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In debate with Bernie, Biden didn’t melt down but showed his lack of vision

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders bumped elbows instead of shaking hands before last night’s debate. That’s probably a good thing, since Biden shortly thereafter coughed into his hand — while answering the very first question, which was about the coronavirus pandemic.

I watched the first and perhaps the last debate between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden last night.

I could write a blow-by-blow reaction, but I won’t; I’ll just give my quick (for me), overall impression.

OK, so Biden literally began the debate — which was under the cloud of the coronavirus (thus there was no live audience for the debate) — by coughing into his hand. He coughed into his hand while answering the very first question — about the coronavirus pandemic. Whatever. (At least he didn’t then proceed to put his hand on someone, as is his habit…)

Bernie Sanders is supposed to be the pie-in-the-sky candidate, but Biden kept repeating his promise to ensure that no American loses money because of the coronavirus pandemic, but that every American is made whole.

Wow. He made this promise over and over again.

One, everyone knows that the U.S. government — having been set up primarily to protect and to expand the interests of the already rich and powerful — is not at all set up to give out coronavirus-related reparations, not to many, many people and not in anything like a timely way.

It’s not that this kind of government is impossible to have; it’s that the corporations and their enablers, such as the DINOs like Joe Biden and those who have endorsed him, don’t want us to have this kind of government — and so we do not.

Two, what the fuck is Joe Biden, who isn’t even in office, not even as a U.S. senator, and who, if he actually is elected president (which I still find doubtful at best), wouldn’t be in office until January 2021, going to do about making Americans whole from the socioeconomic losses from the coronavirus, such as from lost work, lost business revenue, and increased medical and child-care costs?

Ironically, Bernie was, in my estimation, more realistic in what he promised he could deliver as president — and entirely unlike Joe Biden, who wants to focus only on the present crisis (and thus preserve the socioeconomic status quo), Bernie stated, correctly, that we need to deal with the present crisis, yes, but that we also need to examine why it is a crisis — and then do something about that problem.

Joe Biden unfortunately did not have a meltdown on live national television last night that could have ended his campaign, but the debate did show, if you were paying attention at all, the main difference between the two candidates: Biden wants only cosmetic improvements to the status quo so as to not upset the elites who fund the Democratic Party establishment, whereas Bernie wants us to examine the whole structure — and rebuild it, if we must (and we must).

Joe Biden is, in a nutshell, a lazy coward — who encourages us to be lazy cowards just like he is by following his “plan” of laziness and cowardliness.

True leaders encourage us to go where we need to go, even if we don’t want to go there — they don’t assure us that everything is just fine, and that Band-Aids will suffice for badly needed reconstructive surgery.

If it’s Joe Biden vs. “President” Pussygrabber in November, unless there are corpses in the streets from the coronavirus, I expect that Pussygrabber will get a second term.

But even if Biden did defeat Pussygrabber, we already know what we’d get in President Biden: four more years of the do-nothing Obama years, in which hopey-changey rhetoric is supposed to suffice for actual action and real reform.

P.S. On a much lighter note, Biden coughing into his hand reminds me of the skit “Bern Your Enthusiasm” that “Saturday Night Live” ran in 2016, with Leslie Jones playing a Bernie supporter who coughed into her hand right before offering it to “Bernie,” played by Larry David.

It’s a great skit; if you haven’t seen it, it’s here.

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