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Repugs’ win in Hawaii just an anomaly

Charles Djou, Colleen Hanabusa, Ed Case

Associated Press photo

Neither Democrat Colleen Hanabusa, left, nor Democrat Ed Case, center, would drop out of the special election for one of the two U.S. House of Representatives seats for Hawaii won yesterday by Repugnican Charles Djou, right, by a plurality. Hanabusa and Case together won almost 60 percent of the vote. The three candidates are shown above during their appearance at a televised debate in Hawaii earlier this month. 

A win is a win, they say in politics.

A win is a win — and spin is spin. Except when it’s outright lying.

GOP Wins House Seat in Obama’s Home District” is the technically correct but (probably unintentionally) misleading headline that Yahoo! News gives The Associated Press news story about Repugnican Charles Djou’s win of the U.S. House of Representatives seat for Hawaii that encompasses the place where President Barack Obama was born.

“It is a significant win,” Repugnican National Committee head Michael Steele remarked of Djou’s victory in the special election. “It is the birthplace of the president of the United States.” (Of course, if you’re a “birther” fucktard, Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii at all, but that’s another blog post.)

I’m not sure how much of Steele’s “victory” remark comes from his abject fucktardation and how much of it comes from his typical Repugnican ability to lie through his fucking teeth without batting an eye.

Sure, Djou won Obama’s birthplace, but Steele conveniently leaves out the fact that Djou won only 39.4 percent of the vote and that the Democratic vote was split between two different candidates (both of whom refused to drop out so that there would be only one Democrat on the ticket) whose combined take was 58.4 percent of the vote.

So almost 60 percent of the voters in that House district didn’t want Djou as their representative, and fewer than 40 percent of the voters did want him.

But to hear liar and/or fucktard Michael Steele and his ilk tell it, Djou’s “victory” heralds a “significant” turnaround for the Repugnican Party and is a poke in Obama’s eye.

Shit, that isn’t even spin — that’s just bold-faced fucking lying.

Hey, I’m no big fan of Barack Obama, who, far, far from turning out to be a “socialist,” is George W. Bush Lite. Maybe George W. Bush Ultra-Lite, but still, it seems to be mostly the status quo under President Hope And Change.

But my feelings about Obama completely aside, let’s not lie that the U.S. House district in which Obama was born has turned Repugnican when, in fact, almost 60 percent of the voters cast their votes for the two Democratic candidates.

Our “democracy” can survive spin, but when outright lies are widely accepted as fact, then we’re all fucked (if we’re not already, and we probably are).

In any event, Djou has to run again for his district’s seat in November. Hopefully, the Democratic ticket won’t be split again and Djou will be tossed out as the anomaly that he is.

We’ll see what Liemeister Michael Steele says about those election results.

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