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Heads up: I probably won’t live-blog tonight’s presidential debate

Because of a probable scheduling conflict, I probably won’t live-blog tonight’s first of three scheduled presidential debates between Billary Clinton and Der Fuhrer Donald Trump.

However, I most likely will watch the debate delayed if I can’t watch it live, and if I am so moved, I will blog about it, especially if it strikes me that there are important things about it that (most) others aren’t saying (which is my usual impetus to blog).

All of that said, even if I were sure that I am going to be free at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time (when the debate starts), I can’t say that I’d have much interest in watching the debate live. After Billary “won” the Democratic Party nomination, my heart hasn’t been in this thing.

(I watched and live-blogged all nine of the Democratic Party presidential debates — there were supposed to be 10 of them, but Billary reneged on the tenth one, yet another of the many reasons that I can’t and won’t vote for her — and now that Bernie Sanders is out of the race, there’s nothing and no one to be interested in.* [No, hoping that Trump doesn’t win isn’t the same as enthusiasm. Not remotely nearly, and I reject fear-based voting, which is all that the debased, duopolistic Coke Party and Pepsi Party have given us as a “choice.”])

No, I don’t want Trump, of course, but Billary is going to win my state of California and all of its 55 electoral votes anyway — something that a poor fellow Californian on Bill Maher’s show on HBO tried in vain to explain to his ignorant cohorts on Friday night (virtually no one understands the Electoral College, and apparently almost everyone ignorantly believes that we elect our president on the popular vote when we never have) — so I still intend to vote my conscience.

And voting one’s conscience, in this degraded political environment and in this degraded nation and degraded “democracy,” actually is widely considered to be a bad thing.

*Well, I mean, I like and respect Jill Stein, for whom I’m most likely voting, but given the fact that third-party candidates have a snowball’s chance in hell in this duopolistically partisan “democracy,” that’s a real boner-shrinker.

And no, I’ve never asserted that Stein is perfect, that I agree with every word that she has uttered and every deed that she has done, but she’s the only presidential candidate in the race whose beliefs and values most closely match my own.

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