If Der Fuhrer Trump wins, at least I’ll have legalized pot to get me through

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In November 2008, the nation elected its first non-white president while in my state of California, the anti-same-sex-marriage Proposition 8 (which I always think of as Proposition Hate) passed. It was cruelly bittersweet. Six years later, the reverse seems to have occurred; the nation appears to be on the verge of putting a dangerous fascist demagogue into the White House, but California voters appear to be on track toward finally having legalized recreational marijuana.

As I type this sentence (at 9:45 p.m. Pacific Time), Politico and The New York Times both show Billary Clinton with 215 projected electoral votes to Donald Trump’s 244. Either needs 270 electoral votes to win the White House.


I never thought that it would be this close. (Only Trump did. Or claimed so, anyway.)

At any rate, if Trump wins, I’d chalk it up (not necessarily in this order) to misogyny (too many voters not ready for a female president); to the fact that Barack Obama relentlessly promised “hope” and “change” but, in fact, most Americans’ lives haven’t improved much at all over the past eight years (or at least that’s their perception, and in politics perception matters more than does reality); to Clinton fatigue and an anti-political-dynasty sentiment (which apparently sank Jeb Bush, at least in part); and to the fact that the Democratic Party establishment did everything in its power to sink the more popular Bernie Sanders and crown Billary instead, even though the polls consistently have shown for a long, long time now that more than half of Americans don’t like her — and despite the fact that Bernie polled significantly better against Trump than Billary did even while the “Democratic” fucktards officially coronated her at the convention in July.

Also, in fairness to Billary, it is difficult and unusual for the Coke Party or the Pepsi Party to win a third term in the White House. The only time that that happened during my lifetime was when George H.W. Bush won in 1988, following Ronald Reagan’s wins in 1980 and 1984 (of course, Bush I went on to defeat for re-election in 1992).

Anyway, should Trump actually win, at least I’ll have legalized marijuana. Yup: California appears to be on track to legalizing recreational pot, effective at midnight.

Seriously, though, if Der Fuhrer Trump must be president, I’m glad to be here in California, where one would be more insulated against Trumpism (neo-fascism) than in most other states, and if Trump wins, if he even makes it through one full term (isn’t removed from office, doesn’t resign like Richard M. Nixon did, isn’t assassinated, etc.), I certainly don’t see him getting re-elected; I’d expect the Democrats to win back the White House in 2020.

And, of course, a Trump win very most likely would mean that we’d finally be free of Billary Clinton and the Clinton Dynasty.

I don’t know; that might just be worth it…

Seriously, though, it’s quite possible, if not even probable, that a Trump presidency just might drive a final stake through the cold, stupid hearts of the Democrats in name only who shoved Billary Clinton down our throats, and the democratic socialism that Bernie Sanders has tried to stoke just might rise from the ashes.

The game continues, whether Trump wins or not. He is just one “man”; we are legion.

Update (10:45 p.m. Pacific Time): Politico and the Times now report 264 electoral votes for Trump and still only 215 for Billary.

Um, yeah, it appears to be just about all over except for the crying — and except for the chorus of I told you so from us former Berners, who, I surmise, will lead the way post-President Trump, now that the Clintonian brand of the Democratic Party (that is, Repugnican Lite) has been fairly destroyed in one presidential election.


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