Cunter: Afghanistan war good under Bush, bad under B. Hussein Obama

I haven’t heard anything about Ann Cunter in ages. In fact, because she apparently has been displaced by Grand Dragon Glenn Beck and Grand Dragoness Sarah Palin-Quayle, she plummeted to No. 11 on my Top 10 Wingnuts Whose Deaths I’d Celebrate list for 2010.

Apparently, however, she’s baaaaaaaack!

Cunter now is backing Repugnican National Committee chairman Michael Steele in his recent assertion that the Afghanistan war is unwinnable and that the quagmire in Afghanistan is all President Barack Obama’s fault.

I read her recent rant (reading that harpy’s shit is always like making a little visit to the bowels of hell; I do it for you, dear reader), and her basic claim is that the unelected Bush regime (well, the “unelected” part is mine, not hers) did swell when it initially invaded Afghanistan in October 2001, but now, President Barack Obama has fucked it all up.

Everyone knows that you can’t do nation building in Afghanistan, Cunter writes; that’s why the Bush regime spent little time in Afghanistan before its Eye of Sauron switched its gaze from Afghanistan to Iraq: because nation building was possible there, which the BushCheneyCorp (again, my term, not hers…), in its infinite wisdom, knew.

Except that the unelected Bush regime never used nation building as its main pretense for launching its illegal, immoral, unprovoked and unjust Vietraq War in March 2003. The unelected Bush regime used the treasonous lie that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction that threatened the security of the United States, its allies and its interests to justify its invasion and subsequent occupation of the sovereign nation of Iraq against the wishes of the United Nations and against world opinion.

Fact is, the Bush regime invaded Afghanistan in late 2001 only as a show; it was a token display that the Bush regime really cared — really! — about what had happened on 9/11, from which it had failed utterly to protect the nation despite the August 2001 presidential daily briefing titled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.”

It’s not that the Bush regime had the wisdom to not remain in Afghanistan; it’s that the members of the Bush regime had wanted to invade Iraq even before George W. Bush & Co. stole office in late 2000, and Afghanistan wasn’t part of their original plans.

Now — now that Barack Obama is in office — Ann Cunter comes out against the war in Afghanistan. She had many years to come out publicly against it: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. But BushCheneyCorp remained in power during those years, so she bit her forked tongue.

She even had all of 2009, when Obama inherited it, to make a principled stand against the Afghanistan war.

But she didn’t.

She made a stand only after the dufus chairman of the Repugnican National Committee, who doesn’t know his ass from a ruptured oil well uncontrollably gushing millions of gallons of crude, was caught on video voicing his opinion that the Afghanistan war is unwinnable and that it’s Obama’s mess now.

In Cunter’s Orwellian world, when the head of the party fucks up and diametrically misstates the stance on a major issue that the party has taken for years, you don’t chastise the head of the party — you simply change your official stance to match the new stance that the party’s head has now proclaimed.

It’s what you call saving face — on crack.

Although she’s been out of the national spotlight for some time now, Cunter remains in fine form. Not only can she actually assert that the Repugnican Party should change its stance on a major issue because its chairman misspoke, but she still is repeating the lie that Iraq had posed a threat to the United States, a lie that thoroughly was debunked years ago. She froths:

But Iraq also was a state sponsor of terrorism; was attempting to build nuclear weapons (according to endless bipartisan investigations in this country and in Britain — thanks, liberals!); nurtured and gave refuge to Islamic terrorists — including the 1993 World Trade Center bombers; was led by a mass murderer who had used weapons of mass destruction; paid bonuses to the families of suicide bombers; had vast oil reserves; and is situated at the heart of a critical region.

Um, there was no “bipartisan” anyfuckingthing where the Vietraq War was concerned. With its dire warnings of “smoking guns coming in the form of mushroom clouds,” the unelected Bush regime crammed its Vietraq War down the nation’s (and the world’s) throat, did not merely misintepret intelligence but blatantly lied about what the intelligence was (and then blamed the intelligence community’s “faulty” intelligence), and made it clear that anyone — perhaps especially Democrats in Congress — who dared to try to stand in the way of the impending Vietraq War were terrorist-lovin’ traitors.

We can’ t allow the likes of Ann Cunter try to rewrite history, such as by claiming that there was “bipartisan” support for the Vietraq War when, in fact, the spineless Democrats, in the hysterical, paranoid, pseudo-patriotic national environment that the unelected Bush regime and its right-wing supporters whipped up post-9/11, were too intimidated by the Bush regime and its right-wing cheerleaders not to support the Bush regime’s illegal, immoral, unprovoked and unjust Vietraq War. 

The only portion of that excerpt of Cunter’s bile and venom above that has some truth to it is that indeed Iraq has oil reserves (although not as “vast” as Cunter would like us to believe) — oil reserves that Big Oil (of which the Bush and Cheney crime families long have been part) is now exploiting, since the Bush regime invaded and took over the sovereign nation of Iraq primarily for access to its oil reserves (it’s “stealing” and “murdering” when you or I do it, but it’s “national security” or “national interests” when the stupid filthy rich white men steal and commit mass murder for their corporate greed) — and that Iraq is strategically located in the Middle East.

Still, Cunter might just turn out, after all, to be a useful idiot.

In her latest frothing Cunter slams Dick spawn Liz Cheney, whom I also hate with a passion, and so I’m perfectly fine with Cunter and the spawn of Dick ripping out each other’s bleach-blonde hair and clawing each other’s faces with their press-on nails in their wingnutty bitch-slapping quest to become the Bimbo Queen of the Wingnuts, a title that already has been claimed by Sarah Palin-Quayle. (Hell, I’d pay to watch a death match between those two cunts.)

And I’m fine with the right wing turning against the war in Afghanistan — which, while I certainly agree is unwinnable, is “Obama’s war” as much as the trashed economy that he inherited from the unelected, treasonous BushCheneyCorp, which ran the nation into the ground from 2001 through 2008, is “Obama’s economy.”

I have to wonder, though, what the wingnuts would say if Obama, following Ann Cunter’s latest counsel, actually did pull us out of Afghanistan.

Surely they’d say that he’s a terrorist-lovin’ Manchurian president who wants to just hand our good little lily white virtuous Christian virgin girls over to filthy, savage Muslim rapists on a silver platter.

After all, it is Ann Cunter who historically has referred to Barack Obama as “B. Hussein Obama” — emphasizing his Middle-Eastern middle name in order to imply strongly that his loyalty lies not with the United States of America, but with his Muslim brethren in the Middle East.

Now, though, Cunter blathers, President B. Hussein Obama should pull us out of Afghanistan.

Don’t even try to figure it out — or you’ll become as bat-shit crazy as are Ann Cunter and the rest of the wingnuts.

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