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Ralph was right

In the documentary about the life and the achievements of progressive Ralph Nader, “An Unreasonable Man,” one of Nader’s critics lambasts Nader for believing (or even having said, I’m not certain) that things have to get worse before they can get better.

This to me seems to be an accurate statement of human nature, or at least of American nature, so to castigate Nader for only pointing out the ugly truth is not only unfair, but serves only to perpetuate the human/American mental and spiritual laziness and stupidity that Nader has spent his life railing against.

Summer hasn’t begun yet, but already this summer is shaping up to be what we might call the Summer of the Moments of Ugly Truth, and it seems to me that in the coming months we’re going to see, vividly, that indeed things have to get worse before they’ll get better.

Of course, there is no guarantee that they will get better. It’s always up to us.

Millions of gallons of crude oil continue to belch into the Gulf of Mexico and British Petroleum says that it can have the leak stopped in August — maybe — and please indulge me by allowing me have a tree-hugging moment here when I say that it strikes me that the BP debacle to me symbolizes a bleeding Mother Earth.

It’s like we’ve impaled Her and She’s bleeding to death and we don’t know how to stanch the bleeding, because all we’ve ever done is to inflict wounds upon Her, and never have focused seriously on how to heal those wounds.

Yeah, it’s that bad.

And today we have the Israelis, who have turned into the Nazis who once persecuted them, killing several members of a flotilla meant to give humanitarian aid to the Palestinians whom the Israelis have ghettoized just as the Germans once ghettoized the Jews.

We’re seeing the ugly truth of groups of people these days, seeing the truth of British Petroleum and the plethora of other corporations whose primary concern — well, actually, only concern — is profit, profit, profit, and we’re seeing the truth of the Israelis, bloodthirsty bastards who are using the money and the arms supplied to them by their partner in war crimes and crimes against humanity, the United States of America, to make the United States of America hated even more throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds, which should ensure more acts of “terrorism” (it’s never called terrorism when we “civilized” Americans and Israelis slaughter others) against Americans or American allies or American corporate interests (usually called just “American interests,” as though you and I actually were stakeholders who reaped the benefits), which should ensure the American military-industrial complex even more and more of our tax dollars that should be going instead to things like health care, education, job creation and environmental protection.

The Israelis claim that their slaughter of individuals in the flotilla was in “self-defense,” but the corrupt, murderous Israelis have about as much credibility as does British Petroleum.

Not one Israeli was killed in their “self-defensive” attack on the pro-Palestinian flotilla, and that’s how it always is with the Israelis, who have no sense of proportion or of decency — far more of the “bad guys” always die than do the number of Israelis, yet it’s always the Israelis who are the “victims.” Always.

Shit’s only going to get worse.

The only thing that I can see that’s going to prevent the United States of America from becoming like something out of “The Road”– in our own lifetime — is if we, the people, rise up and stop allowing evil men to destroy our planet for their obscene personal profits and to create situations of perpetual warfare for their own selfish benefit.

We might have to get violent to stop them, since violence seems to be the only fucking language that they can understand.

So be it.  

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