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The treasonous chickenhawks must be made to actually suffer this time

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“President” Bone Spurs cavalierly will start a war (without the constitutionally required approval of Congress) in which he will lose nothing — but possibly will gain “re”-election. Not that that is treason or anything.

The Washington Post reports today:

Baghdad — Iraq’s prime minister urged parliament [today] to take “urgent measures” to force the withdrawal of foreign forces following a U.S. drone strike that killed a senior Iranian commander and key Iraqi militia leader in Baghdad last week.

In an address to the legislature, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi recommended that the government establish a timetable for the departure of foreign troops, including the members of the U.S.-led coalition to fight the Islamic State, “for the sake of our national sovereignty.”

“What happened was a political assassination,” Abdul Mahdi said of the U.S. strike that targeted Iran’s elite Quds Force commander, Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, as he traveled in a convoy near the Baghdad airport.

Lawmakers responded by passing a nonbinding resolution calling on the government to end the foreign troop presence in Iraq. The United States and Iraq cooperate under a strategic framework agreement whose cancellation requires binding legislation. Iraq’s caretaker government is not legally authorized to sign such a law, Iraqi legal experts said.

The vote [today] did not immediately imperil the U.S. presence in Iraq, but highlighted the headwinds the Trump administration faces after the strikes, which were seen in Iraq as a violation of sovereignty and as a dangerous escalation by governments across the Middle East. …

Indeed, were it not for its oil resources, the elites of the U.S. would ignore Iraq just as they ignore all other nations from which they want nothing. And just as Americans would not be OK with two other foreign nations fighting their proxy wars on American soil, Iraq should be left the fuck alone; troops from any foreign nation don’t fucking belong there unless they are invited there and asked to remain by a true majority of the nation’s people.

And of course “President” Pussygrabber and his band of fellow treasonous mobsters only have politically calculated that a skirmish or even a full-blown war with Iran would bolster Pussygrabber’s chances of “re”-election in November 2020, just as “President” George W. Bush — who, just like Pussygrabber, also lost the popular vote and thus never legitimately was democratically elected as president — launched the Vietraq War in March 2003 in order to bolster his own chances of being “re”-elected in November 2004.

Apparently the road to an unelected “president” being “elected” again runs right through Iraq.

The anti-Vietraq-War protests (in which I participated) were not enough; they were way too peaceful. They did not strike fear into the cold, dead hearts of the chickenhawk traitors in D.C. who so glibly take us to war, always based upon their treasonous lies, knowing that their precious children won’t be the ones to fight the war that they have started — and that they very most likely won’t suffer the fate that a traitor should face, which is execution.*

I mean, you won’t see Ivanka or Eric or Pussygrabber Jr. going to fight in Iraq, that’s for fucking sure. (I leave out Barron not because he isn’t fair game, but because he’s too young to ship off to Iraq, and I feel a bit sorry for the perpetually ignored Tiffany, so I won’t drag her into this. [But you won’t see her going off to Iraq, either, of course…])

What Pussygrabber did — unilaterally take out one Iranian military official for one dead American contractor, thus risking another world war (a world war started for less) — warrants his removal from office.

Of course, he should have been removed from office already, and would have been were it not for his treasonous enablers within the Repugnican Party, which stands for nothing honorable or even just plain fucking decent.

*Yes, if in your official capacity you tell lies that result in the deaths of thousands of U.S. troops for nothing — and cause tens of thousands of civilian deaths — you should be executed just as you would have been executed at Nuremberg for your war crimes.

I generally am against the death penalty, but for war crimes and other crimes against humanity? You deserve to die. Maybe, then, the next despot will fucking think twice before abysmally abusing his or her power.

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