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Repugnican Tea Party traitors deserve death

The Repugnican Tea Party won mid-term election victories based upon promises of bringing back the jobs and restoring the economy.

Instead, Repugnican Tea Party leader John Boehner says “so be it” if federal government workers are laid off, and Repugnican Tea Party Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is ready to give out 1,500 layoff notices to Wisconsin state government workers.

Oh, and while they’re at it, the Repugnican Tea Party traitors want to decimate Social Security and Medicare, too.

We just can’t afford them, you see.

Except that we can.

Do two things, and we won’t have to lay off a single person or touch Social Security and Medicare: (1) meaningfully cut the budget of bloated military-industrial complex — which has been much more about legalized thievery from the nation’s treasury than about national defense for decades now — and move those wasted funds to human needs instead of to war profiteers’ greed, and (2) make the rich and the super-rich — and their tax-evading corporations, of course — pay their fair share of taxes.

Problem solved.

But the Repugnican Tea Party doesn’t want to solve the problem, because the Repugnican Tea Party is the problem. The Repugnican Tea Party exists for plutocrats, corporatocrats and war profiteers, so the only thing that we’re going to hear from the Repugnican Tea Party is that the nation just can’t afford us, the people.

Actually, we, the people, just can’t afford the treasonous members of the Repugnican Tea Party, and it’s long past time that we deal with them like the traitors that they are.

A traitor is one who harms his or her fellow human beings for his or her own selfish gain, with disregard for the damage that he or she is causing others. (And one who aids and abets traitors also is a traitor.)

Allowing traitors to persist in their treason can only cause the demise of the state. Like cancer, the traitors only cannibalize the body politic until it eventually dies.

To strike back at the traitors before they kill even more of us (and they are killing us, slowly) through their greed and thievery isn’t murder; it’s self-defense.

There are several reasons that the Repugnican Tea Party traitors are attacking government workers right now. In no certain order:

  • The weaker our federal, state and local governments are, the more that corporations can get away with, be it their further exploitation of their workers, their further defrauding of their customers, their further fraudulent use/waste of government-contract funds, or their further despoilation of our environment.
  • The corporations want to take over more and more governmental functions for profit. The private sector can do things better, the Repugnican Tea Party traitors argue. Bullshit. When ever-increasing profits greed — is the No. 1 goal, the operation, whatever it is, can only get worse.
  • Government workers are wonderful scapegoats, wonderful diversions from the real swine at the trough: the plutocrats and the corporatocrats whose incomes soar while the rest of us suffer. Their lives get better while ours get worse. Those morons who are susceptible to hating government workers have no real idea of what government workers do, buy the right-wing myth that government workers live high on the hog when most of us are quite middle class at best (and the myth that government workers are not us, but are other — even to the point that it is ignored that government workers are taxpayers, too — duh!), and see government workers as much more visible targets than the plutocrats whom we almost never see, because they quite intentionally hide from the view of the vast majority of us (whom they consider to be the rabble).

Whom does the Repugnican Tea Party’s war on government workers benefit?

Certainly not the majority of the people of the United States of America.

A small, selfish group of people who make things worse for the majority of the people is a group of traitors.

And the only good traitor is a dead traitor.

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