Recount effort hits $6 million, Billary joins in, Pussygrabber cries ‘scam’

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Billary Clinton campaigns in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in March. Official election results are that Donald Trump beat Billary in Wisconsin by more than 27,000 votes, in Pennsylvania by more than 70,000 votes, and in Michigan by more than 10,000 — relatively small margins. Yet if statewide recounts find that Billary — who already leads in the popular vote by more than 2 million votes — actually won those three states, then she won the Electoral College and thus should be inaugurated in January. That probably is unlikely to happen, but if even one of those three recounted states flips to Billary, it will put other states’ official results into deep question. 

Thus far Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein’s fundraising to pay for recounts of the votes for president in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania has hit more than $6.1 million.

Stein has declared that the recount efforts for Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are now fully funded, and the total fundraising goal is $7 million.

The state of Wisconsin, where Stein filed the recount request on Friday, has announced that the recount is commencing there, and Stein plans to file for recounts in Pennsylvania by tomorrow and in Michigan by Wednesday.

Of course Stein’s effort has faced all kinds of criticism, not only from the fascists who support Der Fuhrer-“elect” Donald Trump, but also from the establishmentarian sellouts (many of whom call themselves “Democrats”) who hold that recounts just aren’t proper. They argue this because the anti-democratic, anti-populist, pro-corporate, pro-plutocratic partisan duopoly keeps these hacks in their positions of power and thus is their bread and butter, and so they don’t really care which of the two duopolistic parties wins the White House. It’s all pretty much the same to them.

Stein’s recount effort also has faced criticism for having raised its fundraising goals once the lower fundraising goals have been met. But this is common in fundraising when you have no idea of how much money you’ll be able to raise. Ask for too much at the onset, and people might be too hesitant to give you anything at all, feeling that the effort is overwhelmingly difficult. Also, of course, it’s common to find out as you do more research that a herculean effort is going to cost significantly more than you had initially anticipated.

But the bottom line is that the recount effort (1) is following the letter of the law, (2) is part of the democratic process, so those who don’t like it don’t like the democratic process and thus can go fuck themselves, and (3) is being funded by private, grass-roots donors whose fucking choice it is as to whether to give or not, and it’s no one’s fucking business if we private individuals want to give money to the recount effort; it’s our constitutional right to do so, and those who think otherwise don’t believe in constitutional rights and thus can go fuck themselves.

On that note, the two most despised presidential candidates in U.S. history, El Trumpo and Billary Clinton, have been true to themselves in their reaction to Jill Stein’s leadership on the recount effort.

Team Billary, true to form, has joined the recount effort now that someone else has initiated it. Billary has always operated that way: Let someone else take the risk of going first — of leading — and then jump on board only if it looks like they’re going to be successful. Billary always has led from behind — or, perhaps to phrase it more accurately, she always lets history get there first and then decides that it’s safe to catch up.

And El Trumpo, true to form, issued this fatwa:

“… This recount is just a way for Jill Stein, who received less than 1 percent of the vote overall and wasn’t even on the ballot in many states, to fill her coffers with money, most of which she will never even spend on this ridiculous recount.

“This is a scam by the Green Party for an election that has already been conceded, and the results of this election should be respected instead of being challenged and abused, which is exactly what Jill Stein is doing.”

It’s funny that President-“elect” Pussygrabber, who just settled one of his many actual scams for $25 million, should accuse anyone else of a “scam,” but we’re talking about President-“elect” Pussygrabber, of course.

Pussygrabber tells us, as though he were psychic, that Stein will spend the money that she’s raising on herself, even though by law she’ll have to account for every penny of the money that she raises.

As far as the November 8 presidential election already having been conceded is concerned, there are reports, such as this one, that the Obama White House pushed Billary to concede on election night — you know, for “propriety.” (This also is in character with President Hopey-Changey, whose disappointing, incredibly politically squandered two terms at best have shown him to be little to no more than a caretaker in chief.)

Further, a concession means nothing if the given results of the election weren’t correct. A concession is issued only on the trust — often if not usually on the fairly blind trust — that the election results as given are correct. If they are not correct, then it is illegal, immoral and unconstitutional for the loser of an election to actually take office, concession or no concession.

We already know that Billary Clinton garnered more than 2 million more popular votes than Pussygrabber did.

It’s entirely worth checking into whether or not Pussygrabber actually narrowly won three states that had been won by the Democratic presidential candidates since the 1980s.

Of course Pussygrabber’s greatest fear is that the recount effort might actually uncover significant error and/or malfeasance — thus revealing that Billary Clinton actually won the Electoral College (ideally) or, at the least, casting even further doubt on the legitimacy of Pussygrabber’s “win.” Therefore, Pussygrabber must attack it the recount effort advance.

Pussygrabber’s rhetoric and pathetic strategy at this point is so fucking predictable. He must libelously attack Jill Stein as a “scammer,” even though he’s one of the biggest scammers that the planet has ever seen — he’s a walking, talking Ponzi scheme — and he must point out that she received a relatively small number of votes (as though that has anything to do with whether or not he actually won the three states that are being recounted).

Pussygrabber can’t attack the recounts, which are part of the democratic process and which are allowed by law, so he’ll attack Stein (who is, you know, “such a nasty woman”). And he’ll try to turn the whole thing around by asserting that a recount doesn’t “respect” election results but instead “abuses” them.

No, refusing to ensure an accurate and fair vote count is what’s abusive and disrespectful. Of course, President-“elect” Pussygrabber is abusive and disrespectful, so there you go.

Fascists like Der Fuhrer-“elect” Trump just want power; they don’t give a fuck how they get it.

Just as the Germans had had ample warning about how Adolf Hitler would turn out, we Americans have had ample warning about how Donald J. Trump — who as president-“elect” is surrounding himself with neo-Nazis and neo-Nazi sympathizers — would turn out.


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