Why I don’t blog for the baby boomers

Infanticide suddenly seems like a good thing…

Most people who read blogs probably assume that most bloggers want to appeal to as wide an audience as possible — and therefore, never to (gasp!) offend anybody.

Not me.

I don’t think that I’ve ever come out and said it, but for these past almost 10 years of blogging, I’ve been writing primarily for those in my age group (Generation X) and younger.

If some baby boomers or even older folks read my blog, fine, but if they don’t, perhaps that’s even better, since I don’t write for them. I long ago stopped looking to the baby boomers (generally identified as those born between 1946 and 1964, but to me the cohort really spans from about 1944 to 1960) to be agents of positive change, and I look to those in my age group and younger instead.

Most of my critics turn out to be (I see from their blog avatars) baby boomers. Before I take their criticism to heart, I look at their mugshot avatars. Chances are, they’re boomers (who apparently think that an Internet presence makes them young again [it doesn’t], and who of course have to plaster their faces on their blogs, being spotlight hogs). If they have a bio, I read that, too. Chances are, from their bios I surmise that they’re people I wouldn’t like in person, so it comes as no shock that I’ve written something that (gasp!) offends their delicate sensibilities. (People who act as though they have the fucking right never to be offended in the least bit — they’re interesting. [Psychiatrically, I mean.])

I could write a book on the fucking baby boomers, but I’ll try to keep this to a blog post, albeit a long one.

George W. Bush (born in 1946) could be the poster boy for the baby-boom generation.

He accomplished nothing on his own, but coasted on his family name. If George Sr. hadn’t been president first, there’s no way in hell that George Jr. would have been governor of Texas and then the second president named George Bush.

Not only that, but George Jr. in 2000 stole office (with the help of his brother Jeb, who then was the governor of Florida, the critical state that George Jr. “won”; with the help of then-Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, who infamously disenfranchised voters by deeming them felons when they were not; and with the help of the right-wing U.S. Supreme Court, which stopped the recounting process in Florida). George Jr. didn’t even win the presidency outright.

Then, once in the Oval Office, George W. thoroughly trashed the nation, among other things allowing 9/11 to happen (remember the August 2001 presidential daily briefing titled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.”?), allowing Hurricane Katrina to kill hundreds of Americans, taking the nation to a bogus war for the no-bid federal-government contracts for Dick Cheney’s Halliburton and the other oily subsidiaries of BushCheneyCorp, and giving giant tax breaks to the filthy rich. George W. Bush had received the nation in good shape from Bill Clinton and the prosperous 1990s, and delivered it to Barack Obama in January 2009 on the brink of collapse.

That, in a nutshell, is the baby-boomer modus operandi: inherit your power and your wealth from your parents, squander it selfishly and recklessly, and leave nothing behind for those who follow you, not even the polar ice caps.

Baby boomers unabashedly display a bumper sticker that reads “I’m Spending My Children’s Inheritance.” (I’ve seen this bumper sticker on cars driven by boomers several times.)

This is supposed to be funny. Ha ha.

Except that the baby boomers’ parents, the members of the so-called “greatest generation,” didn’t spend their children’s inheritance. They gave their children — the baby boomers — their inheritance.

Not so with the baby-boom generation, the first generation in the history of the United States of America that did not care in the fucking least about at least trying to leave things in better shape for those who must follow them.

The baby boomers, endlessly doted upon by their parents, had no problems going to college and getting good jobs. Hell, they didn’t even have to go to college to live well. (Neither of my baby-boomer parents has a four-year college degree, but neither of them during their young to middle adulthood ever struggled with buying homes and cars. My four-year degree, on the other hand, which I worked hard for, was worthless when I received it — along with considerable student-loan debt — in 1990 during the first George Bush recession, and I gave up on having a paid job that allows me to make good use of my skills [without doing evil and without completely being exploited by some talentless plutocrats] and I gave up on home ownership long, long ago.) If the boomers put just a minimal effort into attaining a college degree, a good job, a home, a nice car, these things were theirs for the taking. The members of the “greatest generation” made sure of that.

But do the baby boomers today give a rat’s ass about our young people of today?

Hell fucking no.

This is from The Associated Press today:

The college class of 2012 is in for a rude welcome to the world of work.

A weak labor market already has left half of young college graduates either jobless or underemployed in positions that don’t fully use their skills and knowledge.

Young adults with bachelor’s degrees are increasingly scraping by in lower-wage jobs — waiter or waitress, bartender, retail clerk or receptionist, for example — and that’s confounding their hopes a degree would pay off despite higher tuition and mounting student loans.

An analysis of government data conducted for The Associated Press lays bare the highly uneven prospects for holders of bachelor’s degrees. …

Again, when this Gen X’er received his worthless bachelor’s degree in 1990 — a journalism degree, which in the face of mass newspaper layoffs at the time was worthless (and still would be mostly worthless today, although as a blogger it gives me a leg up) — there were not, to his recollection, any news stories about the fact that in the face of the recession, college degrees were worthless, and newly minted college graduates had to take jobs that greatly underutilized their talents and abilities — and struggle with student loans they couldn’t afford to repay. (Massive student loan debt was something that the boomers did not experience when they were of college age and young adults because their parents saw them as young people to be fostered — not as cash cows to be milked dry.) 

It would have been nice to get the media attention then that today’s struggling young college grads are getting today — in my day, for instance, crushing student-loan debt wasn’t seen as any problem whatsofuckingever, since my generation always has been viewed by the boomer majority as wholly disposable, but today, both the Democratic and the Repugnican candidates for president are promising to work on the suddenly-now-obvious problem of crushing student-loan debt — but, I suppose, better late than never. (And ah, well, as my fellow Gen X’er Ted Rall has noted, we X’ers indeed are the “leapfrog generation,” the generation [between the boomers and Generation Y] that has been passed over entirely.)

Why have Gen-X and younger college grads struggled so much in the job market since at least the First Great Bush Recession (circa 1990)?

It’s not just the economy, although the greedy, get-mine-and-get-out boomers fucked that up, too.

It’s the boomers’ sheer numbers — 76 million of them, according to Wikipedia — that alone would create at least some amount of scarcity in the American job market (and indeed, the majority of the plum jobs have been taken by the boomers for decades now), but their sheer numbers are coupled with the fact that, unlike the generations before them, they refuse to leave the fucking stage when their act has long been over. The boomers view their jobs just like the U.S. Supreme Court “justices” view theirs: We’ll have to pry their cold, dead fingers from their desks.

Other generations of Americans knew when it was time to hand over the reins. And they handed them over. Not the boomers.

Witness baby boomer Madonna (born 1958), whose latest big video has her playing a high-school cheerleader. She’s fiftyfuckingthree. It apparently kills her to fucking pass the torch already. And she’s typical of her generation, thinking that she’s some hot shit acting and trying to look decades younger than she is, when in fact, she’s just fucking pathetic, refusing, like Peter Pan, to grow the fuck up already.

With the baby boomers we have and will continue to have a nation full of old people, but not old and wise people.

Baby boomers whine that they can’t retire because they can’t afford to retire. Bullshit. Most of them can afford to retire — it’s that they want to live in excess and opulence (“enough” isn’t in their vocabulary) and it’s also that, whether they will admit it or not, out of their egotism they must believe that we younger folk can’t get along without them.

As Wikipedia notes of the boomers (emphasis mine):

One feature of boomers was that they tended to think of themselves as a special generation, very different from those that had come before. In the 1960s, as the relatively large numbers of young people became teenagers and young adults, they, and those around them, created a very specific rhetoric around their cohort, and the change they were bringing about ….

Yes, indeed, all of that rhetoric from the boomers in the 1960s about changing the world, and boy, have they. They fought against the Vietnam War, only to create the Vietraq War themselves. (Apparently the only reason that they opposed the Vietnam War was to save their own skins. They were perfectly OK, however, with bogus warfare in Iraq. After all, it was someone else doing the dying for the baby boomers’ profits.) The American empire, which is being sucked dry by the vampires who comprise the corporate-military-prison-industrial complex (the majority of them boomers, of course), is on the brink of death, and even the North Pole is melting. The baby boomers ushered in change, indeed.

The baby boomers are the first generation of Americans in the nation’s history who are leaving things much worse off for the generations that follow them.

Before the boomers it always had been the American ideal that the current generation in power leaves things in better shape, not in worse shape, for the generations that follow them. And congratulations, boomers; your generation very apparently is the one that, history probably will record, destroyed the American empire. You fucked it all up on your watch.

Point out these obvious truths, and the boomers almost invariably will tell you (the post-boomer) how “Angry!” you are, as though you’re defective for being angry about obvious injustices.

No, when you are being raped in the ass with ground grass for lube, you have every fucking right to be ANGRY!

The boomers are taking everything with them, shamelessly — and even bragging about it in their “funny” bumper stickers.

Here’s another cheery story from The Associated Press today (emphases mine):

Social Security is rushing even faster toward insolvency, driven by retiring baby boomers, a weak economy and politicians’ reluctance to take painful action to fix the huge retirement and disability program.

The trust funds that support Social Security will run dry in 2033 — three years earlier than previously projected — the government said [today].

There was no change in the year that Medicare’s hospital insurance fund is projected to run out of money. It’s still 2024. …

At age 44, I’ve been paying into Social Security and Medicare since I began working when I was a teenager, but I don’t expect to see a fucking penny of either. The baby boomers are poised to blatantly steal my money — and slam me for being “so angry!” while they do it.

The boomers are leaving those of us who follow them with less than nothing, but we’re supposed to think that they’re great fucking people nonetheless. (Or, at least, we’re supposed to keep our fucking mouths shut while the boomers screw us over like no other generation in U.S. history has screwed over the next generation ever before.)

That’s part of the baby boomers’ mass narcissistic sociopathology — they are a “special” generation, indeed — and the reason that I put the “greatest generation” in quotation marks is that I don’t see how you can assert that the parents who created the most spoiled generation in the nation’s history comprise the “greatest generation.” No, in producing the baby boomers, the members of the “greatest generation” fucked up big-time. It’s almost impossible to overstate what awful parents the members of the “greatest generation” were. Regardless of what their intentions might have been, the results of their parenting have been catastrophic for the nation — and for the world.

And the boomers’ bumper sticker sums up their credo, their manifesto, indeed, their raison d’être, neatly: “I’m Spending My Children’s Inheritance.”

Yes, I got that long, long ago. Consequently, I stopped looking to the boomers long ago. The ones who created the colossal mess aren’t the ones to fix it. The boomers exist to cause problems, not to solve problems, and to consume, not to produce. They are the problem, not the solution. They are, essentially, dead to me. That’s why I could give a flying fuck if a single baby boomer ever reads a single blog post of mine.

I look not to the boomers, but to my fellow members of Gen X and to those poor souls who have to follow us. (I’d thought that my generation had it bad, but today’s young people are even more screwed, apparently, than has been my generation. They do have one thing that my generation didn’t have, however, and that’s a national conversation about how badly today’s young people have it.)

We, the post-boomers, are the clean-up crew. It’s not a job that we wanted. It’s a job that the boomers have forced upon us.

What the baby boomers probably should do while those of us who have had to follow them perform the incredibly difficult work of cleaning up after their decades-long wholesale trashing of the nation is shut the fuck up and be very thankful that the national conversation has not yet turned to the elephant in the room, to the root of our nation’s problems: the baby boomers and the increasing burden on the nation that they are. And that we post-boomers have not yet begun to seriously discuss a much, much better use for the baby boomers: something along the lines of Soylent Green.


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19 responses to “Why I don’t blog for the baby boomers

  1. Nice work. Fully agree with you. I live in New Zealand and the story is the same. Most of the western world is facing this ‘elephant in the room’, except the boomers still control everything here and so it is difficult to start the conversation publicly without being shouted down.

    • Robert Crook

      I have found it interesting that the problem of the baby boomer is international, but I suppose that other nations were doing well materially during the same time the U.S. was when the boomers were growing up here. (Well, I say “growing up,” but of course they never actually grew up…)

      Bashing the boomers gets you blowback here, too, though. If you check out my mirror blog (http://open.salon.com/blog/sacrob) you will see that I caught some shit from some boomers (and from their defenders). Of course, I also got at least two or three boomers who stated that they agree with me…

        1. Yes, that’s right. Most of the Allied countries post WW2 experienced the Baby Boom. Actually so did the Axis countries but not to the same degree. Yes, agree with you regarding the maturity of this generation… The Boomers here are really aggressive when it comes to critique. It’s almost impossible to have a conversation about their legacy without be shouted down as an ingrate. We are seeing some movement culturally but very slowly. The hand over from the Boomers to Gen X is done with the most obvious reluctance, actually almost with an aggression. Still it’s inevitable. We have 30-40 something year old members of parliaments now and most people I encounter professionally are in the same age group. Hardly ‘the kids’ are we are so often referred to as. The Boomers may be in a state of denial regarding their relevance – hence the last final ‘grab’ at resource and wealth but generally speaking my age group are FINALLY waking up to the legacy of these parasites. They are the only generation in history to have effectively sucked the wealth and resources away from 3 generations.
  2. Jason

    Gen X and Gen Y its time to wake up!!!!!!!. The Baby-boomers are taking it all!!!!!
    A History lesson is first.
    The gold standard effectively came to an end in 1933 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt outlawed private gold ownership (except for the purposes of jewelry). The Bretton Woods System, enacted in 1946 created a system of fixed exchange rates that allowed governments to sell their gold to the United States treasury at the price of $35/ounce.
    Why did this happen? It’s because in 1933 the economy was tanking because of post WW1, drought from over farming and we did not have enough gold/money to run our country based on actual cost of post WWI war and population. The key word is population. WWII hits and everyone is forced to pitch in and do their part. Economy grows because of war and an idea that you get what you pay for.

    The Bretton Woods system ended on August 15, 1971, when President Richard Nixon ended trading of gold at the fixed price of $35/ounce. At that point for the first time in history, formal links between the major world currencies and real commodities were severed. The gold standard has not been used in any major economy since that time.

    Coincidence that the final part gold standard was killed in 1971? I think not. The highest numbers of Baby-boomers were entering the work force. Jobs plentiful, college was cheap or free, and housing was super cheap. The actual dollar was now being printed at one of its highest rates to support population and needed currency. What happens when you print money? Its worth goes into the shitter like it did in the mid to late 70’s, remember when gold went up to $500.00 and we had a Recession?

    Next the WW2 Generation decides to leave the work force in their mid to late 50’s. Most of the BB”s were in their early to mid thirties and then acquired all the leadership and management positions. Most had done less than 8-10 years in the real work before becoming management. No one had to make “Partner” in the business to run it anymore. Hence, no accountability to others, especially at the large financial institutions.

    That’s when the when the non-tax paying offshore companies and to find cheap labor happened. The Baby-boomer locust generation needed more. More Harley’s, Corvettes, McMansions, second homes, cocaine or whatever was the motivation to “Must Have More…” Think of all the people that this represents. If you say I can’t generalize, than why can’t all white guys not jump or dance. I’m sure there are some white guys who can. Just like I am sure there are a few Baby-boomers who are not like the rest. But it’s a minority.

    This generation still can’t get enough. It’s all hyper-competition (proven psychological testing done with rats which then led to “Herd Behavior” in the whole generation.) This is due to having too many people of the same age group fighting over what should have been fixed commodities, not printed paper. That’s why I say “The most should have never had the most, it should have had the least.” You can only cut the pie so many times. If money was a true commodity the Baby-boomer generation would have nothing.

    If you don’t believe this, think about what all the greedy financial guys that ran the stock market into the ground. They have stolen all the money. (I have personally lost 30% each year in 1996, 2001, and 2008).

    Please Google the ages of the men and women who ran Viacom, Merrill Lynch, Worldcom, Enron, Xerox, Adelphia, Tyco, Global Crossing, and Arthur Anderson, then list the ages of the last three presidents and what generations that they came from. Are you seeing an age group pattern? Holy shit huh.

    Now what scares me is the Baby-boomers are going to receive one of the largest windfalls of all time, when the WWII generation dies off. What is going to happen to that money? Boomers!!! “Must have More…”

    Now let’s talk about health care:
    All the Baby-boomers say “I can’t retire because of the cost of health care.”
    One of the guys at my work was complaining left and right about the cost of health care. This is because he now will have to pay $800.00 a month. Technology has changed. This in turn has helped everyone live longer healthier lives. It costs money to develop and put into use. DUH! But they don’t want to pay for it.
    This is a quote” I remember when we did not pay into it any fund and when we finally did it was only $15 a paycheck and my employer picked up the rest. (Meanwhile the companies, city and state governments could not afford the unfunded liabilities and never actually put any money into a fund and just assumed the liability, hoping someone didn’t get sick because this generation was young at the time. (Don’t worry now, when we can make the next generation pay later.) So this person who can retire at full benefits won’t. This person’s $15 a paycheck for the first 20 years of his career adds up to a grand- fucking total of $330 a year for 20 years equals $6600.00. That adds up to 2 CT scans and a minor surgery for a life time. This does not include their first stroke, cardiac issue, physical therapy, medications, knee or hip replacement.
    And what generation is running the insurance companies and fortifying themselves with walls of money? Boomers!!! “Must have more….” This generation did not invest in its future and does not want to pay the Piper in the end.
    On top of this, the minimal amount of medical funds that was collected just happened to be invested in the stock market which was stolen by this generation of top 1% earners. “Must have more…”

    Then the mortgage crisis hammers the economy because an over competitive generation of Boomers having to sell more, to make more and closing risky mortgages. No regulation of the sales. All voted on when Republican congress and Clinton in 1998. What generation was in charge? Boomers!!! “Must have more…”

    Now the super rich Baby-boomers ie (Koch Brothers, Larry Wlison, Christy Walton, Ron Paulson) have the government in their pockets (It does not matter which political party they are from), Even if they fail the government will cover their butts. Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, “Must have more…” That’s not capitalism that’s socialism for the rich. I wish I could run a business into the ground and get a bonus or golden parachute. Who was in charge? Boomers! “Must Have More….”

    Look at leaders ie Muammar Gaddafi, Hugo Chavez, Saddam Husein, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, that have all gone nuts because they have had absolute power for too long. The Boomers have had The House, Senate and Presidency for 30 years.

    This is why I will not vote for anyone that is born before 1964. Romney is a total Boomer. I am a Republican and going to vote Obama. No growth is better than going backwards to support this Baby-boomer shit show. And yes I know Obama is a young Boomer but at least he gets that you can’t have everything and greed has gotten out of control. I’m really unhappy about his gun control stance though, I guess I will deal with that when the time comes.

    Here is a “Boomers!!! “Must Have More….” story for you. I have a director that works down the hall from me at the hospital for 40 years. Great asset right? Wrong! Ideals are old as hell, no technical skills, forgot what its like to actually take care of a patient because she was in leadership to soon in her career and now won’t leave. Now she has shit her pants at work 3 times this year and actually wears a “Pad” incase it happens again. When asked why she has not retired she said “I have enough money but I would just be bored.” She will be bored. She takes gambling trips to Vegas for Poker championships and spends it all. Does this sound like any Baby-boomers you know?

    Generation “X” is waiting for these people to retire, so we can move into the positions we should now be running (we have been doing the grunt work for 20+ years). There is a Gen”Y” person waiting to move into their first job to pay for the $40,000 in student loans. And this person is unable to pay the loans off by waiting tables. Gen “Y” needs those entry level jobs. You know the education that the Baby-boomers required both generations to have and then were threatened by. The education they got for super cheap or paid for by the first company they worked at. If we can’t get into the top earning spots we cannot support the stock market and pensions.

    I am sick of being suppressed, waiting, over educated, underpaid, overworked. So this election year please consider this in your voting. No one should be voted in who was born before 1964ish. It’s our turn; the unchecked Boomers have screwed it up long enough. Let’s clean up this mess. Its time to start running for office, leading companies and taking care of business.

    I’m already planning to push through some new legislation called B.B.E.D. otherwise known as Baby-boomer Euthanasia Day. Think it will pass?

    • Joe

      I’m 45 and I’ve been dealing with boomers the last 30 years. They are the most worthless generation ever. I only respect Vietnam Veterans, the rest are spoiled shits who’s parents, the silent generation, are the reason for such a selfish group of dipshits. If the U.S.A. didn’t drop the A-bombs on Japan, there wouldn’t be so many of these parasites. This planet will not get better until the boomers are dead from old age. Again, this doesn’t include Vietnam Vets. Unfortunately, my generation was raised mostly by Women because the boomer men are selfish cowards who ran from their responsibilities. Basically, the movie Fight Club sums it up about my generation getting fucked over by the boomers. The movie doesn’t say how the boomers fucked us over but it does hint towards it. If or when a world war breaks out again the shity boomers should not be trusted to make the decisions with their make love not war, passive agressive, spineless, Jane Fonda, HIPPY RETARD COWARDS. Again, this doesn’t include Vietnam Vets. PEACE!!!

      • Robert

        Assuming that your comment is entirely serious, yours in an, um, awfully interesting take on the boomers… I don’t understand your fetish for the Vietnam War, but those who were forced to go to Vietnam (via the draft) indeed were fucked over. That said, I don’t have a veteran fetish, and nor do I have any particular animosity toward Jane Fonda (or women in general, and women have been the primary caretakers of children throughout the history of the U.S., not just for the boomer generation), and when you write such phrases as “HIPPY RETARD COWARDS,” you sound a lot like “South Park’s” Cartman — a caricature.

        Again, I’m not sure if your over-the-top comment is a joke or if you actually mean what you write… But adding “PEACE!!!” after your fairly aggressive (militant, misogynist, right-wing) comments is the cherry on top, for sure.

  3. martin

    You’re awesome. I’ve despised them for years too. In Australia they’ve even made an acronym out of it, SKI, spending the kids inheritance.

    Maybe it’s because back when they were our age, the news was actual news, not advertorials presented as news and propaganda shit.

    But not really, their kids, me being one of them, are having a nightmare of a time just trying to buy a decent house, and most of the boomers I know absolutely love it and exhibit blatant smarmy schadenfraude about it. Even though they had decent houses for 2-3 times their wages, left school at 14-15, had on the job training, and did mostly menial jobs. I’d be even happy (sort of) with an apartment, but they’ve taken most of those as investment properties, restricted development, and brought in millions and millions of immigrants, so now they are even more expensive in real terms than what boomers paid for a house!

    They’re f#cking filth, and you can’t even take any solace in them getting old, because they’ve still got another 10-20 years left, by which time we’ll all be old.

    F#cking die boomers!

    • Robert Crook

      Glad you liked the post.

      Again, I have been surprised to learn that the UK, Australia and some other nations also have baby boomers. I’d thought that baby boomers, by definition (their selfishness and assholery, and not just their dates of birth, I mean), were fairly uniquely American, but very apparently not.

      Thank you for your cross-cultural input. I love that acronym! And it still kills me that while the boomers inherited everything from their own parents, they feel no apparent guilt or shame about leaving little to nothing for their own children. They are the worst generation in the history of the world.

      • Here in New Zealand there has been recent discussion in the media about the Boomer legacy. It has become a heated debate, with the Boomers angrily attempting to justify their position with arguments such as ‘we protested the Viet Nam war’ etc. Well, about 5% of them did… and good on them too – but my kids can’t eat ‘protest movement’ activity from 45 years ago.

        It’s obvious to most Gen X and Gen Y that the Boomer media/marketing machine spun a great deal of bulls**t about the ‘wonders of the Boom generation, the 60’s, free-love, etc’. We were spoon-fed this garbage and the reality of those ‘freedoms’ to us as the kids of the Boomers are things such as the destruction of the family unit, the breakdown of social values, drug and alcohol addiction, etc. Hardly a utopian dream.

        The Boomers were always in it for themselves and nothing has changed there. Their kids have simply woken up to the Boomer myths and now are attempting to communicate their version of events and to challenge these ‘perceived wisdoms’.

        The Boomers don’t like it though, as in the back of their minds they know there to be truth in what we say and will do everything to shout us down. However, it will ultimately be history that judges them, and quite poorly I imagine.

      • Robert Crook

        Yes, history will judge the baby boomers quite poorly — George W. Bush, for instance, could be the poster child for the American baby boomer — but they (like Gee Dubya) don’t seem to be bothered by how harshly history will judge them. Their only concern, from what I can discern, is getting all that they can for themselves right now.

        Right now it’s fairly pro-boomer here in the U.S., or at least not anti-boomer, which isn’t shocking, since the boomers own and control the corporations that put out the mass-media messages. However, as the years go by and the boomers become more and more of a drag on the rest of us Americans, the dialogue regarding them might change…

  4. Petra

    Hi, you have written a brilliant synopsis of the ‘Boomer’ problem.
    It is too bad that we couldn’t collectively somehow SHAME the Boomers into leaving their jobs after age 65, voluntarily lowering house prices, and leaving some room for the next generations to thrive. Boomers just don’t ‘get it’ that generations after them are not THRILLED with what they have done to their own children and children’s children.

    • Robert

      You know, I think that this is the most popular post that I’ve ever posted here…

      Anyway, first, a little background: If memory serves, I wrote this post after baby boomers had been leaving their whiny, lecturing comments on my posts in which I blasted their generation. (In order to deflect, most of them more or less called me ageist.) Therefore, I wanted to clarify that I’m going to write whatever the fuck I want to write, and that I don’t care whether I piss off every baby boomer who is marauding the planet.

      Anyway, to address your comment, the boomers have some strong advantages right now, including: (1) their sheer numbers (they are the largest generation in the nation); (2) the money and the political power that comes from the positions of power that were just handed over to them by the members of the “greatest generation” in most cases but that the boomers refuse to pass on to the next generation (the boomers are a plurality, not a majority, of Americans, but with their ridiculously unfair amount of money and power, they are able to rule as a majority); and (3) the misguided, knee-jerk notion that to criticize the boomers at all is to engage in ageism.

      Don’t underestimate the power of No. 3. The boomers use that tactic a lot. To equate any criticism of their generation with ageism often successfully deflects the real problem, which primarily is their selfishness and the damage that their selfihsness is doing to today’s younger generations and to generations that are to come (including, of course, to the planet itself). This false-victimization propaganda is successful with many observing parties, who usually aren’t very bright, and who, as the boomers want them to, then turn the critics of the boomers into the bad guys (the “ageists”).

      Unfortunately, I believe that history has shown that only when conditions are fairly intolerable is there a revolution. As bad as the boomers have been, I don’t think they’ve reached that tipping point yet. However, once they really start depleting our resources, such as through the high costs of medical care and long-term assisted living (while our Social Security and Medicare disappear, of course), which already has begun now but should only get worse in, say, the next two decades, the revolution of the younger generations against the boomers just might begin. (Which brings us back to the ‘toon that I picked out for this post…)

  5. Sharon

    You tell it Robert!!!!!! Preach the truth!!!!!! Awesome blog post!!!!!!

    a Generation X-er and a Disabled Army Veteran who served eight years Active Duty Army (and who did not spit on military veterans–unlike the Baby Boomers)

    • Robert

      Glad you liked the post.

      It’s far from settled historical fact that returning Vietnam vets were spat upon with regularity. Google it and you’ll see that, as I did. Some dismiss the spitting as fairly entirely urban legend, although the consensus seems to be that any such spitting was rare and was the exception rather than anything like the rule, and I even ran across the theory that the Nixon administration planted fake hippies among real hippies and had these fake hippies spit on soldiers in order to discredit the entire anti-war left, which I find very plausible.

      In any event, the U.S. has not fought a just war since World War II, and the military-industrial-corporate complex is sinking the American empire — fast.

      That said, and as much as I disagree with militarism, I can’t see myself ever spitting on a soldier. One, I’d assume that he or she could take me out with his or her bare hands, and two, I recognize that soldiers are but the pawns. If I’m going to ever actually spit on anyone, I’ll save it for the fascistic traitors who are much higher up… Baby boomers George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, for instance — I would relish the opportunity to spit on the likes of them.

  6. AW1983

    You shouldn’t hate the baby boomer’s parents too much. If you think the baby boomers treat our generation badly, be glad you weren’t their parents. In the UK, the pre-boomer generation defended us from Nazism, then gave the country 150% growth in 30 years. They used that growth to fund an amazing health care system, good quality housing for all and free university education. Then the boomers reached working age. They quickly destroyed the credibility of the Trades Unions with their militancy, voted in Thatcher for tax breaks and hugely discounted sell offs of government assets (to themselves, not their parents) before delinking their parent’s pensions to average earnings. Pensioner poverty soared (some pensioners froze to death in winter) and our veteran generation were neglected; many did not even bother to look after their parents in old age. Now though, they turn to us and expect us to provide a better retirement than they provided to their own parents and have already awarded themselves a reestablishment of the link between pensions and earnings, along with a cushy winter fuel allowance. Why on earth do they deserve that? The Baby Boomer generation are always telling me I need to learn sacrifice; presumably it is so they don’t have to.

    • Robert

      Having been born and raised and lived my entire life in the U.S., I cannot comment on the UK, although I find the parallels between American boomers and British boomers to be interesting. (Well, I can say that I wish that the U.S. were socialist, like many European nations are, and kudos to the UK for having instituted its nationalized health care system, free university education and other public benefits; I am saddened, but not surprised, to hear that the boomers apparently are destroying the benefits that they inherited from their parents. Like locusts, the boomers devour/destroy everything in their path…)

      All of that said, economic growth in and of itself is not necessarily “progress” in the big, big picture. Sure, the U.S., the UK and other developed nations made lots of “progress” in the post-World-War-II era, but now, we have overpopulation, climate change, species extinction, pollution, etc. Things that ultimately threaten the continued existence of life on Earth as we know it cannot, in my book, ultimately be deemed as praiseworthy.

      Aside from that, it seems to me that the boomers could not have become the way that they have become without the parenting that they received. (In a nutshell, they apparently were over-coddled, which made them malignant narcissists.) That’s why I’m not big on the so-called “greatest generation.” Yes, they defeated Hitler and his allies, and that was necessary, but what we’re facing now, it seems to me, in the long term is worse than Hitler and his allies… And we have the baby boomers, mostly, to thank for that.

  7. allison webster

    It’s all been summed up in the new “Baby Boomer” song that just popped up on YouTube. Here it yourself. It nails ’em. http://youtu.be/-vMicdkKlBk

  8. Debris

    Sad but true. Generational theft. They ruined America. They reek of self-entitlement and insult and belittle anybody who calls them out. The world will be a better place after they are gone.

  9. woteverkitty

    Hi I am reading the comments – I am Gen X , its sad reading the comments but I am glad I am not alone in my upset at what this boomer generation has done to Xs and Ys. It is like they are (many) on another planet, where they just willfully refuse to comprehend the disadvantages younger people have. The ones that have their houses bought when houses were actually affordable and did not have to get into huge debts to study, many of these are so arrogant and ignorant of what younger generations have to cope with.
    And they think they did so well and that younger people are entitled! WHAT! What exactly do younger people get now? Nothing, they pay more taxes get less back have all this other shit of high house prices and education costs etc added on top of it, and less jobs. Its just so sad.

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