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Bernie surges in Morning Consult poll, gains new donors — and more hit jobs

Billary Clinton’s bitter (redundant) supporters, who still refuse to acknowledge what a shitty, widely despised candidate they had in Queen Billary, believe that Bernie Sanders should travel the nation only by stationary bicycle.

Bernie Sanders has surged in Morning Consult’s latest nationwide polling of Democratic presidential preference, now just 2 percentage points behind Joe Biden.

The Morning Consult poll, taken from February 18 through 24 (Bernie officially announced his second run for the presidency on February 19, a week ago today), puts Bernie at 27 percent and Biden at 29 percent.

The poll, with a whopping sample size of more than 15,500 respondents and thus a margin of error of only plus or minus 1 percentage point, puts Kamala Harris at No. 3 behind Bernie and Biden, with only 10 percent (she has been dropping in the Morning Consult polling), and Elizabeth Warren at No. 4, with only 7 percent.

Not only is Bernie climbing in the polling since he’s made it official, but The New York Times reports that in his first week as an official candidate, Bernie has garnered more than $10 million in donations from almost 360,000 donors — and that the e-mail addresses of the donors indicate that about 40 percent of them are new donors, so Bernie very apparently is expanding his base despite the “conventional wisdom” that this time around he would be “the victim of his own success.”

Of course, with soaring success comes blatant hit jobs, such as this one from Politico (apparently, if he wants to call himself a democratic socialist, Bernie Sanders should only walk or maybe bike to his appearances around the nation, and really, what fucking smug ingrates the Team Billary arseholes [redundant] are to have Bernie hold his nose and take an anti-emetic in order to campaign for the despicable Repugnican Lite Queen Billary and then piss and shit all over him after he has done so). But these obvious hit jobs aren’t going to work.

Dipshits are going to continue to vote against their own best interests — and thus vote for a Repugnican or a Democrat in name only/Repugnican Lite (such as Kamala Harris or Joe Biden or one of most of Bernie’s competitors) — and those of us who have at least two brain cells to rub together are going to vote in our own best interests, and we know that Bernie is our best bet, and that the ad hominem and ad nauseam attacks on him only mean that he’s doing something very right.

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