Trotting out Mr. Billary was a big mistake

 Obama turns to leave the podium as Clinton speaks ...

Reuters photo

Match made in hell: Barack Obama doesn’t want to do the job of Democratic president of the United States of America and Billary Clinton wishes that he still were in the job of president, so Billary pontificated on behalf of Obama for a half-hour in the White House briefing room today.

Wow. As shitty a “president” that George W. Bush was, I don’t recall that he ever had any former president making his case for him — at the White House.

Yet today embattled President Barack Obama had Billary (former President Bill) Clinton make his case for him at the White House that the deal that surrender monkey Obama unilaterally made with the Repugnicans — violating his campaign promise to end the unelected Bush regime’s tax cuts for the wealthy — is a good thing.

It was, in my book, a stunning political miscalculation. Dusting off Billary and presenting him in front of the cameras does Obama little good.

The progressives who regret having supported Obama’s candidacy for the presidency and who want Obama to have a Democratic presidential primary challenger for 2012 aren’t big fans of the centrist, triangulating, give-away-the-store-to-the-Repugnicans Bill Clinton — and Billary stating, as he did at the White House today, that he would have done the same thing that Obama did where tax cuts for the wealthy are concerned doesn’t exactly disabuse progressives of their widely held belief that Obama hardly is a president who has delivered his promised “hope” and “change” but is just another Clintonesque “Democrat” who waves the white flag before the battle has even begun. 

Probably worse, having Billary cover for Obama makes Obama look like a pussy who doesn’t know what the fuck he is doing (um, because that is what he is) who, in desperation, asked his big bwubber to protect him from his playground enemies.

Having Billary speak in support of him would gain more confidence in Obama, Team Obama probably calculated; I calculate that the political stunt has had the opposite effect, and that it only further erodes Obama’s base — you know, those committed, passionate individuals who actually give their time and money to presidential candidates’ campaigns — even further.

We elected Barack Obama for a first term — not Billary Clinton for a third.

It would behoove us to knock Obama out of the 2012 Democratic presidential primary. Howard Dean, I believe, could do it.

And a primary challenger to Obama should be in it to win the White House, not just to temporarily force Obama to tack left of center.

Were Obama to win a second term, he’d only go right back to the center again after the election.

Barack Obama has shown us what he’s made of.

And he’s got to go.

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