3 responses to “Jon Stewart’s Rally for Nihilism

  1. Alex

    I don’t think his rally is about being undecided in the political spectrum or not getting involved. Its about the overly emotional response that is put on issues, fear mongering, etc. Calling someone Hitler has a really emotional tag on it, extreme. I don’t think the message is “You are a busy person so you don’t have to get involved”, its more “We all disagree with things, but we are going to respond rationally and not over-react and divide the nation”. The right/left divide is overly simplistic and dramatic, most people have more layers and you’re not Hitler if you lean one way or the other.

    • robertdcrook

      The majority of the extremist messages have been coming from the right, but, in an apparent desire to appear to be “fair and balanced,” Stewart basically has alleged that the left is just as guilty as is the right, when that just isn’t the case.

      And while Stewart invites the left wing to disarm, will the right wing disarm? Hell no.

      Stewart is asking for reasonableness from people who have demonstrated, over and over again, that they have no desire to be reasonable.

      I think that Stewart probably means well. I just don’t agree with his way of going about things. Comparing the left and the right is comparing apples to oranges, and to assert that the left wing is invalid because the right wing is invalid is a logical fallacy.

  2. Joanaroo

    I at first hearing of Jon Stewart’s rally thought it was a good way to get people together to get them riled up to do something, but when you analyze it, as thankfully you have, it seems more like it’s just a kick back, let off steam and have a laugh time that really isn’t going to have an impact. Just from reading quotes from the GOPers/Tea Partiers themselves, we know they’re totally nuts, and what we need to really do is get people not to vote for these looney toons and not look at we liberals and progressives like we’re looney as well!

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