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No. 44 is down to 44 percent

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How many of those who don’t approve of President Barack Obama’s job performance disapprove of it because of the way he has sold out the left, such as by having sold Shirley Sherrod down the river to the wingnuts and by not having chastised his spokesweasel for bashing the “professional left” (a.k.a. Obama’s base)?

President Barack Obama (pictured yesterday above) now has the lowest approval rating that he has had since he took office in January 2009, Politico reports. The Gallup poll that Politico cites puts Obama’s approval rating at only 44 percent.

Politico opines:

The drop can likely be attributed to the loss of independents. Obama’s approval rating among independents now stands at 39 percent, down 4 points from June. Obama began his presidency with the support 74 percent of independents.

Eighty percent of Democrats still approve of the president’s job performance, down only 2 percent from June.

OK, so where do we of the professional left fit in?

I’m a registered Green Party member. I don’t call myself a Democrat because way too many Democrats disgust me with their cowardice and corporate ass-licking.

I don’t consider myself to be an “independent,” either. I consider myself to be a progressive, a leftist — yes, a professional leftist.

I don’t approve of Barack Obama’s job performance, and had I been contacted in Gallup’s poll, I would have indicated as such.

But, it seems to me, those who disapprove of Obama’s job performance are presumed to be Repugnicans, members of the far right (mostly the “tea party” dipshits) or “independents”/“swing voters,” whose views consistently lean to the right.

How many of those who disapprove of Obama’s job performance disapprove of it because they believe, like I do, that he’s not nearly to the left enough?

We professional leftists, it seems to me, are unaccounted for in the polling.

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