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Weak, lazy Hidin’ Biden proclaims that ‘we’ve had enough debates’

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He’s looking for his marbles, which he has lost. Have you seen them?

This is unshocking: Axios reports that “Former Vice President Joe Biden said during a virtual press briefing [today] that he believes the Democratic Party has ‘had enough debates’ and ‘[we] should get on with this.’” (Get on with his coronation, apparently.)*

No next debate between Biden and Bernie Sanders has been scheduled thus far, but The New York Times reported yesterday:

Senator Bernie Sanders plans to participate in the Democratic presidential debate in April if one is held, his campaign said [yesterday], the strongest indication yet that he plans to continue competing against Joseph R. Biden Jr. in the 2020 primary for the foreseeable future.

The Democratic National Committee has said previously that there would be a debate in April, but one has not been scheduled. [Emphasis mine.] The committee has not announced a media partner or a site host — critical elements that are typically agreed upon at least a month in advance. The coronavirus crisis has already upended most facets of the Democratic primary, and there is no guarantee that the debate will take place.

Still, the fact that the Sanders campaign is signaling, for now, that he would be on a debate stage in April is a strikingly public sign of the Vermont senator’s determination to wield political influence and challenge Mr. Biden for primacy despite the former vice president’s nearly insurmountable delegate lead.

“Senator Sanders is still running for president,” said Mike Casca, a top campaign official. “If there is a debate in April, he plans to be there.” …

Here’s the thing: An April debate was promised by the DNC. But apparently to the Democratic Party establishment hacks, all promises are unilaterally negotiable, especially if the establishment’s pick currently is on top.

Also, Hidin’ Biden thus far has 1,215 pledged delegates to Bernie’s 910. A candidate must sew up 1,991 pledged delegates before he or she can claim the party’s presidential nomination outright. And as of today, 23 states have yet to vote in a Democratic Party presidential primary election or caucus.

So, although Biden is ahead, the race isn’t over.

Calls for Bernie to drop out already make me think of a footrace in which you have someone who currently is outpacing the No. 2 runner, but the No. 2 runner repeatedly is told by the fucktards from the sidelines to drop out of the race already — not because the race is over, not because the race has been won, but merely because the No. 2 guy is not in first place so far.

Guess what? The fucking race isn’t fucking over until someone has fucking crossed the fucking finish line, and the front-runner always can fall and face-plant short of the finish line.

If sleepy Hidin’ Biden can’t run the distance in the fucking Democratic Party presidential primary contest, how in the fuck could he possibly win the White House? And then perform as U.S. president, even though I can’t see him beating “President” Pussygrabber in November any more than Queen Billary, whose presidential campaign was as exciting as is Biden’s, couldn’t the last time around?

I find it fucking mind-blowing that the backasswards, right-wing fucktards of the South who call themselves “Democrats” are ruining the Democratic Party’s chance at taking back the White House by fronting as the party’s 2020 presidential candidate a fucking Alzheimer’s patient whose obvious Alzheimer’s they believe they can conceal from the American electorate indefinitely.

So much into cramming Hidin’ Biden down our throats are his supporters that they’re not even fazed if he unilaterally decides that he doesn’t want to debate his opponent anymore. They apparently see nothing wrong with that.

But, of course, after Hidin’ Biden very predictably were to lose in November, these “Democrats” wouldn’t blame the Biden campaign, such as for pussying out of debates.

Indeed, they already have their plan to cover for their own abject stupidity: To blame Bernie.

They’ve learned nothing from 2016.


I won’t vote for Hidin’ Biden in November. That hasn’t changed and won’t change, and millions of other voters who would love to vote for a real fucking Democratic Party presidential candidate for fucking once — instead of for a Repugnican-Lite corporate whore like Billary Clinton or Hidin’ Biden — are with me on this.

P.S.: Recall that Billary Clinton also cravenly and cowardly backed out of a pre-promised debate with Bernie. Queen Billary and Hidin’ Biden are two Repugnican-Lite peas in a pod.

*Video of Hidin’ Biden’s remarks about not wanting to debate anymore is here.

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