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Nutmeg thinks you’re stupid

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Former online auction eBay CEO Megalomaniac Whitman, a billionaire Repugnican, apparently thinks that everything in life goes to the highest bidder. Thus far she has bid $59 million on the governor’s seat of California. 

Former California governor and current state Attorney General Jerry Brown today challenged his top two Repugnican opponents for the governorship to participate in three prime-time debates with him before the state’s June 8 primary election.

Of course his No. 1 Repugnican opponent, billionaire former CEO Nutmeg Whitman, has refused the invitation.

Nutmeg can’t hold a candle to Brown; she apparently is relying on the minority of California voters who are registered as Repugnicans and on the state’s “swing voters,” those who get their primary information about politics from television commercials and whose ballot decisions apparently are made by the Magic 8-Ball.

Brown can’t say it, but I can: Megalomaniac is relying on the dumbfuck vote to put her into the governor’s seat. That’s why she is spending tens of millions of her own dollars on ubiquitous TV commercials.

“Let’s hear the different ideas,” Brown said of his proposed pre-primary debates. “The key here: Is this a democracy?”

No, it’s not, not really; it’s a fucking auction, in which the highest bidder wins.

At least that’s what Team Nutmeg believes. Whether or not the majority of California’s voters also believe that in November will be interesting. 

Megalomaniac Whitman apparently will avoid all substantive challenges during her campaign, just as her fellow Repugnican Arnold Schwarzenegger did during 2003’s too-short gubernatorial recall election campaign. She’ll try to run out the clock, just like Schwarzenegger did, and rely on image rather than on anything like substance.

The image that Nutmeg is trying to project? That she’s a successful leader because she became a billionaire. And that you, too, if you emulate her, can become a billionaire!

Except that you can’t.

And except that it’s the plutocrats like Nutmeg who have put the state’s and the nation’s economy into the fucking toilet. To turn to the plutocrats to fix the problems that the plutocrats created is like returning to the same incompetent surgeon who botched your surgery to fix it: Stupid.

But Schwarzenegger and George W. Bush are living proof of the state’s and the nation’s voters’ ability to be so incredibly fucking stupid as to vote against their own best interests.

The No. 2 Repugnican in the race for this year’s Repugnican gubernatorial nomination, Steve Poizner, California’s insurance commissioner, has accepted Brown’s invitation for pre-primary debates, but Poizner will win his party’s June 8 primary only if Megalomaniac dies or pulls out or if something really unflattering about her comes to light between now and the primary (one hopes).

Team Poizner apparently did the math and figured that accepting Brown’s challenge could only help Poizner in his David-vs.-Goliath battle against Megalomaniac, while Goliath herself apparently figured that she safely could blow off Brown’s challenge because hey, she’s a billionaire, and she can just buy the dumbfuck vote. 

Brown should go ahead and have the pre-primary debates with Poizner.

Nutmeg’s conspicuous absence from the debates will prove to the state’s voters that she’s not ready for prime time — literally as well as figuratively.

Brown, however, is a pit bull (without the lipstick), and that’s what the nation’s most populous state needs.

The Sacramento Bee has quoted Brown as having said of Nutmeg that “millions and millions of dollars in an orgy of spending for TV commercials is not a substitute for an honest and open discussion,” and that he said of her refusal to debate him early:

Private corporations sometimes hide behind slick advertising campaigns, but it’s wrong for a serious political candidate to do the same.

I urge Meg Whitman to reconsider. Surely, if she believes she is good enough to be governor of California she must also consider herself competent enough to appear with her opponents.

A candidate for public office should not act like a used car salesperson who relies on misleading TV ads. Public service is a higher calling, one that demands integrity, openness and honesty.

I encourage Meg Whitman to join with Steve Poizner and me in three joint appearances. If she honestly believes what she says in her radio and TV ads, she should welcome the opportunity to answer questions, explain herself and then ask me whatever she’d like.

Our state is in serious trouble, and we need political candidates and public officials who are willing to face the voters, explain their ideas and give honest answers.

For a while there I was worried that Jerry Brown wasn’t being aggressive enough. For now, at least, I’m no longer worried.

Now, I’m only worried about whether or not a majority of the state’s voters will be smart enough to realize that putting a billionaire in the governor’s chair would be good only for the state’s billionaires.

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