Where’s Macaca?

The NAACP says that the “tea party” is racist.

The “leadership” of the “tea party” — including its grand dragoness, Sarah-Palin Quayle — denies this.

Yet we have ample evidence — photographic evidence — that the “tea party” is guilty as charged.

Seriously: If I had the rights to news photos of “tea-party” crowds I would put together a coffee-table book, modeled after the Where’s Waldo? books, perhaps titled Where’s Macaca?*

Because finding a non-white person among a crowd of “tea-party” dipshits is as challenging as it is to find Waldo.

For instance, this news photo of a “tea-party” crowd I’d put on the cover of my book titled Where’s Macaca?:

People attend a tea party tax day rally in Nashville, ...

Associated Press photo

(Actually, there is one person in the photo who appears not to be Anglo. Can you find Macaca?)

If you think I’m being inaccurate or unfair (or both), you can go to Google Images and type in “tea party crowd” and see for yourself how many non-whites you can see in photos of large “tea-party” crowds.

(Heck, I’ll even save you the time; you can click here to see those results for yourself.)

The pictures do not lie.

 *“Macaca,” you might recall, is a racial epithet for a brown-skinned person, from the French word for “monkey.” Repugnican U.S. Sen. George Allen of Virginia lost re-election in 2006 after he referred to a young Indian-American man as “macaca” — while the young man was capturing him on video.


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2 responses to “Where’s Macaca?

  1. I find it ironic that an organization bent on the advancement of one race would call any other organization racist. Bottom line, the NAACP is off-base. Yes, currently the Tea Party is not loved by many African Americans as one of their biggest targets is our current president, who received over 90% of the African American vote. But the contention that Tea Partiers are carrying racist signs should really be backed up by fact, which it is not.

    The Tea Party wants limited government, and this makes people of all races and parties targets if they do the opposite. I firmly believe that the NAACP is doing itself a grave disservice in trumping up bogus charges against a grass-roots movement. They’d be better served in denouncing the Black Panthers for their misdeeds…

    • robertdcrook

      You’re a real piece of work. You’re a white guy, no?

      Let’s see: The NAACP was formed within the context of such things as lynchings, Jim Crow/segregation, widespread anti-black discrimination, the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., etc. But it’s NOT OK for the BLACKS to band together for their self-interests, because for THEM to do so is “racism.” But it’s perfectly OK for WHITE people to band together out of self-interest, because THAT’S “patriotism,” “limited government,” “liberty,” “freedom,” “democracy,” yadda, yadda, yadda.

      Yeah, keep on telling yourself and others that the “tea-party” dipshits like yourself aren’t racist and white supremacist.

      The rest of us — and plenty of “us” are white people, like I am — don’t buy your shit and we’re ready to kick your asses in another civil war if need be.

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