Bernie Sanders is now No. 2 nationally

In this case, No. 2 is pretty good.

Although the corporately owned and controlled “news” media often don’t even mention him at all, Bernie Sanders is at second place for the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination in nationwide polls.

Real Clear Politics’ nationwide polling averages right now have Joe Biden at No. 1 with 27 percent, Bernie at No. 2 with 18.3 percent, Elizabeth Warren at No. 3 with 15.8 percent, and Pete Buttigieg at No. 4 with 11 percent. (At a distant No. 5 is the toasty Kamala Harris, with only 3.8 percent.)

Of course, it’s the early-voting states that are going to decide this thing, most likely.

RCP’s average of the polls of first-to-vote Iowa puts Buttigieg at No. 1, with 24 percent, Bernie at No. 2, with 18.3 percent, Warren at No. 3, with 17.7 percent, and Biden at No. 4, with 16.3 percent. (No other candidate breaks double digits in RCP’s average of the Iowa polls.)

RCP’s average of the polls of second-voting New Hampshire puts Buttigieg at No. 1, with 20 percent, Bernie at No. 2, with 17 percent, Warren at No. 3, with 14.3 percent, and Biden at No. 4, with 13.7 percent. (And again, no other candidate breaks double digit in RCP’s average of the New Hampshire polls.)

My analysis is that Boy Scout Pete has peaked, and that once caucusing and voting actually begin, and it becomes very real to the caucus-goers and voters that a Buttigieg nomination would mean putting the milquetoast mayor of a medium-sized city up against “President” Pussygrabber, Pete will plummet, a la Howard Dean, who was “supposed” to win Iowa in January 2004, but who instead imploded spectacularly as John Kerry came from behind and won both Iowa and New Hampshire, and then most of the following states fell to Kerry like fucking dominoes.

Once the probable Pete Buttigieg implosion happens, who’s at No. 2 in both Iowa and New Hampshire right now? Uncle Bernie.

Hopefully, Elizabeth Warren will continue her downward trajectory. She’s only splitting the progressive vote when she still calls herself a capitalist (capitalism can be reformed, she says quite incorrectly) and when she was a Repugnican as late as the mid-1990s — and thus she hardly is a time-tested progressive.

Hopefully, the progressive caucus-goers and voters will realize that they need to rally behind one, true, time-tested progressive, and of course that only could be Bernie.

And Uncle Joe… If he doesn’t place in the top three in Iowa or in New Hampshire, I don’t give a flying fuck what his center-right sycophants say: It will be all over for him except for the crying; no, backasswards South Carolina, which is the fourth state to vote (on February 29, which is some time after Iowa caucuses on February 3 and New Hampshire votes on February 11), will not save him.*

Of course, since Biden lost the nomination in both 1988 and in 2008, I expect him to lose the nominatoin again. He doesn’t learn. At least we finally should be rid of him within a few months.

Finally, Morning Consult also currently shows Bernie at No. 2 nationally and at No. 2 in the early-voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

Nationally Morning Consult puts Biden at 30 percent and Bernie at 21 percent, and in the four early states it puts Biden at 26 percent and Bernie at 23 percent — but again, Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada all come before South Carolina; a win for Bernie in Iowa could mean a win for him in New Hampshire, and then a win for him in Nevada, and then…

In a nutshell, Bernie very well could win this thing.

The corporately owned and controlled media won’t tell you that because, well, they’re corporately owned and controlled; best for them and their continued support for corporate pillaging and plundering to pretend that the democratic socialist candidate has no chance at all.

Again, though, perhaps there is a silver lining in the corporately owned and controlled media to such a degree ignoring Bernie: If you are ignored, then you’re not considered to be a threat, and if you’re not considered to be a threat, then you aren’t attacked mercilessly.

The attention that she garnered made Warren a target, and now she has sunk in the polls. And now it’s Petey Boy’s turn.

Waiting in the wings is Bernie Sanders.

*No, I haven’t forgotten the third voting state, Nevada, which caucuses on February 22. I believe that the winners of Iowa and New Hampshire will have a huge effect on how Nevadans caucus.

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