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‘Tea Party’ traitors want ALL of us to be serfs to their feudal masters

Tom Braun and Nathaniel Raghez, both of Milwaukee, ...

Associated Press photo

A smug, deluded, treasonous Glenn Beck wannabe (left) argues with a pro-labor-union protester (right) in Madison, Wisconsin, on the fifth day of pro-labor protests there. The young wingnut and his ilk expect all of us of the working class to obediently bend over and take it up the ass, to be told that there aren’t enough resources in the nation even though the Repugnican Tea Party’s plan for the federal budget is to increase Pentagon spending while slashing spending on actual human beings. Of course, the Pentagon’s bloated budget is just the avenue for the corporateers and the war profiteers, who enjoy the full support of the Repugnican Tea Party, for stealing hundreds of billions of our tax dollars legally — while denying us a social safety net.

Down the rabbit hole we fall. With rocket boosters strapped to our asses.

The members of the “Tea Party” fancy themselves to be revolutionaries, comparing themselves to the actual patriots who fought the British monarchy in the infancy of our nation.

But whom are the members of the “Tea Party” fighting against today? The fat-cat corporatocrats and plutocrats, whom we easily could compare to evil, oppressive monarchs?

No, they’re fighting against the working people.

The Associated Press reports today that members of the “Tea Party Patriots” counter-demonstrated in Wisconsin today, the fifth day of protests in the state’s capital against the young-punk Repugnican Tea Party governor’s attempt to destroy, in one fell swoop, labor-union protections that Wisconsinites have enjoyed since 19fucking59.

Yup. These “Tea Party” traitors are not fighting against the rich and the super-rich, whose profits continue to increase even while the rest of us suffer in the economic downturn that the rich and the super-rich caused. These “Tea Party” traitors are fighting against us.

One of the beyond-insane “Tea-Party” talking points that I’m actually seeing lately is that it is the members of labor unions who are the “haves” in a nation of “haves” and “have-nots.”

It used to be the rich and the super-rich who were the “haves” and the rest of us were the “have-nots.”

Gee. Hmmm… Whom, exactly, does it benefit to reclassify the “haves” as members of labor unions? Whom does it benefit to mythologize labor-union members as enjoying some lavish lifestyle at the expense of everyone else?

It benefits only the rich and the super-rich, who actually enjoy a lavish lifestyle at the expense of the rest of us, and who would be ecstatic to have the last vestiges of labor unions destroyed, so that they can roll back every gain that the labor movement achieved: the weekend, overtime, workplace safety, workers’ compensation for on-the-job injuries, benefits such as health care insurance and vacation time and sick time, etc.

The sheer insanity of it is stunning: the members of the “Tea Party,” who actually call themselves “patriots,” want to destroy our already-weakened (since the days of Ronald Reagan, one of our worst, most fascist and most anti-working-people presidents) labor unions, the last obstacle for our corporate feudal overlords to turn all of us into serfs.

The “solution” to our nation’s economic ills, according to the “Tea Party” “patriots,” is to allow the corporatocrats and plutocrats, who put us into our mess, to make things even worse — to make the filthy rich even filthier and the poor among us even poorer.

The members of the “Tea Party” hardly are patriots. They support the raping, pillaging and plundering done by the enemies of the people, which makes them traitors. I might call them simply useful idiots for the plutocrats and the corporatocrats whom they aid and abet, but because the “Tea Party” traitors’ actions threaten the good of the nation, I have to call them what they are: traitors.

The members of the treasonous “Tea Party” overwhelmingly are white — and white supremacist as well. Their No. 1 problem with President Barack Obama, whom the majority of us elected over John McCainosaurus in November 2008 by a little more than 7 percent of the popular vote — is that he’s black. But overt racism is taboo, so they have used code: He’s really a Muslim. He’s really a socialist. He pals around with terrorists. He wasn’t born here.

The members of the “Tea Party” overwhelmingly are nationalistic, jingoistic and militaristic.

Gee — which other group of people in history matched this description: pro-corporate, anti-labor union; white supremacist; nationalistic; xenophobic; militaristic; blaming relatively powerless minority groups for the nation’s ills?

That would be the members of the Nazi Party.

This is what we are seeing today with the “Tea Party”: history repeating itself. In the wake of Germany’s economic troubles arose the Nazi Party. In the wake of the United States of America’s economic troubles has arisen the “Tea Party.”

And the “Tea Party” is official now; it has fused with the Repugnican Party to become the Repugnican Tea Party.

We have drunkard John Boehner, who not only looks like a Nazi but acts like one, and the likes of lunatic she-Nazi Michele Bachmann representing the Repugnican Tea Party in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Are the Repugnican Tea Party traitors in the U.S. House of Representatives doing what they promised to do: turn the economy around and reverse joblessness?

Hell fucking no.

Reports The Associated Press today:

Washington – The [Repugnican Tea Party]-run House, jolted by freshmen determined to drive down the deficit, snatched $61 billion from hundreds of federal programs while shielding coal companies, oil refiners and farms from new federal regulations.

Passage early [today] of the $1.2 trillion bill, covering every Cabinet agency through Sept. 30, when the current budget year ends, sent the measure to the Senate, where it faces longer odds, and defied a White House veto threat.

The largely party-line vote of 235-189 was the most striking victory to date for the 87 freshman Republicans elected last fall on a promise to attack the deficit and reduce the reach of government. Three Republicans joined Democrats in opposing the measure.

“The American people have spoken. They demand that Washington stop its out-of-control spending now, not some time in the future,” said freshman Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan.

The legislation imposes severe spending cuts on domestic programs and foreign aid. Targets include schools, nutrition programs, environmental protection, and heating and housing subsidies for the poor.

The measure faces a rough ride in the Democratic-controlled Senate. That was the case even before late GOP amendments pushed the bill further to the right on health care and environmental policy.

Senate Democrats are promising higher spending levels and are poised to defend President Barack Obama’s health care bill, environmental policies and new efforts to overhaul regulation of the financial services industry.

Changes rammed through the House [yesterday and today] would shield greenhouse-gas polluters and privately owned colleges from federal regulators; block a plan to clean up the Chesapeake Bay; and bar the government from shutting down mountaintop mines it believes will cause too much water pollution.

In almost every case, the measure sides with business groups over environmental activists and federal regulators.

“This is like a Cliff Notes summary of every issue that the Republicans, the Chamber of Commerce, and the (free-market) CATO Institute have pushed for 30 years,” said Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass. “And they’re just going to run them through here.” …

The AP also notes that “Republicans awarded the Pentagon an increase of less than 2 percent, but domestic agencies would endure cuts of about 12 percent.”

The Repugnican Tea Party plan is clear: Help out the corporations and war profiteers, screw over the American people. Deregulate corporations more, even though such deregulation put us into the national economic crisis in the first
place. Slash all spending on the American people, saying that we just can’t afford such spending — even though the Pentagon just got an increase.

This is the very same treasonous party that squandered hundreds of billions of our tax dollars in bogus warfare in the Middle East for the war profiteering of Dick Cheney’s Halliburton and other war-profiteering subsidiaries of BushCheneyCorp now telling us that we can’t afford to fund our public schools, feed our hungry, protect our environment and help our poor — you know, do all of the things that Jesus Christ instructed us to do, even though the vast majority of the members of the treasonous, anti-Christian Repugnican Tea Party claim to be staunch followers of Jesus Christ as well as stellar patriots.

What we are seeing now is the treasonous leaders of the Repugnican Tea Party shamelessly taking advantage of the economic crisis that they created in order to try to shove down the throats of the people of an already economically shell-shocked nation their pet right-wing agenda items: kill the labor unions; keep the bloated military-industrial complex intact, claiming that to do so is vital for our “national security,” while cutting government programs that actually help those in need (defunding even our public schools), claiming that we just can’t afford these programs; deregulate corporations further so that they can further rape, pillage and plunder the people, the nation and the planet; ensure that the super-rich continue to evade their fair share of taxes; etc.

And the Repugnican Tea Party is trying to do this under the veneer of democracy, of majority rule.

“The American people have spoken,” triumphantly declared the junior Nazi in the news story above.

Oh, have they really?

Because the Repugnican Tea Party — the New Nazi Party — has a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, they now represent the majority of the American people?

The last time that I looked, Barack Obama was elected in 2008 with a higher percentage of the popular vote than George W. Bush got in 2000 or in 2004 (look it up). The last time that I looked, the U.S. Senate was controlled by a Democratic majority.

The Repugnican Tea Party traitors (redundant), who claim to know so much about our Constitution, apparently are clueless about the separation of powers and the fact that the House of Representatives does not represent the entire elected federal government.

Yes, the Repugnican Tea Party in the last mid-term election was able to convince enough dipshit “swing voters” that the Repugnican Tea Party, even though it caused our economic meltdown (beginning with Ronald Reagan but more recently during the eight, long, nightmarish years of reign by the unelected Bush regime), is the one to fix it.

But did even those dipshit “swing voters” vote to make the rich richer and the poor poorer? Or did they buy the Repugnican Tea Party’s lie that it actually would bring back the jobs?

The U.S. House of Representatives is called the “people’s house,” but the Repugnican Tea Party-led House, despite promising “jobs, jobs, jobs,” is working overtime to make the rich richer and the poor poorer and to make average Americans even more miserable, not less.

Unsurprisingly, what we’re seeing with the treasonous Repugnican Tea Party majority in the House is a reconstitution of the treasonous Bush years.

This is their strategy for 2012: to do to more of the same that put us in this hellish hole.

Actually, I hope that the elected members of the Repugnican Tea Party in the U.S. House (and elsewhere, such as in Wisconsin) don’t relent. Being wholly out of touch with the average American’s concerns, and wishing to do nothing else but serve their corporate campaign contributors, such as Big Oil, I don’t expect the Repugnican Tea Party members in the House (and elsewhere) to relent.

The popular uprising in Wisconsin against Wisconsin’s tone-deaf, over-reaching, fascistic Repugnican Tea Party governor — who quite obviously believed that he easily could kill the state’s labor unions in one final coup de grâce (I doubt that he even considered the possibility that the state’s Democratic senators would abscond; I’m sure he thought that they cooperatively would just allow him to put the state’s labor unions into his gas chamber) — is just a beginning.

The American people are watching the people of the Middle East rise up against their plutocrats. The American people are realizing that, like their Egyptian and other Middle Eastern counterparts, they — we — must be persistent in our protests, that a nonviolent protest that lasts a few hours won’t make any actual changes, and that the plutocratic powers that be won’t back down in their raping, pillaging and plundering of us, our nation and our planet unless the threat of violent mass uprising against them is very real.

We, the people, vastly outnumber our feudal overlords, who control us through relentless right-wing propaganda (such as Fox “News”) and who convince a minority of us (members of the “Tea Party,” mostly) to support them, even though this is exactly like chickens supporting Colonel Sanders.

Our overlords know that we vastly outnumber them. This is why they funnel our tax dollars into the military and into law enforcement while they tell us that we can’t afford to feed our public schoolchildren: they count on the members of the military and law enforcement to protect them from the masses who demand a more equitable distribution of resources; they count on their thugs to maintain the status quo for them.

We need to demonstrate to our treasonous plutocratic overlords, graphically, that we know that we vastly outnumber them, too.

If the blood of the treasonous plutocrats and their treasonous supporters — which would include members of the Repugnican Tea Party/New Nazi Party and any police officers or soldiers who turn against the people who are fighting for better lives for themselves and their children and those who will come after them — is spilled, well, in the words of Nazi-in-chief John Boehner:

So be it!

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