Mission of coronating Queen Billary accomplished, DWS finally steps down

We finally have the head of Medusa, but the Gorgon’s damage already has been done.

As I wrote earlier today, the problems with the Democratic National Committee run much deeper than just Debbie Wasserman Schultz, so her announcement today that she is stepping down as head of the DNC after this week’s party convention in Philadelphia means little.

The damage already has been done; Billarybot Wasserman Schultz and the other Billarybots within the DNC — and throughout the United States — have abused their positions of power to ensure that their incredibly weak, widely despised, self-serving, sellout, center-right, corporatist candidate won the party’s presidential nomination. And they didn’t let something as small and stupid as ethics stop them.

These party hacks have put their own concerns far above the best interests of the party’s base. The party’s base is not center-right, pro-corporate and pro-plutocratic.

Billary Clinton the the rest of the Democratic Party sellouts fully deserve a disastrous convention. I sincerely hope that they get one.

And then, those of us who are left of center must clean house, from top to bottom. Every last vestige of the Clintonista era must be eliminated before the Democratic Party can return to being a truly democratic and a progressive party that actually serves the best interests of the highest number of people as possible — instead of serving the interests of only the elitist few who are concerned only about themselves.


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