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Who wants the wall?

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The percentage of Americans who stupidly support “President” Pussygrabber’s proposed wall along the southern border is about the same percentage of Americans who stupidly support the “president.” It’s a minority of Americans in both cases. November 2020 can’t come quickly enough.

It’s interesting — and characteristic of him — that the one thing on which “President” Pussygrabber won’t budge is his fucking wall along the southern border.

Pussygrabber has threatened to keep the federal government partially shut down and to shut down the southern border entirely until and unless he gets his precious wall.

The proposed wall is stupid, anachronistic, xenophobic, racist, mean-spirited and a total fucking waste of taxpayers’ money. In other words, it’s right up Pussygrabber’s alley.

And how many Americans actually want this Great Wall of Stupid?

Per a Quinnipiac poll taken earlier this month, only 43 percent support it, while 54 percent oppose it. A CNN poll also taken earlier this month fairly similarly showed 38 percent support to 57 percent opposition. Yet this is the wall hill on which Pussygrabber wants to die.

Another Quinnipiac poll, this one taken last month, showed that 47 percent of Americans think it should be easier to immigrate to the United States, while 37 percent think it should be more difficult.

Regarding Pussygrabber’s oft-repeated dangerous lie that immigrants, especially (if not exclusively) the brown-skinned ones from the south, are criminals, that Quinnipiac poll showed that 65 percent of Americans don’t think that immigrants are more likely to commit crimes than are American citizens (they have it right).

Except for the anti-immigrant sentiment that it fuels for his own personal and political gain, I hope that Pussygrabber keeps pushing for his bullshit wall that only a minority of Americans even want.

(It’s even quite possible that a majority of Americans recognize the proposed wall for what it is: a distraction from our true enemies, who aren’t brown-skinned poor people in a “caravan,” but who are the treasonous millionaires and billionaires [most of them lily-white] — like Pussygrabber — whose greed, corruption and crimes have been destroying the nation for decades now.)

Pussygrabber’s continued stubbornness on his wall, which means that he’s neglecting the nation’s true problems (of course), should make it even easier to boot his sorry, treasonous ass from the White House in November 2020, if he makes it that long.

And I hope that the Democrats hold firm on refusing Pussygrabber the wall, which Nancy Pelosi’s spokesperson correctly identified as “immoral, ineffective and expensive.”

If they finally show such backbone, one day I just might register with the party again.

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