Give the egomaniacal late-comers the cold shoulder that they deserve

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Deval Patrick, left, and Michael Bloomberg, right, actually think that we want them now, with less than three months before the Iowa caucuses.

As I have noted, the 2020 Democratic Party presidential field already is too large, yet now we have billionaire Michael Bloomberg and corporate whore Deval Patrick entering the race when the Iowa caucuses are less than three months away, each apparently believing that he has That Special Something possessed by none of the other candidates who already have been campaigning their hearts out for months.

With Julian Castro’s impending implosion — he didn’t qualify for this month’s debate, so say sayonara to him* — and now the entry of Bloomberg and Patrick, we have taken one step forward and two steps back.

Why Bloomberg believes that the billionaire lane is untaken when his fellow billionaire Tom Steyer is languishing in the polls (he’s at 1 percent nationwide) eludes me (except, I suppose, that Bloomberg has held elected office [well, he bought it, but nevermind…]).

Why Patrick is running is, I think, fairly obvious: I think he didn’t run initially because he’d thought that the black lane, already occupied by Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, was too crowded.

But because Harris and Booker are languishing in the polls (at about 5 percent and 2 percent nationally, respectively), I surmise, Patrick believes that he could have done — and still could do — better than either of those two.

I disagree. The Democratic presidential caucus and primary voters actually aren’t hankering for yet another corporate whore trying to leverage identity politics to get into the Oval Office. (Yes, as I’ve noted, after Patrick left his job as governor of Massachusetts in January 2015, he joined Repugnican Mittens Romney’s Bain Capital, where he was employed until yesterday.)

And the percentage of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters polled nationwide who remain undecided is only around 8 percent, per Real Clear Politics, so no, it’s not like the voters are very unhappy with their current choices; most of them have found a candidate they like.

I don’t see Patrick or Bloomberg qualifying for any of the debates that will be held between now and the Iowa caucuses, and, as others have pointed out, the lion’s share of talented consultants and staffers of course already have been employed by the campaigns that have been going on for months.

And while Bloomberg has plenty of his own money, as he demonstrated when he bought the mayorship of New York City, what about Patrick? The New York Times notes that “He will start with zero campaign cash.”

And both Patrick and Bloomberg initially were going to run, then decided not to run, and now have decided to run after all. If decisiveness is something that we want in our president, as well as the possession of good timing, then neither Bloomberg nor Patrick is our candidate.

I personally am put off by someone thinking that he or she is so fucking great that he or she is entering the race now. It shows, I think, a huge amount of egomania and utter disrespect for the process (which is that you actually fucking campaign).

The voters should give these egomaniacal late-comers the cold shoulder that they so deserve.

*The 10 who are scheduled to appear on Wednesday’s debate stage in Atlanta are Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Tulsi Gabbard, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang.

Beto O’Rourke and Castro are the only two who appeared in last month’s debate who won’t appear in this month’s, O’Rourke because he dropped out (knowing that he wouldn’t qualify for this month’s debate, apparently) and Castro because he didn’t meet the polling and fundraising benchmarks for this month’s debate.

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