vote anyway and who, tragically, are critical to winning the White House — vote by their gut, not by their brains. In presidential elections human psychology almost always trumps (ha ha) intellect.

So the Bidenbots can celebrate Bernie’s collapse today; I don’t see that they’ll be celebrating on the night of November 3.

I have no confidence that even after Billary Clinton’s loss in November 2016 and Hidin’ Biden’s loss this coming November, the Democratic Party establishment hacks and the elites aligned with the party ever will stop even for one fucking second for some serious self-reflection.

After Biden loses in November, it would be easier and much more comfortable for the Bidenbots to blame Bernie — just as the Billarybots still blame Bernie — than to take responsibility and ownership for anything themselves.

I’d say that the Bidenbots don’t have Bernie to kick around anymore, but oh, they do — and oh, they will. (The narrative is very predictable: Hidin’ Biden’s hiding out and his “senior moments,” as well as his life-long corporate whoredom, will be completely ignored as factors in his loss in November; the narrative instead will be that Biden lost the November 2020 presidential election because Bernie Sanders dropped out too late, or because Bernie Sanders even ran at all.)

In the meantime, I still believe that serious consideration needs to be given to the formation of a third, actually progressive party.

The Democratic Party is calcified and incorrigible. It’s a lost fucking cause. People might say in the future that the coronavirus killed it (another awfully convenient potential excuse), but no, it was already dead significantly before that.

The root problem is that so beholden is the Democratic Party establishment to its corporate sugar daddies that it is wholly incapable of producing a presidential candidate who excites the voting-age population enough to actually go out and vote.

I don’t see Pussygrabber being “re”-elected in November because a majority of Americans actually love him; I see him being “re”-elected because the Democratic Party is a husk of it formerly progressive self and no longer has anything of value to offer anyone.

Update: OK, I see now that Politico reports that “Sanders said that while Biden will be the nominee, he will stay on the ballot to collect delegates for the convention, ‘where we will be able to exert significant influence over the party platform.'”


I’m sure that the Bidenbots will piss and moan that voters in the upcoming states still can cast a vote for Bernie — they despise democracy and they much prefer that their own chosen establishmentarian, Repugnican-Lite candidate just be coronated already, whether it’s Queen Billary or Hidin’ Biden — but I could argue (and I do) that Bernie has the duty to his supporters to carry the progressive vision as far forward as he can.

And I surmise that millions of voters in the 22 states that have yet to vote (including populous states such as New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania) still will cast their ballot for him — happily.

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