My guess: It was domestic terrorism, perhaps over taxes

So today was Tax Day and deadly bombs went off in Boston, Mass., the site of the iconic 1773 Boston Tea Party, which was a protest against the British taxation of the American colonists.


Maybe. Maybe not.

But I can’t see “Islamofascists” having pulled off this one. Given the not-too-subtle symbolism of it, I can, however, see right-wing, anti-tax domestic terrorists having done so.

If this is correct, it would be interesting to know whether the domestic terrorists (I’m guessing that there was more than one terrorist who pulled this one off) consider themselves to be members of the so-called “tea party” or not. (If memory serves, the “tea” in “tea party” is supposed to mean “taxed enough already.”)

If so, what horrible PR for the “tea party” this will be…

In any event, I’m all for making political statements, and while I can live with property damage, committing the murder and/or the maiming of innocent people in order to make a political statement is a shitty fucking thing to do, and of course any political statement is lost entirely among the carnage, which is all that anyone can see, such as the serious injury done to this man, who lost his legs in the terrorist attack in Boston today:

Associated Press photo

A cropped version of this photo was all over the Internet today; I found this apparently unedited version on (The news photo has been glitchy for me, so if you don’t see it above, you can see it here:

I think it’s best not to sanitize the results of terrorism, whether it’s like the apparent domestic terrorism that we saw today in Boston, or whether it’s like the terrorism that the unelected Bush regime committed in Iraq in such noble names as “freedom” and “liberation” and “democracy.” Speaking of which, the photo above reminds me of this iconic photo from the Vietraq War:

Terrorism is terrorism, and no “good guys” commit terrorism. Only bad guys do.


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2 responses to “My guess: It was domestic terrorism, perhaps over taxes

  1. What a great piece, Robert. You make some fine points. I said it takes evil cowardice to bomb innocent people; however, it must take an obscene degree of assholeness to bomb a library.
    PS I have been asking for the same function from OS for years now.

    • Robert

      Glad you liked it. I have to give credit to my boyfriend/would-be husband if we could get married, as our conversation about it inspired this piece.

      Yeah, I’m glad that the carnage wasn’t even worse than it was, and it strikes me that our homegrown wingnuts probably hate books and libraries and learning (of the secular kind) as much as do foreign wingnuts, such as members of al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and we forget that we have plenty of wingnuts here at home.

      Yesterday not only was Tax Day but also was Patriots Day, a holiday that is obscure here in California but big in Massachusetts and other Northeastern states, I understand. So that might also be a symbolic link to what only can be called a coordinated terrorist attack.

      Open Salon (OS) has been languishing for some time. It must not be making any money for, which also has been languishing, as evidenced by the fact that more and more of its content is lifted from other websites and less and less of it is produced in-house. It’s too bad; I’ve liked Salon for years, but it’s not what it was. I miss Glenn Greenwald’s writing, too…

      Anyway, after having wasted much time and energy on the trolls at OS for at least a few years, yeah, I decided to close my comments there, and thus far I have had no desire to open them up again. There does come a point, it seems to me, where if something is being abused ridiculously, you just shut the whole thing down, because too many people obviously can’t handle it…

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