Scholars rank No. 43 at No. 39

Former US president George W. Bush joins Facebook

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Woo hoo! I’m No. 39!

More than 200 scholars surveyed by Siena College (which is located near Albany, N.Y.) ranked former “President” George W. Bush as the 39th best — or as the fifth worst, depending upon how you want to look at it — president in the nation’s history.

The scholars voted Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt as the all-time best president. At No. 2 is Theodore Roosevelt, at No. 3 is Abraham Lincoln, at No. 4 is George Washington and at No. 5 is Thomas Jefferson.

The Associated Press notes that the “scholars ranked the 43 presidents on attributes such as integrity, intelligence, leadership and communication, as well as their accomplishments.”

For some reason, the AP news story neglected to mention that George W. Bush came in at No. 39, but I found the college’s news release, which lists the top 10 and the bottom five, here.

The college’s news release also notes that Gee Dubya came in next to last in the categories of “intelligence,” “communication ability,” “foreign policy accomplishments,” “handling of U.S. economy” and “ability to compromise.”

It’s difficult for me to believe that Gee Dubya isn’t at least in the bottom three best — or the top three worst — presidents, but I wasn’t living when the other four of the bottom five presidents presided…

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