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Reparations — if you’re white

Don’t get me wrong. Jaycee Lee Dugard went through hell and back.

About 18 years ago, when she was only 11 years old, Jaycee, now 30, was abducted from a school bus stop by a sick and twisted man named Phillip Garrido. He kept her prisoner for those 18 years, raping her repeatedly, and he impregnated her at least twice — she has two daughters by Garrido, whom he also kept prisoner.

Jaycee’s ordeal, from which she finally escaped less than a year ago, was like something out of a Hannibal Lecter movie, and of course her family went through hell, too.

But $20 million worth of hell?

That’s how much the already-bankrupt state of California is shelling out to Jaycee for what she went through — the argument being that if Jaycee sued the state, she’d probably win even more.

I used to work for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), which totally fucking dropped the ball in Jaycee’s case. (I worked for the CDCR’s personnel department, not with prisoners, by the way.) Even though Garrido, a convicted pedophilic sex offender, was visited by CDCR parole agents since 1999, the parole agents failed to notice the tiny little detail that in his backyard in Antioch (a Podunk here in Northern California), Garrido was keeping Jaycee and her (and his…) two daughters prisoner.

I was forced to go to work at the CDCR when the California Youth Authority, where I had been working, was swallowed up by the God-awful California Department of Corrections to become the “New and improved!” California Department of Corrections — and Rehabilitation!, and I can tell you, as a former insider, that the CDCR’s motto might as well be: “CDCR: Ask us if we care!”

It was embarrassing to work for the incredibly broken CDCR (which I always thought of as a dinosaur: huge, dumb and slow) when it was in the news constantly for yet another scandal. I am quite happy to be an ex-employee of the CDCR.

But $20 million?

I know that you can’t put a dollar amount on what Jaycee Dugard went through, but a current co-worker of mine, who is half-white and half-black (and who also used to work for the California Youth Authority), made the excellent point today that when black prisoners are released from prison — sometimes after decades — because they were wrongly convicted, do they get anything like $20 million for the “justice” system’s errors?

Fuck no.

I can’t help but think that the fact that Jaycee Dugard is a young white woman was a huge factor in her getting $20 million for her ordeal.

If we want to give out $20 million in reparations to white victims of the “justice” system’s fuckups, that’s fine with me — as long as we give equal treatment to the victims who aren’t white.

Of course, we can’t do that, because if everyone seriously wronged by the “Ask us if we care!” CDCR were given that kind of reparation, the state’s prison-industrial complex would collapse, because there wouldn’t be a fucking penny left to support it.

The “justice” system is fucking joke.

Only it isn’t very fucking funny.

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Scholars rank No. 43 at No. 39

Former US president George W. Bush joins Facebook

AFP photo

Woo hoo! I’m No. 39!

More than 200 scholars surveyed by Siena College (which is located near Albany, N.Y.) ranked former “President” George W. Bush as the 39th best — or as the fifth worst, depending upon how you want to look at it — president in the nation’s history.

The scholars voted Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt as the all-time best president. At No. 2 is Theodore Roosevelt, at No. 3 is Abraham Lincoln, at No. 4 is George Washington and at No. 5 is Thomas Jefferson.

The Associated Press notes that the “scholars ranked the 43 presidents on attributes such as integrity, intelligence, leadership and communication, as well as their accomplishments.”

For some reason, the AP news story neglected to mention that George W. Bush came in at No. 39, but I found the college’s news release, which lists the top 10 and the bottom five, here.

The college’s news release also notes that Gee Dubya came in next to last in the categories of “intelligence,” “communication ability,” “foreign policy accomplishments,” “handling of U.S. economy” and “ability to compromise.”

It’s difficult for me to believe that Gee Dubya isn’t at least in the bottom three best — or the top three worst — presidents, but I wasn’t living when the other four of the bottom five presidents presided…

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