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We ‘cool kids’ don’t hate Liz; we want an anti-capitalist in the White House

Elizabeth Warren has all the plans.

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We “cool kids of the left” — we who have no problem calling ourselves democratic socialists — don’t despise Elizabeth Warren, who still calls herself a capitalist. We just don’t trust her to usher in nearly the amount of change necessary to reverse the severe damage that our sociopathic, psychopathic socioeconomic system has been wreaking upon us at home and abroad for the past many decades.

“How the Cool Kids of the Left Turned on Elizabeth Warren” is the title of a Politico hit piece stirring up conflict, since that’s what generates clicks and thus ad revenue.

“The socialists of Jacobin magazine used to treat her like a promising alternative to Bernie Sanders. Now they write as if she’s almost as bad as Joe Biden. What gives?” is the totally non-inflammatory, neutral tagline just under the headline.

For the record, I subscribe to Jacobin. As I’m in my 50s, I don’t consider myself to be a “cool kid of the left,” and, of course, the term “cool kid” is meant to indicate someone who doesn’t really believe what he or she says he or she believes, but just wants to appear to others to be “cool.” It’s entirely dismissive, of course, as is indicating, falsely, that everyone who is not big on Warren is a “kid” — inexperienced and ignorant and immature and unrealistic.

So the Politico hit piece starts out against those who support Bernie Sanders, not exactly a big shock among the corporately owned and controlled mass media that want that gravy train to keep chugging along, no matter what it does to the rest of us (and even to the planet itself).

I don’t know any “cool kid of the left” who thinks that Elizabeth Warren is as bad as is Joe Biden, who, not only being a corporate whore, now has taken to challenging other old men to tests of physical strength, which is beyond pathetic and is yet another symptom of his fast cognitive decline and how utterly stuck he is in the patriarchal past, yet he remains at No. 1 in nationwide polling.

On that note, it is coming down to the wire — the Iowa caucuses are in 57 days (but who’s counting?) — and it’s time to get serious. Most of the so-called Democratic presidential candidates in this contest are going to have to be knocked out.

As I’ve noted, right now it’s Push-ups Biden at No. 1 and it’s Bernie at No. 2 and Liz at No. 3 in the nationwide polling — their nationwide polling averages (per Real Clear Politics) right now are at 27.8 percent, 15.5 percent and 14.2 percent, respectively.

There is no longer any room for Warren in a Democratic presidential contest that mirrors the 2016 contest — the Democratic Party hack who is an awful campaigner and whose please-the-corporations-yet-still-promise-“hope”-and-“change”-to-the-masses “platform” is utter bullshit vs. Bernie Sanders, who, although he has been slammed as not being a “real” Democratic, paradoxically is the only true Democrat, the only true progressive, in the race.

On that note, Warren, as I have noted a million times, was a Repugnican right up through the mid-90s, and she still calls herself a capitalist.

Of course those of us who have socialist leanings aren’t big on capitalist Warren. She won’t repudiate the exploitative socioeconomic system that has not only harmed, but that has killed, millions upon millions of people not only here at home but all over the world and that is making the planet itself more and more inhabitable for all forms of life.

Warren says that this psychopathic, sociopathic economic system can be reformed. No, a sociopath or a psychopath very most often cannot be reformed.

We “cool kids of the left” cannot trust Warren to make the sweeping changes that need to be made after decades of capitalist destruction at home and abroad. We can trust her only to cave in to our capitalist overlords, as have all past “Democratic” presidents during my lifetime, at least.

And at least I personally am not pleased that although party hack Warren didn’t dare to step on Queen Billary’s cape and run for president in 2016, Warren runs now, which is only fucking things up for actual Democrat Bernie Sanders. Her political timing is for shit.

So no, I don’t support Warren for president. She had her chance in 2016 but politically calculated that she’d wait. She cared more about how the Democratic establishment thought of her and how they might retaliate against her than she cared about anyone or anything else, and she hasn’t done or said anything since that indicates that she has changed.

Bernie, on the other hand, to a large degree simply doesn’t care what the Democratic Party hacks think of him. The Democratic establishment fucked him over royally in 2016 and he reacted by pushing — successfully — to change the party rules that so unfairly benefited Billary.

Bernie fought the Democratic establishment and won; Warren, on the other hand, simply caves in like a “good” “Democrat” “should.”

All of this is a no-duh no-brainer.

So we “cool kids on the left” don’t, I’d say, hate Elizabeth Warren. We’re just paying attention, and we are going with the presidential candidate whose history has demonstrated that he or she is the candidate most likely to actually fight for our best interests — instead of for the corporations’ best interests — should he or she sit behind that big desk in the Oval Office.

No, Elizabeth Warren apparently is not as bad as is Queen Billary or Push-ups Biden. (I mean, all that we have right now are her campaign promises; we don’t know if she’d be yet another huge disappointment like Barack Obama was were she to win the White House.)

But we “cool kids of the left” do know, for all of our supposed ignorance and vanity, that Warren isn’t close enough to being like Bernie Sanders.

Nor, given her comparatively short history of espousing progressivism — and her lingering cowardly defense of capitalism — do we have any good reason to believe that Warren is interchangeable with Bernie.

And only one candidate can win the presidential nomination, so yes, this might get a little messy — as it should.

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