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Suck on my big fat free speech

Southpark Santa and Jesus

Comedy Central’s “South Park” has depicted Jesus Christ for years. Now, a group of “Christo”fascists is trying to kill a Comedy Central series about Jesus Christ living in New York City that is in development.

Americans, especially its “Christians,” are such fucking hypocrites.

Reuters reports today that Comedy Central has in development a new apparently satirical series, apparently at least tentatively titled “JC,” about Jesus Christ living in New York City, and “Christo” fascists already have formed an entity that they’re calling “Coalition Against Religious Bigotry” (“CARB” for short) to stop the series from ever even being born. (I thought they were against abortion…)

Gee. When I was earning my journalism degree, we called that kind of shit “prior restraint” — a blatantly constitutionally illegal violation of the First Amendment.

These fascists should call themselves the “Coalition Against Free Speech” or the “Coalition for Prior Restraint” or “Coalition for American Theocracy,” because that’s what they really stand for.

These same “crusaders” slam Muslims for forbidding that Mohammed ever be depicted. They cite Comedy Central’s censorship of “South Park’s” depiction of Mohammed to mean that Comedy Central is sensitive to easily-butt-hurt Muslims but not to easily-butt-hurt “Christians.”

(“CARB” leader Brent Bozell proclaimed in  a statement: “Why should [advertisers] be supporting a business [Comedy Central] that makes a habit of attacking Christianity and yet has a formal policy to censor anything considered offensive to followers of Islam? This double standard is pure bigotry, one from which advertisers should quickly shy away.”)

Well, thing is, some radically fundamentalist Muslims will blow shit up and assassinate people for depicting Mohammed, even depicting him neutrally, because depicting Mohammed at all is forbidden in fundamentalist Islam.

As crazy as the United States’ “Christians” are, they don’t tend to do that kind of thing — yet.

So to compare the two, as the “CARB” fucktards have done, is to compare apples and oranges. I don’t believe that the heads of Comedy Central have any special love for Islam. I surmise that they just don’t want any of their buildings or other property blown up and/or any of their employees injured or killed, that they figured that an episode of “South Park” wasn’t worth such a risk.

But if we just allow the “Christo”fascism like the prior restraint that “CARB” is attempting to perpetrate, then pretty soon all of us will be living under an American Taliban.

Clearly, the “Christo”fascists who do things like form groups like “CARB” don’t have a problem with theocracy. They just want it to be their theocracy. They hate the competition.

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