Addled Joe Biden is on top — for now

This is pretty much it. This, too. And this:

Things did change quite quickly: After Joe Biden won South Carolina not even a week ago — he always was expected to win South Carolina, but no matter, right? — centrist bottom-feeders Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar finally dropped out before Super Tuesday, endorsing Biden (along with the equally pathetic, stand-for-nothing, centrist bottom-feeder Beto O’Rourke, who had dropped out a long time ago).

And after Biden did significantly better in the Super Tuesday states than he had been expected to do, Mike Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren finally dropped out. (Pseudo-progressive Warren lost her home state of Massachusetts to both Biden and to Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday.)

So now, finally, it’s a two-man race: Biden and Bernie.

This is not shocking. More than a year ago, in February 2019, I wrote:

If I had to bet right now on what the 2020 Democratic presidential ticket will look like, I’d bet that it’s Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden at the top of the ticket, and Kamala Harris or Beto O’Rourke as the veep candidate.


Because both Bernie and Biden would want a younger running mate to cancel out the (real or perceived) age issue, and because Biden and Bernie, both being from New England, would want to balance the ticket out geographically, and Harris from California or O’Rourke from Texas would accomplish that.

That said, would Biden or Bernie want to put another white guy on the ticket? Biden maybe wouldn’t care, but Bernie, I think, would pick Harris over O’Rourke.

And maybe Biden’s advisers would steer him away from making another white man his running mate (if he were going in that direction), so I think that Harris has a pretty good shot at the veep spot (a better shot than does O’Rourke), whether it’s Biden or Bernie at the top of the ticket.

I stand by that, except that I no longer see O’Rourke as a real possibility for the veep candidate. I don’t see either Biden or Bernie picking another white man as his running mate, perhaps especially now that the only candidates left standing are two old white guys (one with his wits and the other without).

I don’t think that Kamala Harris, who has been in the U.S. Senate for only a bit more than three years and who never articulated why she instead of someone else should be president (as a presidential candidate she had one job…), is qualified to be vice president, but I wholly could see Biden picking her as his running mate. (I don’t really see Bernie picking Harris because she is not a progressive, but is just another party hack. I’d rather that he pick Stacey Abrams, who strikes me as an actual progressive.)

But back to the battle that is now between Bernie and Biden:

Right now only about 80 pledged delegates separate the two candidates, and it’s all about the pledged delegates, not about the number of states that you have won. (On that note, though, so far, Biden has won 11 states and Bernie has won six, officially, although because he won Iowa’s popular vote, to me Bernie, not Buttigieg, won Iowa, so that would be seven states in Bernie’s column.*)

Bernie still can win more pledged delegates than Biden.

What could turn it around for Bernie?

Well, Joe Biden has shown significant cognitive problems for a long time now. How well could he hold up in the next Democratic Party presidential primary debate, which will feature only him and Bernie, who is a rather sharp, energetic debater, on March 15 in Phoenix, Arizona?

Can the addled Biden last through an entire debate with just Bernie?

Before you think that Biden has a lock on this thing, what if he melts down during the next debate, raising serious questions about his fitness for office? (Besides his steep cognitive decline — or perhaps as a function of it — Biden has an anger problem** — either one of which could cause him to implode on live national television.)

And would we rather that Biden seriously melt down during a Democratic primary debate — or during a presidential debate with “President” Pussygrabber? Do we want Biden to win the battle with Bernie only to then lose the war with Pussygrabber?

Because I don’t see Biden beating Pussygrabber, not with Biden’s stark mental decline. (Pussygrabber has lost his marbles, too, but he publicly displays his senility with much more panache. [That’s about as close to a “compliment” for Pussygrabber that I can come to.])

So this is my prediction: That as quickly as everyone jumped onto the Biden bandwagon — which is more about opposing Bernie Sanders than it is about wholeheartedly embracing Joe Biden, which does not put Biden in a position of strength — Biden still has plenty of time to implode, and I put it at a roughly two-in-three chance that he still will.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of Bernie’s base isn’t going to desert him for the likes of Joe Biden.

Yes, with 32 states still to go, Bernie still can win this thing.

*Here is what the map (from Wikipedia) looks like so far, with Bernie’s pledged-delegate wins in green, Biden’s in blue and Buttigieg’s “wins” in goldenrod:

Democratic Party presidential primaries results, 2020.svg

Fairly clearly, thus far Bernie is the candidate of the West while Biden is the candidate of the South, primarily. (I expect Biden to finish his sweep of the South and Bernie to win most of the states in the West and in the North.)

I’m so not interested having a “Democratic” president whose base is in the backasswards fucking South.

**The supposedly always-“angry” Bernie gets animated over political ideas and over lies (which in our political climate abound). Biden, on the other hand, gets personally angry at individuals in his presence and attacks them personally. Big difference.

And when Biden isn’t attacking someone like an animal, he’s groping someone like an animal.


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4 responses to “Addled Joe Biden is on top — for now

  1. Harry

    1. Re: Bernie and Michigan. Assuming he loses or loses big to Biden, do you think:

    2016 was more an anti-Hillary win for Bernie in the Michigan primary versus a pro-Bernie one?


    The media’s overwhelming crucifixion of Bernie, his chances, and his followers has eroded the confidence of, let’s be clear, some not-too-bright Midwesterners (I live in the Midwest). These same folks who chose Bern over Hill in the ’16 primaries pulled the lever for Trump a few months later…If we ditched the Electoral College, we would not have to kowtow to various states like this.

    2. We’ve all been down this road before. The MSM used Bernie in 2016 and 2020 merely as a prop to encourage clicks. The Democratic Party had no intention of having Bern as its candidate in ’16 or this year. His economic platform is at odds with their identity politics one. He’s toast, but to be fair, he’s been that way for months. I think he chose to run as a Dem so as to not “Ross Perot” this election in favor of Trump. The favor has not been returned; news outlet/pundits/fellow candidates are all turning on him like he’s Lenin’s corpse revived.

    A main difference between the GOP and the Democratic Party:

    The GOP knew/know Trump is evil, but they did not nothing to stop him from ascending the candidate throne in 2016. Now the same guys who had concerns about him have their lipstick marks on his dick. The GOP owns Trump and his legacy…

    The Democratic Party, on the other hand, worked hard in front of the cameras and behind the scenes to disown their own guy Bernie Sanders, even though Sanders represents a pure model of their alleged party dogma and rhetoric. If Sanders wins Michigan in a few hours (he won’t) and makes this competitive throughout the spring, you can bet the party cogs will be slashing Bernie’s tires or bad mouthing his fans at every turn.

    The GOP sinned by passively accepting their worst candidate, while the Democrats erred by actively working against their best one. Both wrong, but somehow, as per usual the last few decades, the Democrats seem to always use a higher caliber gun to shoot themselves in their already-wounded feet.

    • Robert

      I think that Bernie’s win in Michigan in 2016 was more pro-Bernie than anti-Billary, but I haven’t seen any numbers on that. It’s just a hunch. (Similarly, if Bernie actually ekes out a win in Michigan again this time — highly unlikely but not impossible — I think it will be more pro-Bernie than anti-Biden. It would even be possible, I suppose, that the voters of Michigan give Bernie a sympathy vote in order to try to keep his campaign alive.)

      I do believe that the post-South Carolina surge in support for Joe Biden is more anti-Bernie than it is pro-Biden, however. Look at the dogpile on Bernie that we’re seeing right now — Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, et. al., all establishmentarian swine trying to sink Bernie by supporting Biden. When Biden was languishing in the race it was A-OK with all of these people, who quite suddenly have found their “love” for Uncle Joe.

      Also, of course, these are just center-right political opportunists who think that Biden will win and that if they endorsed him, they may get a spot in his administration. So a sudden Bernie resurrection leading to his actually winning the nomination would be fucking hilarious; these sellouts’ support of Biden would get them no payoff.

      (Speaking of sellouts, the reason that the Democratic establishment loves identity politics over socioeconomics is that the Democratic Party’s corporate funders don’t really care about issues that don’t affect their profiteering. Gay marriage, for instance, doesn’t hurt anyone’s profits, so supporting gay marriage is OK. A living wage, however, for example, would cut into corporate profits, as would healthcare for all and environmental and consumer protections. That’s why Bernie, an actual populist, is unacceptable to these sellout “Democrats” who much prefer to keep us serfs distracted with identity-politics bullshit.)

      I don’t see Joe Biden beating “President” Pussygrabber, not when Biden struggles to complete a simple sentence. Yet supposedly, beating Pussygrabber is the No. 1 thing that those aboard the Biden bus care about. They are abject morons.

      If Biden is the nominee, I see him losing both the Electoral College and the popular vote in November. Even Billary managed to win the popular vote… (On that note, yes, I agree, the Electoral College needs to go.)

      But the establishment “Democrats” never admit their mistakes, such as how obvious a mistake it was to front the widely despised Billary Clinton in 2016 — and how they’re about to repeat that mistake by fronting the senile, out-of-touch Joe Biden. We’re all supposed to just pretend that there is nothing wrong with Biden’s brain, just as we all were supposed to just pretend that Billary was a likeable and exciting candidate who of course would beat Pussygrabber.

  2. Harry

    Solid points about the identify politics. I never thought about it in those terms, but you are correct.

    I guess I don’t understand the appeal of Biden if Mayor Pete was a more vital version of Uncle Joe, but with far superior debating skills. Biden will stumble during the debates. If they are forcing a centrist, corporate stooge at us, I think Pete would have had a fighting chance.

    The primary season is some kind of bipolar hunting season. A few weeks ago, Pete was in the driver’s seat due to Iowa. Then it was Bernie’s turn. Now, they’ve all but crowned Biden.

    In their efforts to make South Carolina into the grandest bell weather state, the Democratic pundits would not acknowledge that African-Americans would not vote for a gay candidate. Their solidarity with fellow minority groups is, literally, only skin deep.

    Trump was many things in 2015-16, but he did not appear to be brain damaged. As you said above, his panache at covering his mental limitations is more acute than Biden’s. There is no precedent for Americans voting for a senile Prez. Biden will be dogged with this all summer.

    I have followed you long enough to know you’ve been hope and changed out. If Biden’s the man, will you go third party or will you pray that Biden will overcome and simply work toward Trump’s removal as the lesser of two evils? Do you foresee a time in the future when Americans can actually vote for a candidate rather than series of lesser disasters?

    • Robert

      Biden has been the default presidential candidate, the veep of the last so-called Democratic president (who no longer has Queen Billary in his way). Biden harkens back to when the Dems last won the White House. That and the party establishment is unimaginative, out of ideas, too terrified to try anything new, and so protective of its power and privilege even to the point that it would rather that Biden lose to Pussygrabber than that Bernie beat Pussygrabber in November.

      On that note, yes, Biden’s dementia won’t go away and cannot be hidden, and you are correct, at least in the modern age of media, there is no precedent for a party establishment to knowingly put forward a presidential candidate with dementia.

      Yes, it is said that black voters are the heart or the backbone or some other vital body part of the Democratic Party, but so many of them are homophobic — which, like Biden’s dementia, we’re just supposed to pretend doesn’t exist because it is inconvenient and induces cognitive dissonance. So even while we preach about identity politics, we give the South a pass on homophobia (and instances of anti-white racism and black supremacism, subtle and not so subtle) and even pretty much allow the South to dictate the Democratic Party presidential nominee for the entire nation.

      I would/will not vote for Biden in November. He will/would win my state (California) and all of its electoral votes anyway. In a deep-blue or deep-red state, under the Electoral College, your vote essentially doesn’t matter. But even if the president were elected by popular vote, I cannot say that I could vote for Biden. Even if I agreed with his center-right politics — I do not — he is mentally unfit for the highest office of the land.

      Frankly, I am hoping that after all of the baby boomers (and those even more ancient) finally have died off, we will have general-election presidential candidates worthy of our votes. It will take the deaths of the old guard and of those who enable the old guard at the ballot box, probably, to produce any real, lasting change. (Maybe the coronavirus will rid us of the voters who have held all of us back for so long?)

      Whether we get Pussygrabber for a second time or we get President Biden as a President Do-Nothing Obama 2.0 — hell, even in the increasingly unlikely event of a President Sanders — we still have a lifetime of fighting to do.

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