Wingnuts bash Miss USA

Miss Michigan Fakih stands next to first runner ...

Reuters photo

Mirror, mirror on the wall: First runner-up Miss Oklahoma Morgan Elizabeth Woolard, left, surely is happy for Miss Michigan Rima Fakih, right, who was crowned Miss USA in Las Vegas on Sunday night. Predictably, wingnuts are asserting that Woolard should have won.

As I had predicted they would, the right-wing nut jobs are bashing the coronation of Miss Michigan Rima Fakih as Miss USA on Sunday night.

One wingnut radio talk show host called Fakih “Miss Hezbollah,” since Fakih is from Lebanon and Hezbollah is based in Lebanon.


(Americans always want to be thought of as nice even when they are colossal fucking assholes. It’s a pathology.)

Others are crying affirmative action or reverse discrimination or the like — which is an interesting “argument” whose purpose is to try to ensure that only Anglos continue to get the prizes in American society.

Personally, I find Fakih to be significantly more physically beautiful than the first runner-up, Miss Shitkicker — er, Miss Oklahoma. Based upon physical beauty alone, to me, Fakih beat Miss Oklahoma hands down.

As I already blogged, the contestants should not have to answer politically explosive questions, and even though Miss Oklahoma gave a fairly predictable (for her being a white Okie, I mean) white supremacist/racist answer to the question put to her as to whether she supports Arizona’s new law requiring the state’s law enforcement officers to try to identify illegal immigrants, she shouldn’t have been asked the question.

The Miss USA pageants are getting way too political, even for this politico.

However, the right wing’s response to Fakih’s win smells not only of sore loserism, but also of racism and white supremacism — as well as their cousin, xenophobia.

Very apparently, the right wing won’t be happy until we have a separate — but equal, of course! — Miss Anglo USA pageant.

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