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It’s not over for Pussygrabber, so don’t dance a jig — or despair — just yet

“President” Pussygrabber learned from the best, the Devil himself. (Pussygrabber is pictured above with the late Roy Cohn (the late Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s lawyer) at the opening of Trump Tower in Manhattan in 1983.) The ethics- and shame-free Cohn was Pussygrabber’s personal lawyer for 13 years before he finally was disbarred and then died of AIDS. But Pussygrabber’s ongoing criminal legal problems should prove to be much more difficult for him to surmount than was special counsel Robert Mueller’s restricted investigation of his criminality.

We’re supposed to believe that although he surrounds himself with felons and aspiring felons — Michael Cohen, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, et. al., et. al. — “President” Pussygrabber is a fucking Boy Scout, the poor, poor victim of a “witch hunt.”

We’re also supposed to believe that Pussygrabber flunky William Barr’s Reader’s Digest Extreeemely Condensed Version of The Mueller Report faithfully captures the content of the full report — which Pussygrabber says he is fine if it’s released, except that he and Barr probably had the understanding long ago that Barr would do everything in his power not to release it.

So Pussygrabber gets to have it both ways: claim that he’s fine with the full Mueller report being released while knowing that his political operative, his lap dog, won’t release it.

Even if Barr did more or less faithfully summarize the Mueller report, which is uber-dubious at best, I don’t know in what legal ways Robert Mueller’s hands were tied, such as the apparent prevailing belief among many within the legal community that a sitting “president” can’t be indicted.

And proving a crime can be very difficult, what with such mob-style tactics as evidence that goes missing, perjury and witness tampering.

The only thing we can say for sure right now is that Pussygrabber is very, very good at making sure that someone else always is left holding the bag (ask Cohen, Stone, Flynn, et. al.). He’s been doing this his entire life, which isn’t a shock, given that he was Roy Cohn’s protege (Cohn was Pussygrabber’s lawyer for 13 years).

To me, the degree to which the Repugnicans are celebrating when we’ve only seen Barr’s crib notes of the full Mueller report — the report that our tax dollars produced and that thus we, the people, should see — is just another sign that even they know that Pussygrabber is guiltier than sin.

And this isn’t over. With other investigations into Pussygrabber & Co. still ongoing or about to start, Pussygrabber isn’t home-free.

I, for one, wasn’t holding my breath on the Mueller report. Again, Pussygrabber is nothing if not a cockroach, a survivor. But while his very apparent Russia-related treason may not be easy to prove, his other, more pedestrian crimes should be much easier to prove within the restrictive legal system, and I think that he’ll find it much more difficult to influence those who have not already been on his political team and who don’t have to worry about losing their jobs should they disobey their master.

The Repugnicans shouldn’t be dancing a jig; they should be buckling up.

But if they think that Pussygrabber is in the free and clear now, good; they’ll be caught all the more unawares when the house of gilded cards at long last comes tumbling down.

P.S. I recommend Slate.com’s Dahlia Lithwick’s take on this. She concludes:

… In a world in which facts really mattered, the notion that Republicans “won” and Democrats “lost” the Mueller report, based on an incomplete summary that drew hasty conclusions without showing any work, would be laughable. Especially if the author of that summary auditioned for his job by claiming that presidential obstruction of justice couldn’t ever be a real thing, anyway. William Barr could write his [summary] in 46 hours because he had always known what it was going to say.

We do not live in a black-and-white world. The answer is not that Trump either did nothing wrong or committed massive crimes for which he can be removed from office. Mueller’s report — were we ever to inspect it –appears to have split the difference, and delivered its findings in nuanced shades of gray.

But at this point, it almost doesn’t matter whether we can inspect it. The lines are drawn and the legal questions have been answered, not with findings but with political sides retreating to partisanship — one side says the president is cleared (and is now doubling down on attacking the press and the Justice Department) and the other side looks at the brick wall it is facing and concedes that maybe it’s not worth it, anyway.

This has been the state of play for years now. The biggest question just might be why we expected anything else.


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