Bernie is hanging tough

This recent campaign video inspires me, and I am not easy to inspire.

Bernie Sanders still remains in the top three in the contest to become the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nominee. Bernie, along with Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden, are the only contenders who poll in the double digits in the averages of nationwide polling.

Bernie’s current average nationwide polling of 15 percent is where he has been before in this presidential primary cycle, so it’s difficult to say how much his heart attack earlier this month might have put a dent in his polling.

My feeling is that we die-hard Berners are sticking with him as long as he’s able to walk and talk, whereas those who have abandoned him over a treatable — and treated — medical event had had only soft support for him anyway.

That Bernie’s next-closest competitor, Boy Scout Pete Buttigieg, is a full 10 percentage points away from Bernie, polling nationally at only at 5 percent on average, demonstrates to me that Bernie remains in the top tier.

I remember when my chosen candidate, John Kerry, rose from the dead in early 2004 when he quite unexpectedly won the Iowa caucuses — the polls had left him for dead — and then he kept on winning, wrapping the whole thing up not long after he won the New Hampshire primary. (Pseudo-progressive Howard Dean had been doing the best in the polling and was widely expected to win the nomination, but instead, he infamously imploded in the snows of Iowa.)

True, Kerry was and is much more establishmentarian than is Bernie, but still, Kerry’s come-from-behind win is an example of how a presidential primary race can change radically, beginning with the Iowa caucuses. Anything can happen, which can delight you or deject you.

Could I vote for Joe Biden in November 2020? No, I could not vote for a Repugnican Lite, and I wouldn’t have to — I live in California, where it is a foregone conclusion that the Democratic Party presidential candidate, whoever it is, will win the most votes in the state and thus will take all of California’s 55 electoral votes, the highest electoral prize in the nation.

We progressives who don’t vote for a DINO hack for president are lectured to by morons who don’t know Civics 101 and apparently believe that the president is elected by the popular vote, in which, indeed, you can argue that every vote matters. The Electoral College is way too complicated for these smug, ignorant finger-waggers to understand.

(In a nutshell: If you live in a deep-blue state, as I do, your vote for president pretty much doesn’t matter; the Democratic presidential candidate very probably is going to win your entire state in the only presidential contest that counts, the Electoral College. Ditto if you live in a deep-red state — the Repugnican presidential candidate very probably is going to win your entire state and thus all of its electoral votes. If you live in a light-blue, light-red [pink] or purple state, then your vote for president matters more in terms of the actual outcome.)

Could I vote for Elizabeth Warren in 2020? Maybe. I’m not sure yet. I lean toward not being able to vote for her, because I easily can see her doing The Obama Maneuver — campaign as a progressive but then govern as a status-quo-preserving centrist — but we’ll see.

I am troubled that Warren has shown such fealty to the party establishment, and it blows my mind that she apparently believes that capitalism can be reformed (she is terrified of the “socialist” label, just as she was too terrified to challenge Billary Clinton in 2016), and, as I have noted a million times, she was a Repugnican as late as the 1990s, so I don’t think that it’s unfair to point out that she’s relatively new to the whole progressivism thing, which Bernie has been with his entire fucking life.

On that note, should Bernie go “negative” against Warren? No, if “negative” means mean and nasty (which isn’t his style anyway) — but it’s entirely fair game for Bernie to point out Warren’s weaknesses and the differences between them, such as I just mentioned in the last paragraph. If Warren is going to co-opt Bernie’s message, as she has, then it’s fine for Bernie to point out that compared to him, Warren is some weak tea.

Tuesday’s fourth Democratic Party presidential debate in Ohio might be a turning point for Bernie, post-heart attack. Because 12 candidates have qualified for the debate and the debate won’t be split over two nights, as were the June and July debates — even the Repugnicans’ largest primary debate in the 2016 cycle, widely known as a “clown-car” debate, had “only” 11 candidates — probably all that Bernie will have time to do is demonstrate that his health is OK, that he still has many miles left on his odometer.

In the worst-case scenario, at what point should Bernie drop out of the race if he’s tanking? I don’t think that he’ll tank — probably only a severe, seriously debilitating medical event could derail his campaign entirely — but I think that given his strong, committed base of supporters, he most likely will remain in the double digits in the nationwide polling, and, off of the top of my head, I’d say that as long as he were among the top three winners in Iowa and among the top three winners in New Hampshire in early February, he should continue to campaign at least through Super Tuesday on March 3.

But hopefully, Bernie will pull a Kerry — win Iowa, and thus watch the majority of the rest of the states fall to him like dominoes.

We’ll see.

P.S. The conflict-mongering corporately owned and controlled “news” media of course are going to call any actual campaigning that Bernie does — you know, distinguishing himself from his rivals — as “negative” “attacks,” but that’s how the corporate whores of the media have treated Bernie all along anyway. As president he might threaten their privileged positions, so they must do their best to make sure that he doesn’t become president.

On that note, I love this viral video, which interposes corporate media whores’ smug and glib, self-serving lies about how Bernie appears in pubic with actual footage of how Bernie actually appears in public:

True, “President” Pussygrabber whines incessantly about being “mistreated” by the media, and he’s full of shit — if anything, the media is way too kind to him, given his high crimes against the nation and its Constitution — but not all whining about media mistreatment is unfounded, especially realizing that our mass media are corporately owned and controlled, and thus of course are quite unlikely to tolerate an anti-corporatist who wants to be president of the United States of America.

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