Joe Biden, who is Billary 2.0, already falls back to earth in the polls

Joe Biden, pictured above dozing in public during one of Barack Obama’s speeches in 2011, apparently believes that, like the hare in the tale of the tortoise and the hare — and like Billary Clinton — he safely can nap and win the race anyway.

The Democratic Party hacks won’t talk about this, but Joe Biden’s poll numbers have dropped. He got a post-official-announcement bounce that put him in the 40s in some polls, but already he has come back down to earth.

Three nationwide polls to which gives a grade of “A” were taken from May 11 through May 20.

A Fox News poll* taken from May 11 through May 14 put Biden at 35 percent and Bernie Sanders at No. 2 at 17 percent. Elizabeth Warren came in at No. 3, with 9 percent, and Pete Buttigieg came in at No. 4, with 6 percent.

A Quinnipiac University poll taken from May 16 through May 20 put Biden at 35 percent and Bernie Sanders at 16 percent, with Warren coming in at No. 3 with 13 percent, five percentage points ahead of Kamala Harris at No. 4.

A Monmouth University poll also taken from May 16 through May 20 put Biden at 33 percent, Bernie at 15 percent, Harris at 11 percent and Warren at 10 percent.

This trio of recent grade-“A” polls (according to gives Biden an average of 34 percent and Bernie an average of 16 percent.

The million-dollar question, it seems to me, is which of these top-two candidates, Bernie or Biden, is going to inherit more of the supporters of those many candidates who inevitably will drop out over the coming several months.

Joe Biden has been around for decades — he first ran for the Democratic Party’s 1998 nomination for president, spectacularly unsuccessfully, in the midst of a plagiarism scandal — and it seems to me that if he were so fucking beloved, he’d be doing better than capturing the support of only about a third of Democratic Party voters and Dem-leaning voters.

Has the well-known Biden maxed out his support? If so, even though Bernie right now is trailing him at a rather distant No. 2 in the polls, then Bernie does indeed have a chance — especially if he picks up the lion’s share of the supporters of those candidates who inevitably drop out.

A sign of Biden’s weakness, it seems to me, is the fact that he’s keeping a low profile. The Washington Post reports:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) plans to enjoy ice cream with New Hampshire voters to celebrate Memorial Day. He won’t be far from former Maryland congressman John Delaney, another presidential candidate, who’s in the midst of his 19th trip to the state and plans an itinerary that includes four barbecues, one parade and a wreath-laying.

In Iowa, Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) is rolling through the cornfields in an RV, while Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) unveils a “Family Bill of Rights” and tours an ethanol plant.

And here’s former vice president Joe Biden’s agenda for the holiday weekend, according to his campaign: “Joe Biden has no public events scheduled.”

Those seven words are becoming familiar for the Biden team. Aside from a campaign swing right after announcing his candidacy, Biden has kept his head down while his rivals rush from state to state to state. Even when he has held public events, they have included only a handful of questions from voters or reporters.

The light public schedule reflects the unique position of his campaign, advisers say: With near universal name recognition and high favorability ratings among Democrats, the former vice president does not need to introduce himself to voters like nearly every other candidate. And as the leader in early polls, he can attract media attention without splashy events. …

Wow. Recall that in 2016, party hack Billary Clinton believed that she was so beloved that she didn’t need to show up in the Rust Belt states. Recall that the 2016 presidential election results showed that although Billary won the popular vote by almost 3 million votes, Pussygrabber won the Electoral College by having won only three Rust Belt states (Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) by only a combined around 80,000 votes.

So why the fuck isn’t Biden campaigning as though campaigning matters?

I can think of only three possibilities:

One, as I just indicated, Biden believes, like the cocky Billary did in 2008 (when she lost the Dem Party presidential nomination to Barack Obama), and in 2016, when she lost the White House to Pussygrabber, that he’s a shoo-in, and therefore he doesn’t have to exert himself. He’s like the hare in the tale of the tortoise and the hare.

Two, perhaps most probably, Biden’s handlers realize that his propensity to put his foot in his mouth easily could sink his third try for the Dem Party presidential nomination. Therefore, the apparent limit on the number of questions that he’ll take when he can be bothered to appear in public, according to The Washington Post.

Third — and it could be some combination of these three — Biden is low-energy, as Pussygrabber might put it, and he prefers to keep a light schedule because, unlike Bernie Sanders, he is unable to keep up with a rigorous campaign schedule.

None of these possibilities bode well for Team Biden, and, as I’ve indicated before, it’s my belief that if Joe Biden manages to win the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination, November 2020 will be a fucking repeat of November 2016, and Pussygrabber will get another four years.

The Democratic Party hacks never fucking learn. Instead, they blame their wholly predictable failures on others, such as those of us who are true Democrats (that is, true progressives and not centrist corporate whores), and this sick dynamic easily could keep the Repugnicans in power for some time to come.

*I usually refer to Fox News as Faux “News,” and while the media outlet indeed is evil, rates its polling outfit highly.

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