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Literal whitewashing in Arizona

Blogger’s note: This is a word-for-word copy-and-paste of a Yahoo! News blog piece. I’m happy to see that it’s an actual blog piece and not just a straight news story. I have nothing to add to the subject matter, as it fairly speaks for itself. 

An artist’s decision to prominently feature a non-white child on an elementary-school mural in Prescott, Ariz., sparked so much controversy that school administrators asked him to “lighten” the child’s face after a city councilman launched a campaign against the mural, according to the Arizona Republic

The Prescott episode isn’t likely to help Arizona’s growing reputation as a battleground of racial and ethnic confrontation, as the state faces a widespread boycott campaign over its harsh new immigration law.  

The mural, which was funded by a state grant, features the faces of four actual students at the school and is intended to promote biking and other environmentally sustainable modes of transportation. The most prominent face on it belongs to a Latino student.

Steve Blair didn’t like that. Blair, local city councilman and talk-radio host, inveighed against the mural on his show last month, according to the New York Daily News

“I am not a racist individual,” Blair said on a radio show last month, “but I will tell you depicting a black guy in the middle of that mural, based upon who’s president of the United States today and based upon the history of this community, when I grew up we had four black families — who I have been very good friends with for years — to depict the biggest picture on that building as a black person, I would have to ask the question, ‘Why?'” 

Good question, to which there are two answers: (1) The boy in question is of Latino heritage (but it’s hard to tell them all apart sometimes, right?), and (2) because the boy in question is of Latino heritage. It is suspicious, though, seeing as how only 42 percent of Arizonans aren’t white

R.E. Wall, a Prescott artist who worked on the mural along with several other members of the city’s Downtown Mural Project, told the Republic that local residents driving by the mural as they were painting it — sometimes with children helping — shouted ethnic slurs.

Wall claimed the school’s principal asked him to make the child’s skin tone lighter in response to the pushback. The principal acknowledged receiving three complaints about the child’s race but insisted that the lightening was an “artistic” decision.

The important thing to remember here is that Steve Blair is not a racist individual and that he has been very good friends with Prescott’s four black families for years. Blair didn’t immediately return a phone call from Yahoo! News. 

John Cook is a senior national reporter/blogger for Yahoo! News.

P.S. I found an image of the “offensive” mural at the (Prescott) Daily Courier’s website. Here it is:

(Prescott) Daily Courier photo

(I’m guessing that this is the version of the mural that was “lightened” up for the stupid-white-man city council member who moonlights as a right-wing talk-radio-show host who just needs to die already.)

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Right wing’s allegiance is to Israel, not to the United States of America

I actually agree with The Cheney Spawn (more on her shortly) on one issue: There seems to be no middle ground in the United States where Israel is concerned. 

Even the facts, which are facts and thus by definition aren’t up for debate, are debated.

Take the recent incident in which nine people were killed by Israeli commandos when their flotilla reportedly tried to bring aid to the Palestianians whom the Israelis have hemmed in in the Gaza Strip. One side more or less claims that all of the members of the flotilla were harmless peaceniks and humanitarians who were slaughtered indiscriminately by the bloodthirsty Israeli commandos, and the other side essentially claims that the members of the flotilla were nothing but fucking terrorists in humanitarian clothing and that the Israelis had no choice but to slaughter nine of the terrorist wolves in sheep’s clothing in self-defense.

You know, the actual occurrence can’t have been both. 

I won’t claim that all of those who were participating in the flotilla were angels, because I wasn’t there (and you weren’t either), but the fact that nine of them were slaughtered and not a single Israeli was slaughtered is typical of skirmishes that the Israelis have with others: the Israelis always claim to be such victims yet it’s always their opponents who die in ridiculously disproportionate numbers.

Can you still claim victimhood when it is you doing the absurd majority of the killing?

A group of Irish people are now going to attempt to bring aid to the Palestinians in a ship named Rachel Corrie, after the young American college student and activist whom the Israelis bulldozed to death in 2003.

Corrie was trying to prevent the Israelis from bulldozing a Palestinian house. She stood in front of the bulldozer to block it, and the Israelis just bulldozed her.

It was the unncessary, cold-blooded murder of an American citizen, yet the Israel-first lobby expects all of us Americans to just wuv Israel unfuckingconditionally.

The right-wingers love Israel, too. Liz Cheney, daughter of Dick Cheney, who should have been executed long ago for his war crimes, crimes against humanity and his treason, recently said this of Israel:

There is no middle ground here. Either the United States stands with the people of Israel in the war against radical Islamic terrorism or we are providing encouragement to Israel’s enemies — and our own. Keep America Safe [Liz’s wingnutty organization] calls on President Obama to reverse his present course and support the state of Israel immediately and unequivocally.

Hey, Liz, step in front of my bulldozer!

But I kid. (Right…)

Seriously, though, that “you’re either with us or you’re against us” evil insanity we heard from the members of the treasonous, unelected, mass-murdering Bush regime of which Liz’s daddy was an integral part, and to “support the state of Israel immediately and unequivocally” sure sounds an awful lot like the brain-dead right-wing mantra of “my country, right or wrong,” only in this case, apparently the right wing’s country of allegiance is Israel.

The bottom line for me is that I don’t want any part of a religious war, and my nation shouldn’t be involved in one.

I wholeheartedly disagree with Islam, Judaism and Christianity (as they are practiced, anyway), and the right wing’s knee-jerk support of Israel — no matter what Israel does — stems from the right wing’s unholy alliance with the “Christo”fascists, who support Israel only because Israel figures prominently in their “end times” bullshit.

And it’s common knowledge that any U.S. politician who refuses to kiss the Israel-first lobby’s ass can expect the Israel-first lobby to fund his or her political opponent’s campaign. Licking Israel’s ass, in fact, is about the only subject that the two parties in our duopolistic partisan system agree upon, aside from licking corporate ass in general, although the Repugnicans lick corporate ass much more enthusiastically than do the Democrats.

The only way that the Palestinian-Israeli mess ever can be sorted out is if religion isn’t part of the solution.

Those wearing Jewish Goggles or Muslim Goggles or Christian Goggles — by “Goggles” I mean that the bearer of the eyewear believes that his or her religion is the Only One True Religion and is Superior to All Others — can’t see clearly on the issue and therefore they cannot be part of any real solution.

The issue can only be resolved fairly and effectively based upon the principles of fairness, not upon religious affiliation, and by any reasonable measure of fairness, the Israelis have been treating the Palestinians grossly unfairly for some time now, and any attempt of the Palestinians to fight back against this unfairness is branded by the right-wing Israelis and their right-wing allies in the United States as “terrorism.” (“Terrorism,” to me, is the use of fear and/or physical force for political gain, and by this definition, of course the Israelis — and we Americans — are just as much “terrorists” as is anyone else.)

We’ll see how many “terrorists” on the Rachel Corrie the Israelis — those poor, poor victims — will slaughter in “self-defense” when the ship reaches Israel’s shore, which should be tomorrow morning. (Yes, it’s always “self-defense” if it’s an Israeli who kills, but it’s “terrorism” if it’s committed by someone who isn’t an Israeli or who doesn’t lick Israeli ass — even if it’s in actual self-defense. [Please try to keep up.])

And it will be interesting to see what the American right wing has to say as the Israelis continue to kill more American citizens — not only did they slaughter American citizen Rachel Corrie, but among the nine people they slaughtered in the recent flotilla debacle was Furkan Dogan, 19 —

Furkan Dogan

Associated Press photo

— who had American and Turkish dual citizenship. Reportedly the Israeli commandos riddled him with five bullets. (He looks pretty fucking dangerous to me! [Hey! Israel has a right to defend itself, and you’re either with us or you’re against us, God damn it!])

But seriously: How many American citizens is it OK with the American right wing for Israel to slaughter?

And: To which nation does the American right wing have a greater allegiance: the United States of America (the majority of whose voters, 53 percent of them, voted for Barack Obama in November 2008) — or to Israel?

Please get back to me on that, Liz.

My bulldozer is idling.

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