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Palin-Quayle comes too close for comfort

Sarah Palin,

Associated Press photo

I wish that Sarah Palin-Quayle wouldn’t set hoof — er, foot — in my home state of California at all, but not only has she done so, she visited my half of the state, Northern California, last night.

She is pictured above from her visit to California State University-Stanislaus in Turlock (one of California’s Podunks), using that stupid writing-on-her-hand “joke” thing yet once again.

During her “speech” Palin-Quayle lambasted university students who found at least a portion of her speaker’s contract in a university Dumpster.

The Associated Press quotes Palin-Quayle as having said: “Students who spent their valuable, precious time diving through Dumpsters before this event in order to silence someone … what a wasted resource. A suggestion for those Dumpster divers: Instead of trying to tell people to sit down and shut up … spend some time telling people like our president to finally stand up.”

As if Palin-Quayle — who hopped around to at least four different universities before finally earning her bachelor’s in communication with an emphasis on journalism (shudder — the one thing that Palin-Quayle and I have in common is a bachelor’s degree in journalism…) — and who doesn’t know basic facts about civics and geography, is in any position to lecture any college students today.

And what, exactly, is Palin-Quayle’s idea of President Barack Obama “finally [standing] up,” since she’s in league with Big Oil and the military-industrial complex and the “Christo”fascists and everyone and everything else that is dirty and destructive and evil?

I suppose that President Obama should stand up more for the poor, powerless, victimized corporations that are destroying the very planet itself.

Drill, baby, drill!

And Palin-Quayle’s lambasting the students for having tried to find out how much the university was paying her for her appearance — you know, the kind of public-interest investigation that journalists do — demonstrates that not only were her journalism courses completely lost upon her (of course, the only “journalism” that she ever practiced was to be a local television sportscaster), but that she believes in governmental secrecy (yet another journalistic value that she learned so well), especially when such secrecy benefits her.

I don’t know much about California State University-Stanislaus, but that the “leaders” there would invite a rabid anti-intellectual such as Sarah Palin-Quayle to speak there speaks ill of the university’s “leaders.”

The university’s students, however, protested Palin-Quayle’s appearance:

David Reyes, center, a graduate student at California ...

Mariane Barbosa, 22, carries a paper mache figure ...

Associated Press photos

The kids are all right…

Big Oil kicks off right-wing version of MoveOn.org

A Texas oil magnate wrote a check for $1 million to help kick off the right wing’s response to the rather powerful progressive political 527 group MoveOn.org called “American Crossroads,” The Associated Press reports.

Behind “American Crossroads” are the likes of “Bush’s brain” Karl Rove and Steven Law, formerly a lawyer for the right-wing, pro-corporate, anti-U.S. citizen U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “American Crossroads” hopes to raise $52 million by November, the AP notes.

“American Crossroads” is an interesting name for the new wingnut 527 group, since indeed the United States of America is at a crossroads.

Which camp will prevail? The millionaires and the billionaires — including the members of Big Oil, whose ruptured oil well in the Gulf of Mexico continues to bleed millions of gallons of crude — who simply buy political power, or we, the people, about whom this “democracy” is supposed to be about?

Say what you will about MoveOn.org, but the majority of its donations are small ones that come from people like you and me — not huge donations from millionaires and billionaires

Yet “American Crossroads” will claim to exist for the common, average American out there.

And millions of dipshit Americans — whom I think of as “Joe the Plumbers” — will buy it.

For some reason I don’t think there will be many takers…

United Farm Workers’ new campaign, titled “Take Our Jobs,” is ingenius.

The website asks for individuals who want to sign up to be farm workers to provide their names, e-mail addresses and ZIP Codes. (Whether or not those who sign up actually could get farm-worker jobs I’m not sure.)

The website’s farm-worker sign-up disclaimer:

Job may include using hand tools such as knives, hoes, shovels, etc. Duties may include tilling the soil, transplanting, weeding, thinning, picking, cutting, sorting and packing of harvested produce. May set up and operate irrigation equipment. Work is performed outside in all weather conditions (summertime 90-plus-degree weather) and is physically demanding, requiring workers to bend, stoop, lift and carry up to 50 lbs. on a regular basis.

The website declares:

There are two issues facing our nation — high unemployment and undocumented people in the workforce — that many Americans believe are related.

Missing from the debate on both issues is an honest recognition that the food we all eat — at home, in restaurants and workplace cafeterias (including those in the [California State] Capitol) — comes to us from the labor of undocumented farm workers.

Agriculture in the United States is dependent on an immigrant workforce. Three-quarters of all crop workers working in American agriculture were born outside the United States. According to government statistics, since the late 1990s, at least 50 percent of the crop workers have not been authorized to work legally in the United States.

We are a nation in denial about our food supply. As a result, the UFW has initiated the “Take Our Jobs” campaign.

Farm workers are ready to train citizens and legal residents who wish to replace them in the field, we will use our knowledge and staff to help connect the unemployed with farm employers. Just fill out the form to the right and continue on to the request for job application.

I won’t be signing up to be a farm worker any day soon. Fact is, I’m a overly comfortable, overfed white American who physically couldn’t hack it.

It’s ironic. Should the white supremacist wingnuts’ dream of ridding the nation of all brown-skinned individuals ever materialize, whitey — more and more of whom are ending up in motorized scooters due to obesity — would be fucked.

This topic reminds me of a joke that I just heard:

Q: How many white people does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: Zero — because they would pay Mexicans to do it!

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