Fear Fest 2012 begins!

Republican Candidates Participate In Debate At Reagan Library

Getty Images

Nancy Reagan meets with the 2012 Repugnican Tea Party presidential aspirants before tonight’s Repugnican Tea Party presidential debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif. Since the Repugnican Tea Party presidential contenders wish to continue Ronald Reagan’s legacy of destroying the middle class and the working class and making the filthy rich even richer, it was an appropriately chosen venue.

So I have tonight’s Repugnican Tea Party presidential debate streaming live right now (I joined it late).

The immigration “problem” is being discussed now.

The idea that the Repugnican Tea Party traitors are pushing, I do believe, is that the nation’s economic problems are due, if not primarily then in very large part, due to the “illegals.” You know, the “dangerous,” “criminal” brown-skinned ones who don’t speak English — the ones who can’t defend themselves much from the attempt to turn them into our nation’s scapegoats.

Lies are flying all over the place, including how dangerous the border areas are (despite the fact that the FBI says that crime in the border states has been going down for some time now).

Actually, it was the Wall Street weasels, most of them wealthy white people, who crashed and burned the United States’ economy — not the “illegals.” Not teachers. Not nurses. Not government workers. Not the “union bosses” or members of labor unions (that is, “union thugs”).

No, it’s not the “illegals,” our labor unions or our public sector pensions that have destroyed our nation, but the corporatocrats and plutocrats — who have profiteered treasonously via the unelected Bush regime’s bogus wars and who treasonously have stolen hundreds of billions of dollars via their Wall Street scams (for which they received taxpayer bailouts but no prison sentences) — whom the Repugnican Tea Party aids and abets.

Probably the worst of all is that trillions of our dollars have gone toward bogus warfare for the war profiteers (such as the treasonous war criminal Dick Cheney’s Halliburton) instead of to things like infrastructure, job creation and a social safety net. You can blame the stupid white men — not the “illegals,” et. al. — for that.

And memo to the Repugnican Tea Party traitors: RONALD REAGAN IS DEAD.

And he was a shitty fucking president.

Ronald Reagan’s pro-plutocratic, anti-working-class policies of the 1980s set the groundwork for our economic collapse of today.

And the Repugnican (Tea) Party plan remains the same today that it was then: to make the rich even richer and the poor even poorer, accomplished via propaganda that makes scapegoats of those who are not responsible for our economic collapse, diverting the attention of the dull-minded from our real enemies within, and having them believe that policies that harm them and benefit only the rich and the super-rich actually are good for them.

P.S. The debate is still going on. I have to note that the mention of the fact that Texas executes more people than does any other state in the nation drew raucous applaud from the “pro-life” crowd of fascists. Wow.

These fascists — these “Christo”fascists — call themselves “Christians,” but whom would Jesus, himself the victim of the death penalty, execute? This is one of the main reasons that I abhor the Repugnican Tea Party traitors: aside from their treason — their greediness, their selfishness, their short-sightedness, their anti-intellectualism and their lies that harm the nation — I abhor their rank hypocrisy.

P.P.S. I don’t believe that there was a single mention in the debate — by the Repugnican Tea Party presidential contenders, anyway — of the eight years of unelected rule by the BushCheneyCorp, of the last presidential administration of the Repugnican (Tea) Party. It’s as though we went right from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama. Curious.


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