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Joe Biden probably will benefit from fallout from coronavirus pandemic

Right now “President” Pussygrabber has an average approval rating of 43 percent and an average disapproval rating of 53 percent. How low will it go over the next several months, and will he be able to eke out “re”-“election” with an approval rating mired no higher than in the low 40s?

In normal times — well, as normal as the times have been since November 2016, anyway — I don’t see Joe Biden beating “President” Pussygrabber.

Thank Goddess, to put it mildly, these times are not normal, even for the new “normal” under “President” Pussygrabber.

(Thus far I have lost more than $5,000 in my retirement savings plan and I now have to “telecommute” because of mandatory “social distancing,” but compared to millions, I have it good. [I lean much more toward the hermit side than the social butterfly side, so “social distancing” for the most part is fine with me, or at least tolerable.)

I don’t see any sitting president surviving both a pandemic requiring the nation to go on lockdown and a pandemic-induced recession (or worse).

I don’t see perhaps especially Pussygrabber, not exactly known for his managerial prowess as president, politically surviving what we’re facing now. His supporters will stick with him because they’re mentally ill, but will the independent voters stick with him?

I doubt it.

Therefore, while I don’t want to see a President Biden, given that the nation is rapidly tanking now, I do now see Biden beating Pussygrabber in November unless we have a miraculous, fairly rapid turnaround of events, which appears to be quite unlikely.

I can’t even say that it would be fair to blame the pandemic (and the ensuing economic collapse) on Pussygrabber, as clumsily as he has handled it thus far. I mean, to be fair (not that I’m overly worried about fairness for Pussygrabber, who knows nothing of fairness), some things are beyond any president’s ability to avert or even mitigate. But if you’re the one holding the bag when the shit hits the fan, fairly or unfairly, you usually get hit with the shit.

Again, I’m no fan of Joe Biden, and I even could make the argument that in the political long term, we’d be better off with four more years of Pussygrabber than potentially eight years of Biden, who already has told us in his current “campaign” that he’d be a do-nothing, caretaker president like Barack Obama was for eight years. As much as Biden might promise hope and change, no doubt we’d get just more of the same.

Can the nation survive another eight years of Obamian centrist do-nothingism?

Probably not, but we had an economic meltdown at the end of the last unelected Repugnican president’s term, and so right now it’s déjà vu all over again — we are to be “rescued” by Biden just like we were “rescued” by Obama, right?

Most American voters really are that simple.

P.S. While I stand by my assertion that it’s within Bernie Sanders’ rights to remain in the race until and unless Joe Biden reaches the 1,991 pledged delegates that he needs for the win, I do agree with the experts’ assessment that Bernie very likely is toast in terms of winning the nomination. (At this point it pretty much would take Biden’s death or incapacitation…)

When (and if?) Bernie drops out, I’m sure I’ll have a blog post there that will write itself; I’ve supported Bernie since 2015, and it’s been an interesting ride.

For now, though, I don’t count Bernie a failure — that would be a myopic view of his long campaign for the White House — and I don’t regret the donations that I’ve made to his campaign and the time and energy that I’ve invested into it.

We have to keep chipping away at that wall that stands between us, the people, and a better nation for the majority. More effective than any wall that Pussygrabber ever could manage to build, it was erected over decades by center-right sellouts calling themselves “Democrats,” and it won’t be torn down overnight.

Once the self-serving old fucks who vote for Joe Biden (and for other Repugnicans) finally kick off –– and the coronavirus pandemic is giving this a bit of a boost — and today’s younger, much more progressive voters replace them, we’ll see gradual progressive change.

The one thing that we can’t do is to give up.

P.P.S. Right now the averages of match-up polls have Biden at 6.4 percent above Pussygrabber and Bernie at 5 percent above Pussygrabber. It’s still going to be a fight; match-up polling had Billary Clinton at 3.2 percent above Pussygrabber right before Election Day in November 2016, and we know how that turned out.

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