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Bernie can’t win — even when he wins (except, of course, that he IS winning)

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Most successful, lasting revolutions were years in the making. Bernie Sanders never said that his — our — “revolution” would be quick or easy; quite the opposite.

The corporately owned and controlled mass media are incredibly fucking predictable.

While The Associated Press hasn’t even called Iowa more than a week later because the Iowa caucuses once again were FUBAR (the head of the state’s Democratic Party is resigning), we know that Bernie Sanders won New Hampshire yesterday.

No, it wasn’t by a huge margin, but it was a win.

But a win is not a win if you are Bernie Sanders.

“Bernie Sanders’s ‘revolution’ may not materialize after narrow New Hampshire primary win,” The Washington Post proclaimed. Not to be outdone, “Sanders ekes one out, but the revolution has yet to arrive,” Politico so helpfully “informs” us.

Um, I’ve been following Bernie Sanders since at least 2015. I’ve given him hundreds of dollars from 2015 to the present and have read (and written) about him extensively, as well as have consumed countless hours of video of and about him. I stood in line for at least two hours to see and hear him speak at one of his big (redundant…) rallies. He never promised a quick and easy “revolution.” He’s always been clear that regime change, so to speak, takes years, years of persistence and hard work.

The corrupt, ultimately treasonous individuals who have power now aren’t just going to hand it over. We, the people, have to take it from them — bloodlessly, hopefully.

Bernie never proclaimed that if he simply won Iowa and New Hampshire in 2020, the “revolution” would be a fait accompli.

Indeed, even just getting Bernie’s septuagenarian ass into the big chair behind the big desk in the Oval Office — a huge undertaking in and of itself, which ostensibly began in 2015 but which actually began decades before even then — would be only the beginning of the long battle for the reclamation of the United States of America for us, the people.

As long as the corporate whores in Congress and elsewhere in D.C. and elsewhere within the power-elite power system keep selling out us, the people, for their own personal and political gain, we have fights to pick and wars to wage.

And even should we arrive at the promised land, we will have to fight to keep it.

But it’s no shock that those who benefit from the sociopoliticoeconomic status quo — even just the toadies of the corporately owned and controlled mass media who love their positions of privilege that our plutocratic overlords keep them in, since they do our plutocratic overlords’ propagandist bidding — keep trying to shoot down Bernie Sanders.

But we, the people, are voting, and thus far the plurality of us are voting for Bernie Sanders.

That the status-quo weasels won’t stop taking shots at Bernie despite how well he’s doing in the race to the nomination shows how out of touch they are with the common people.

Here is a graph (from Wikipedia) of the current nationwide polling of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters:

That downward-plunging navy blue line? That’s Joe Biden, who now is polling around 20 percent nationally. That upward-surging green line? That’s Bernie, who’s now No. 1 nationally, polling around 23 percent.

That downward-plunging red line is faux progressive Elizabeth Warren, who was supposed to fool Bernie’s supporters into following her sorry, former-Repugnican ass instead of following him, but she’s now languishing in fourth place nationally, at around 13 percent. (But she’s doing better than Boy Scout Pete, who, despite coming in the top two in Iowa and New Hampshire, is in fifth place nationally, with around only 10 percent. [He’s represented in the graph above by the goldenrod line.])

That upward-surging purple line represents former Repugnican billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who nationally is now at No. 3, with around 14 percent.

Joe Biden was supposed to win this thing, remember? But if not Joe, then, well, bait-and-switch Warren.

But now that both Biden and Warren are tanking, the centrist Democrats in name only apparently actually are eyeing Bloomberg to be their savior. How fucking desperate is that — we’ll just put another egotistical plutocrat up against egotistical plutocrat “President” Pussygrabber?

A huge part of what’s at stake here is our overlords’ ability to continue to keep us serfs at bay. For decades now they’ve shoved their “pragmatic,” “sensible” candidates, like Billary (and then Biden), down our throats, and of course they weren’t about to allow Barack Obama to materialize any of that change that he promised ubiquitously, even if he truly had intended to deliver it (I have my severe doubts that he ever had intended to do any hard work, but that he just said anything in order to win the 2008 presidential election).

But now, we, the people, despite the self-serving, double-dealing establishment’s unrelenting attacks on Bernie Sanders, are picking Bernie Sanders — at least a plurality of us thus far are doing so.

In fact, the more that Bernie is attacked, the more he surges in the polls — and the more he rakes in the donations and the votes. Attacking the only good guy in the race only makes the rot — and the U.S. is seriously rotting from within — even more obvious.

The corporate whores of the corporately owned and controlled mass media may say whatever they please; we, the people, are seeing and thus are saying something else entirely.

Prediction market PredictIt.org right now has Bernie winning the next state, Nevada, and then even the next state after that, South Carolina. Joe Biden was supposed to win South Carolina hands down, remember?

PredictIt.org also has Bernie winning California and Texas on Super Tuesday (as well as Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, etc.).

Fact is, while the establishment is telling us that Bernie can’t win, Bernie is going to win most of the 50 states this time around, and, again, the more that our corporate overlords and their corporation-loving quislings attack Bernie, the stronger he becomes.

But, again, Rome was not built in a day; the work of Bernie’s — our — “revolution” will continue past his death, whether he ever becomes president or not.

But when the American people finally stop voting for the pro-corporate, pro-plutocratic candidates we’re told we have to vote for — lest we bring ruin upon ourselves (when the exact opposite would happen were we to firmly and consistently reject the never-ending conga line of sellout candidates and settle only for non-treasonous, democracy-loving, populist-in-the-good-way candidates like Bernie Sanders) — the “revolution” has begun.

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