Actual Dem Bernie Sanders would be crazy NOT to run for president again

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Trump makes a point as he formally announces his campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination at Trump Tower in New York

“President” Pussygrabber so cleverly calls him “Crazy Bernie,” but Sen. Bernie Sanders would be crazy only if he didn’t run to unseat the illegitimate Pussygrabber, a fucking Dumpster fire of a “president,” in November 2020.

Bernie Sanders reportedly soon will announce his second bid for the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

He absolutely should run.

There is a lot of anti-Bernie sentiment on the Internet — which is interesting, given that his progressive policies, if enacted, greatly would help most of those who bash him — but the reputable nationwide polls are what I go by, not by the anecdotal Bernie haters.

Most reputable nationwide polls of 2020 Democratic Party presidential preference taken over the past month put Joe Biden at No. 1 and Bernie at No. 2. (Take a look here and here.*) Biden and Bernie are, in fact, the only two announced or probable candidates who reach double digits in these polls.**

Biden, on average, lately polls around 26 percent, and Bernie, on average, polls around 16 percent. No other candidate, announced or probable, averages in the double digits. (Indeed, in the polls taken over the past month that I linked to above, no other candidate reaches double digits even in one poll in which both Biden and Bernie are included.**)

If Biden decides not to run, then that should put Bernie at No. 1, and as the second- and third-tier candidates drop out, Bernie will inherit at least some of their supporters. (One officially announced third-tier candidate, Richard Ojeda, already has dropped out.)

The Huffington Post reports:

… Though Sanders ultimately was defeated by [Billary] Clinton last time around, his upstart campaign reshaped the Democratic Party. Sanders ran on a progressive platform that included a focus on eliminating income inequality, campaign finance reform and an ambitious “Medicare For All” healthcare.

Those principles have become centerpieces of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party and several Sanders-backed candidates won elections last year.

But Sanders’ impact on the Democratic Party went beyond his political vision. The primary battle between Sanders and Clinton was contentious, with Sanders allies claiming Clinton’s campaign worked in conjunction with the Democratic Party establishment to prevent a Sanders victory. These battles cemented divisions in this party that linger on as the 2020 election approaches. [Yup! The Billarybots still abound, only now they’ll be supporting another Democrat in name only, like Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or Kirsten Gillibrand or Cory Booker.]

Following President Trump’s victory over Clinton in 2016, Sanders and his allies pressed for reforms to the Democratic National Committee that would make the party’s primary process more open and inclusive to what Sanders termed “the working people and young people of our country.”

Amid Sanders’ reform push, the DNC assembled a “unity commission” to recommend changes that included members chosen by both Sanders and Clinton. Ultimately, the DNC made rules changes that included one of the main items on Sanders’ agenda, curbing the role of unelected super-delegates in choosing the party’s presidential nominee.

At the same time, the DNC also adopted a rules change that would make it more difficult for independents like Sanders to seek the party’s presidential nomination.

In spite of this, Sanders’ allies felt he was unaffected by this new rule because the Vermont Democratic Party passed a resolution last year recognizing him as a full member. A source who discussed Sanders’ 2020 plans with Yahoo News confirmed he will be running as a Democrat.

Though he will be entering an extremely crowded Democratic field, Sanders is starting from a formidable position. Early polls of the race have consistently showed Sanders as one of the top candidates, likely due to the base of support he established in 2016.

Sanders allies also believe his prior run could give him a head start organizing in key early primary states. Last October, Pete D’Alessandro, who was Sanders’s Iowa state coordinator for the 2016 race, told Yahoo News he was confident the senator would be able to build on the grassroots support and infrastructure he established in 2016 if he made another run. …

We’ll see if Sanders runs as a Democrat this time or not. It doesn’t much matter to me whether he does or doesn’t, as I’m much more interested in ensuring that the most progressive candidate possible faces “President” Pussygrabber in November 2020 than I am in a mere fucking party label.

Indeed, I’m registered as an independent (as the Democratic Party is home to way too many DINOs), and I consider myself to be a progressive and a democratic socialist.

Again, there are plenty of Repugnican Lites who call themselves Democrats, and that’s fucking meaningless. As was the case in 2016, I would support the actual progressive who doesn’t call him- or herself a Democrat over a fucking center-right sellout who calls him- or herself a Democrat any day, hands down.

That said, while Bernie calling himself a Democrat in Round Two would deflate some of the air in his DINO detractors’ tires, of course those haters still are gonna hate (“He just now became a Democrat!”), and my response to them is something along the lines of: Fuck you! We actual progressives soldier on, with or without you sellout scum; keep on doing your thing and we’ll keep on doing ours, because we are winning the war for the heart, soul and mind of the Democratic Party — and the nation — and you are losing it.

Bernie Sanders still has plenty of support from 2016, he is the nation’s most popular currently serving politician (see here and here), and having run for president once (Biden already has run twice), he’s an even stronger candidate now than he was the first time.

In a field of announced and probable candidates that already is large but in which he is only one of two who can pull double digits in the nationwide polling, Bernie would be crazy not to run for president again.

*I don’t at all trust the Emerson College poll taken January 20 and 21. It puts Biden at 45 percent, far higher than does any other poll, and it puts Bernie at 5 percent, far lower than does any other poll.

Because its findings are extreme outliers from all of the other polls, I regard the Emerson College poll as invalid. Therefore, I did not use it to calculate Biden’s and Bernie’s average poll numbers from the past month (26 percent and 16 percent, respectively).

**Billary Clinton does reach double digits in two of the polls that I have linked to above, but as she very probably isn’t running, I don’t know why she is included in any poll.


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2 responses to “Actual Dem Bernie Sanders would be crazy NOT to run for president again

  1. Chachi Arcola

    I understand where you’re coming from, as I just re-registered as an Independent this week. I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life, but the Democrats’ collective ineptitude in corralling a cogent message, their seeming inability to pick a worthy candidate, and their obsession with the PC wars/identity politics/outrage culture have all turned me off. Both major parties have failed me.

    So we know last time that Dem HQ tinkered from within to foist HRC onto the ticket in lieu of Bernie. I have a fear they’ll do something similar this time, discrediting Bernie or Biden and instead checking a diversity box with no regard if said candidate has a snowball’s chance against Trump in 2020. What do you think?

    • Robert

      If Joe Biden runs, I think it’s largely going to be a repeat of 2016, but instead of Bernie vs. Billary, it will be Bernie vs. Biden.

      However, as Biden already has run for the Dem presidential nomination twice, in 1988 and 2008, and lost both times, and as Bernie did well against Billary in 2016, winning 22 states and winning 46 percent of the democratically earned delegates in the primary race, he’s stronger for 2020 than he was in 2016.

      Also, will the DNC be able to put its thumb on the scales again in 2020 as it did in 2016? I don’t think so. The DNC was exposed and was shamed for what it did to Bernie. Recall that then-DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned in disgrace after that, and that the DNC since has made some reforms, including limiting the influence of undemocratic “super-delegates.”

      If I had to put money today on who the 2020 Dem presidential candidate will be, my money would be on Bernie.

      P.S. Of course the centrist sellouts will continue to try to discredit Bernie. That’s a given. Will it work? I highly doubt it. You can’t be dissuaded or dismayed by these predictable attacks — that’s what the enemy wants you to do, to give up. You don’t give up. If you weren’t a threat, the enemy would ignore you, not attack you!

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