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Rampant identity politics ensures that we don’t solve our worst problems

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“President” Pussygrabber — who recently tweeted that the four members of “the squad” “originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe” when only one of them was born abroad (is Pussygrabber calling the United States’ government “a complete and total catastrophe?”) — is succeeding in distracting us plebs with his awful fiddling while he burns the empire down.

“With a tweeted attack on four minority congresswomen this week, President Trump made clear that his reelection campaign will feature the same explosive mix of white grievance and anti-immigrant nativism that helped elect him,” wrote The Washington Post’s Michael Scherer in an analysis/commentary.

He continued: “Trump’s combustible formula of white identity politics already has reshaped the Republican Party, sidelining, silencing or converting nearly anyone who dares to challenge the racial insensitivity of his utterances. It also has pushed Democratic presidential candidates sharply to the left on issues such as immigration and civil rights, as they respond to the liberal backlash against him. …”

I won’t get into a discussion of which came first, the chicken or the egg — or, perhaps more accurately, of who started it — and I won’t assert that Democrats and others who don’t identify as Repugnicans (or even self-identified Repugnicans) simply should ignore the racism, xenophobia, misogyny and patriarchy, homophobia, etc., etc., of the right.

But I will point out that while we commoners are bogged down fighting over “President” Pussygrabber’s latest incendiary, divisive tweet, our largest problems — such as runaway climate change and insane, unsustainable income inequality — are only getting even larger.

I abhor the “both sides are equally guilty” “argument.” Both sides are not equally guilty, but, again, we are mired in playground-level fights while our world (sometimes literally) burns around us.

One thing that both sides (both party establishments, anyway) could be accused of is stoking conflict in areas that allow our corporate overlords to continue to rob us blind while we’re distracted.

Our corporate overlords for the most part don’t mind if we, the people-peons, are bickering over such matters as abortion, guns, gays, religion and race, since those fights at least keep us distracted from what the corporations are doing to us: despoiling our planet; robbing us of the wealth that rightfully is ours, not theirs; and even literally killing us, such as through making medical care and other necessities (food, shelter, etc.) too expensive and thus unobtainable for us and by poisoning our environment in their insatiable quest for ever-increasing profits, causing such maladies as cancer and chronic respiratory diseases.

If you want to know whether or not a Democrat is a true progressive, look to see whether or not he or she directly attacks corporations. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren do — routinely. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden don’t. Like our Repugnican friends, the likes of Biden and Harris (and yes, even button-nosed Boy Scout Pete Buttigieg) would rather have us focus on things that our corporate overlords don’t find threatening to their continued death grip on us.

(Issues that threaten rampant corporate profiteering, of course, include doing something substantive about climate change, ensuring that all who need medical care can get it — and that they won’t go bankrupt if they can’t afford it — ensuring quality, affordable housing, and ensuring that good students can get a low-cost to even free higher education without being wage slaves to student loan sharks their entire adult lives.)

It’s a simple litmus test: Does this “Democrat” fight for the people or for the corporations? Does this “Democrat” encourage us to fight for better lives — or only lecture on us what we “can’t” do, lecturing us to be “realistic,” since that’s what their corporate sugar daddies much prefer?

Look at who gives this candidate money and how much money. How does this candidate campaign? Does he or she wish to attract small, individual donors — or big corporate donors? How much does this candidate talk about corporate abuses? How much does this candidate instead talk about identity politics, which probably is the No. 1 distraction from our largest, most threatening problems?

It’s easy to see whom a candidate serves and if elected would serve. Just open your eyes and look at his or her record and at what he or she is doing and saying right now.

Pete Buttigieg is a great example. Apparently I’m just supposed to cream my jeans because he’s a gay white man like I am. This apparently is supposed to be enough for me as a voter.

But I’m quite put off by Buttigieg’s centrist, pro-corporate stances; he fails my most critical litmus tests. For instance, CNN reported recently:

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg weighed in on his opponents’ plans to implement “Medicare for All” and free college tuition, calling them “questionable on their merits” and “pretty far out from where Americans are.”

“I do think that we should be realistic about what’s going to work. And just flipping a switch and saying we’re instantly going to have everybody on Medicare just like that — isn’t realistic,” the South Bend, Indiana, mayor said in an interview with CNN’s David Axelrod. …

You’ve lost me, Pete — probably for good.

No one ever fucking said anything about “just flipping a switch” and magically making something stupendous happen. (Gee, is that what a Rhodes scholar does? “Beats” you in a debate by asserting that you asserted something that you never fucking asserted?)

But if you, as a leader, don’t even bother to set an ambitious goal, you’ll never fucking get us anywhere near there; you’ll have all of us remain mired in the daily slog that benefits only our corporate overlords whom Buttigieg and his ilk aim to plea$e.

We actual progressives who (pretty much by definition…) aren’t from Hickville, Indiana, don’t need punk-ass brainiac Mayor Pete lecturing us on being “realistic.” Also, despite Petey’s claim that he knows what Americans want and don’t want, a clear majority of polls show that a clear majority of Americans support universal health care, with polls about free college and/or university tuition being more mixed.

(I’d argue that universal health care is much more popular because it’s much more life-and-death than is higher education, and also, those who never intend to attend college because they’ve already done so or because they’re not big on higher education [or for whatever reason or reasons] probably don’t support low-cost or free college or university tuition because they don’t see that they’d ever benefit from it. You never know, however, when you might be in dire need of medical care.)

One of the many problems that I’ve had with the Clintons is that their political incubator was Arkansas, for fuck’s sake, and so they — the Clintons and the Clintonian “Democrats” — have sought to force-feed us only what can succeed for Democratic politicos in such places as Arkansas.

Indiana is no more than a notch better than Arkansas. These red-state “Democrats” sorely need to stop telling us actual Democrats, us true progressives, that we need to be ineffectual cowards and corporate whores like they are.

Just as I won’t vote for Pete Buttigieg because he’s not a progressive and because a Buttigieg presidency very apparently only would continue the status quo — and because smashing the status quo is far more important than is our shared race and our shared sexual orientation — voting for Kamala Harris primarily or even solely because she’s black (and/or because she is a woman) would be a mistake.

Black Americans would be able to point to the nation’s second black and first black female president, but with President Harris that would be all that they would get, just as their lot barely budged, if it budged at all, under the centrist, pro-status-quo, pro-corporate Obama. And with Harris those of us who aren’t black would get our first female president, but ditto: that would be all that we would get.

All of that said, “President” Pussygrabber is a racist. There is nothing to argue about. I might say that his recent comments about “the squad”proclaiming via the juvenile’s platform of Twitter that these four women elected to Congress in November 2018, “who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe” (um, three of them were born in the United States) should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came” — technically are more xenophobic and nationalist than they technically are racist, but no one with two brain cells to rub together denies that Pussygrabber is a white supremacist.*

I mean, first and foremost, Pussygrabber, who acts like he’s a bad-ass but who has the fragile ego of a spoiled little girl, expects us to bow down to him like the unelected, illegitimate little orange Caligula that he is, and while he clearly would prefer blindly obedient followers of the Northern European persuasion than of any other kind, he’d give you some degree of acceptance if you just kissed his ring like a “good” American “subject” “should.”

Why are the Repugnicans so silent about Pussygrabber being such a jaw-droppingly appallingly shitty “president”? Aside from fearing that the vengeful little cunt might come after them next, those who are Repugnican because they’re filthy rich love the fact that under Pussygrabber they’re getting even richer while the rest of us are getting only poorer. They have a great gig and they don’t intend to blow it.

And, of course, non-rich Repugnicans respond well to Pussygrabber’s fascist words and deeds — including his racism, white supremacism and nationalism and xenophobia — because they’re fucking fascists, too.

There aren’t enough of the rich and super-rich to keep a political party afloat, so the Repugnican Party has to feed enough red meat to these modern-day Nazi Germans who are so fucktarded that they don’t even know how to fucking vote in their own fucking best interests. History repeats itself.

But, again, if we get caught in the weeds, dissecting and talking incessantly about “President” Pussygrabber’s latest offensive tweet — I find it mind-blowing that after all that he has said and done and neglected to say and do as “president,” the “Democrats” in the U.S. House of Representatives thus far have talked seriously only about passing a resolution denouncing Pussygrabber’s latest “racist” tweet (yet another example of how the Democratic Party establishment wants us commoners to be in the grip of identity politics, just like the Repugnican Party establishment does, so that we don’t rise up and overthrow our corporate overlords) — the outcome will be predictable: a continued worsening of the United States of America, which is fast becoming the shithole to which Pussygrabber says others should return.

P.S. Full disclosure: I support the members of “the squad,” whom I see as an injection of fresh blood into our calcified political system, which sorely needs the youth, vision, fresher perspective and diversity that “the squad” gives it. It’s not a democracy if it’s not representative of all of the people, and the members of “the squad” are more representative of the people than are the plethora of white men whom we see in D.C.

I have given Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib donations, and just gave Ayanna Pressley a donation. (I hadn’t given her one before because news coverage of her had been much less than for the other three; of the four, I’d say that Ocasio-Cortez and Omar have been the most visible [and thus the most excoriated by the neo-Nazis].)

The intent in attacking “the squad,” of course, is to try to push them out of office via harassment and intimidation — and to dissuade like-minded others from even thinking about running for office. How dare someone go to D.C. with the idea of disempowering the powers that be and empowering the powerless?

Clearly “the squad” is doing something right, or the neo-Nazis wouldn’t be reacting to them like vampires after you’ve just opened the drapes during the daytime.

*It is telling, of course, that if you are not white (of Northern European descent) and are not on his team, Pussygrabber would claim that you came here from another country even though you were fucking born on U.S. soil.

This demonstrates not only Pussygrabber’s total disregard for facts and truth, his declination to even bother to research someone’s biography before he, as “president,” viciously attacks him or her on his little instant-social-media national platform like the little mean girl that he is, but it demonstrates Pussygrabber’s mindset, which reminds me of that of a drunken, brain-damaged monkey: clearly, Pussygrabber’s own personal definition of an “American” is, first and foremost, white, and second, someone who is in total agreement with his unacceptable bullshit.

My definition of an “American” is anyone who has U.S. citizenship, regardless of how he or she (OK, or “they”) obtained it, via birth or via naturalization. My definition of “American” does not make race or national origin — or even one’s political orientation — a factor at all.

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