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Count me in as a never Biden

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Um, yeah — no. Never...

This won’t come as a shock to anyone who has read my screeds before, but if Joe Biden becomes the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nominee, I will not vote for him. (I haven’t even ruled out voting for “President” Pussygrabber as a protest vote.)

Before you leave an ignorant comment that would be pretty embarrassing to yourself if you weren’t ignorant, know this: I live in California, a deep-blue state, so deep blue that the only viable true Democrat left in the presidential race, Bernie Sanders, won its primary earlier this month. There is no doubt that in November, California and its 55 electoral votes all will go to the Democratic presidential candidate, regardless of who that candidate is.

Morons who claim that if you don’t vote for the Democratic presidential candidate then you have helped to elect the Repugnican presidential candidate apparently believe entirely incorrectly that the president of the United States is chosen by the popular vote and they are ignorant of the Electoral College (which sorely needs to go but which still constitutes the rules of the game right now).

True, if you live in a true swing state, such as Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin and you don’t vote for the 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidate, you might actually help “President” Pussygrabber get a second term.

But if you live in a solidly red or blue state, your vote for president effectively doesn’t matter, since your state’s electoral votes were going to go accordingly to the Repugnican or to the Democratic candidate anyway, no matter what.

So why won’t/wouldn’t I vote for Biden in November?

For several reasons.

First and foremost, for decades the Democratic Party has been shoving center-right, pro-corporate candidates down our throats, basically telling us that we who are poor and/or working-class and/or left of center have nowhere else to go, so we’ll just have to take it. It’s an abusive relationship that has been going on for decades.

But just as in an abusive relationship, we can leave. Exiting an abusive situation is possible more often than we might think. (That said, it was quite easy for me to change my voter registration from Democrat to independent in 2016 after it was revealed to what extent the Democratic National Committee had fucked over Bernie Sanders in order to coronate Queen Billary, the pesky voters be damned. Until and unless the Democratic Party is taken back by true Democrats — that is, is led by actual progressives instead of by corporate whores — I will remain registered as an independent.)

Secondly, more specific to Biden himself, his center-right/Repugnican-Lite record is bad enough, but even if he were even more progressive than is Bernie (ha ha ha!), I’ve watched way too many videos of Biden publicly displaying significant dementia (his mega-cringe-inducing “Corn Pop” story and his putting his mouth on his wife’s fingers during a public appearance [as pictured above] immediately come to mind).

Bottom line: We don’t need to replace one old, right-wing white man in the White House with significant cognitive problems with another one. Joe Biden is unacceptable as a Democratic Party presidential candidate.

If Biden is showing a steep cognitive decline now — and oh, he ishow would he be as president, as his dementia only worsens?

What the fuck? So-called “Democrats” truly can’t think this far ahead? (It’s probably more like they won’t think this far ahead — it’s willful ignorance that’s meant to stave off cognitive dissonance. Most voters, after all, make their decisions viscerally, not rationally or logically.)

Bernie Sanders flat-out was fucked over by the Democratic Party establishment in 2016. We have the receipts, in the form of the leaked DNC e-mails to prove it.

Bernie has been fucked over by the Democratic Party establishment again this time, albeit in a different way: All of the mediocre, center-right, corporate-ass-licking egomaniacs — including Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Beto O’Rourke — under pressure from the Democratic Party establishment, I have to surmise, in quick succession decided to endorse Biden, the establishment’s pick. (The first two endorsements, from Buttigieg and Klobuchar, who dropped out right before “Super Tuesday,” were quite masterful. Characteristically evil for them, but, admittedly, masterful.)

What the DINOs did — coalesce at the last minute in order to try to destroy Bernie — was not against any written rules, but nonetheless it was a coordinated Democratic Party establishment attack on the only true Democrat in the race, Bernie Sanders, in order to destroy him.

Thing is, there’s no way in hell that Joe Biden, with his dementia and his blast-from-the-past “campaign” (No malarkey!), is going to beat Pussygrabber in November.

We’re supposed to have blind faith in the genius of the Democratic Party establishment, but they shoved Queen Billary down our throats, and how did that go?

If Biden is the presidential nominee, he will lose, I have little doubt.

Of course, after Biden’s loss the sick and twisted Democratic Party establishment would only continue to do what it always has done — blame Bernie! — but how many winnable presidential elections could the corrupt, calcified Democratic Party establishment lose before it finally no longer could blame others?

A deep sickness grips the Democratic Party establishment. (And yes, being unable to see or refusing to see reality is, in my book, mental illness.) In 2016, we were just supposed to go along with the myth that Billary Clinton was exciting and likeable.

Now, we’re just supposed to go along with the myth that Joe Biden is excitingand that he hasn’t lost his marbles. We’re supposed to just ignore what’s plain to see before our very own eyes and dutifully follow the Democratic Party hacks on their road to electoral doom with Joe Biden.

Because the majority of the so-called Democratic lemmings have now sided with Biden (the wolf-pack mentality is chilling) — Biden’s nationwide polling now is around 55 percent to Bernie’s 35 percent — Bernie at this point most likely needs something big to happen, such as that Biden puts in an awful debate performance tomorrow (the debate, by the way, was moved from Phoenix, Arizona, to Washington, D.C., supposedly because of the coronavirus) or such as that, speaking of it, Biden is felled by the coronavirus (a.k.a. the “baby boomer doomer” or the “baby boomer remover,” which probably deserves a blog post of its own).

Barring something jolting and game-changing that will go down in the history books, Joe Biden will win the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination — and “President” Pussygrabber will get a second term.

And of course the members of the Democratic Party establishment — the fucktards who demand that the rest of us follow them right off of the cliff that they’re clearly headed for — still won’t have learned their fucking lesson.

P.S. Seriously — as a damnation of the corrupt system that works only for the plutocrats and the corporatocrats, why shouldn’t I cast my vote for Pussygrabber in November? He won’t win my state or any of its electoral votes anyway, and I don’t see nearly enough distance between Biden and Pussygrabber as it is; both of them are all about maintaining the socioeconomic status quo (at best).

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