Sarah Palin-Quayle, tree hugger?

Sarah Palin-Quayle loves animals so much that she incorporates them into her interior design. Here she is in a still from a FOX “News” interview in her office when she was the governor of Alaska. Discovery Communications reportedly is paying Palin-Quayle $1.2 million an episode for hosting a series titled “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”

I normally don’t publicize petition drives, but this one is worthy.

Discovery Communications, owner of Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel, is set to give Sarah Palin-Quayle a nature show called “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” on TLC.

That’s like making a convicted child molester the host of a children’s show.

As CREDO Action, which is organizing the petition to Discovery Communications to yank “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” puts it:

Here’s what Sarah Palin’s real Alaska is:

  • She accelerated Alaska’s cruel aerial wolf-hunting program while in office, introducing a $150 bounty for each slaughtered wolf’s forelimb.
  • She made a personal appeal to Alaska voters to oppose a ballot measure that would have stopped the immense Pebble Mine operation from dumping cyanide and mining waste into streams that make their way to Bristol Bay, home to the largest sockeye salmon fishery in the world.
  • When President Bush finally agreed to list the polar bear as a threatened species in 2008 because of global warming’s effects on its habitat, the governor sued to challenge the listing.
  • Armed with her “Drill, baby, drill!” catchphrase, Palin called for opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Cook Inlet to oil and gas drilling.

I am all for free speech, but I agree with CREDO Action’s assertion that “if Palin runs for president in 2012, a show that provides her the opportunity to greenwash her environmental record on a mainstream, eco-friendly channel is downright dangerous.”

If you agree, please sign the petition here.

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