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Oh, Pussygrabber WILL leave office

Donald J. Trump
Reuters news photo

It rather blows my mind that some are positing that “President” Pussygrabber might refuse to leave the White House if he loses the 2020 presidential election (most likely falsely-of-course claiming that the election was “rigged”) — or even after his eight years are up, should he “win” “re”-election in 2020.

No, the illegitimate “President” Pussygrabber will leave the White House when the Constitution mandates that he does so.

Pussygrabber has given the won’t-leavers plenty to work with, of course, from “joking” that he should be “president for life” to “joking” that he should get two more years added to his time in the White House because the investigation for the Mueller report took two years (he actually called this “reparations”) to proclaiming that his mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, “MAGA”-cap wearing supporters might demand that he remain as “president” even after his eight years are up.

Do I believe that Pussygrabber is joking? No, to be safe, I presume that he is being dead serious.

What I think he is doing is testing the waters. This is part of his M.O.: He’ll put something insane even for him out there to see how it’s received. If there is enough outcry and backlash, he will back off. (Pussygrabber acts like he’s a bad ass, but he does respond to pushback.)

The thing is, someone with Pussygrabber’s low approval rating — he averages in the low 40s — can’t expect to be able to flout the Constitution by attempting to stay on longer that he constitutionally may. Those of us Americans who despise him significantly outnumber those so-called Americans who adore his pathetic, treasonous, fascistic orange ass.

I myself would join the angry mob to ensure that Pussygrabber leaves the Oval Office when he constitutionally must. We’d employ a lot more than torches and pitchforks, too.

That’s not an empty threat.

That’s the feedback that “President” Pussygrabber needs to have when he floats the idea of staying in power longer than the U.S. Constitution allows. The piece of shit needs to know that we, the people, will ensure however we must — that he leaves when the Constitution says he must.

Pussygrabber lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes and therefore is fucking lucky to have the job that he has now; his talk of extending his time in power only further shows how deranged and power-hungry he is.

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